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In Memoriam

Martin Shubik

Seymour H. Knox Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Institutional Economics

Remembering Prof. Martin Shubik, 1926–2018

Ph.D., Economics, Princeton University, 1953
A.M., Economics, Princeton University, 1951
M.A., Mathematics and Political Economy, University of Toronto, 1949
B.A., Mathematics and Political Economy, University of Toronto, 1947

A member of the Yale faculty since 1963, Professor Shubik was a specialist in strategic analysis, the economics of corporate competition, and the study of financial institutions. He had been a consultant to many major corporations, including the RAND Corporation, Ford Motor Company, General Electric Company, and IBM; and to the agencies of several foreign governments. He had also served as an expert witness in financial and economic litigation. The author of over three hundred articles and over a dozen books, Professor Shubik served on the staff of the T.J. Watson Research Laboratories at IBM, and as a visiting professor at the University of Chile in Santiago, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna, and the University of Melbourne. He also served as director of the Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics at Yale.

His main academic concerns were with the theory of money and financial institutions (how and why they are created and destroyed — and their social purpose), the theory of games and its relationship to strategic behavior, and a third and somewhat different interest was in the management and economics of cultural institutions.