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Research Assistants

Trust in Police and Citizen Security

The project “Building Effective, Resilient, and Trusted Police Organizations in Mexico” is seeking someone with experience working with data in Excel, and Stata or R, to help us with data analysis for the project. Specifically, she or he will work with our research manager to understand if the police’s participatory security strategies foster shared governance measured using citizen reports. Filing a citizen report, or police notification, is one of the most basic acts of reliance and engagement with the state, the legal system, and security agencies (Desmond et al 2016; Manning 1988; Reiss 1992). Locals have a role to play in shared governance (Scott 1998) and among the many things that citizens might do to increase the state’s capacity to govern is to cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

The tasks she or he will be performing this semester includes (1) geolocating citizen reports submitted in 2018, (2) merging the data with existing information on participatory security, demographic characteristics, and citizen reports for 2015-2017 (3) running descriptive statistics and (4) analyzing the relationship between participatory security and shared governance.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Data management, intermediate analytic skills, use of State and/or R. Familiarity with Spanish helpful but not necessary.