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Lauren Falcao Bergquist

Assistant Professor of Economics & Global Affairs

Lauren Falcao Bergquist is an Assistant Professor of Economics and Global Affairs at Yale University. She was previously an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan, a Visiting Assistant Professor at MIT, and a Saieh Family Fellow at the Backer Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago.  She is a Faculty Research Fellow at National Bureau of Economic Research, a Research Affiliate at the Center of Economic and Policy Research, and an Affiliate at the Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development and the Jameel Poverty Action Lab.  She is also the Lead Academic for Rwanda for the International Growth Centre.

Bergquist specializes in development economics, with a focus on agricultural markets and firms in sub-Saharan Africa.  She has recently studied the determinants of food price fluctuations, the degree of competition among agricultural intermediaries, and the effects of digital markets.  Her research also explores the impacts of policies at scale. She holds a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

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