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PhD Student

Mohit Agrawal

Ph.D. Student

Mohit Agrawal is an applied microeconomist with research interests in education, health, and political economy. He is a fourth-year PhD candidate in economics, a graduate policy fellow at Yale’s Institute for Social and Policy Studies, and a visiting scholar at University of Chicago’ Becker Friedman Institute. His research interests involve studies of peer effects, networks, and information in different policy-relevant contexts. His current work-in-progress includes an extension of the Altonji-Mansfield model for selection on unobservables to separately identify the impact of neighborhood and school peer effects from direct school quality (joint with Altonji and Mansfield). Mohit has active research on information costs and school choice, medical technology diffusion and reputation, and on political polarization. He works with Jason Abaluck, Joe Altonji, Steve Berry, Costas Meghir, Yusuke Narita, and Ebonya Washington at Yale.

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