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Research Assistants

Shadow Banking

This project explores the optimal design of financial regulation in the presence of unregulated entities (shadow banks). The project has both a theoretical and a measurement component. Initially, the RA will assist the researchers by reading, summarizing, and dissecting some of the existing literature. Later on, it may be necessary to replicate and expand on some empirical studies. The exact tasks may vary depending on the RA’s skills. This project is ideal for students interested in banking and financial regulation.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

The ideal candidate has previous exposure to finance (e.g., Financial Theory), intermediate/higher level economic theory coursework, and the ability to read economic theory. Knowledge of some statistical software (ideally, R) could be helpful.

Please include in your application: a transcript with relevant coursework, a list with software proficiency levels, and one short paragraph explaining why you are interested in this project.