Foreclosures and empty houses in CT

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Faculty Member: 
Award:Siyuan Liu

Proposal Description:

The goal of the project is to analyze the market for foreclosed houses in the state of Connecticut. What type of houses or households is likely to be foreclosed? What are the consequences for the housing prices in neighborhood with foreclosed houses? Why do foreclose houses stay unoccupied for so long? What are the types of buyers of foreclosed houses? Understanding these questions is fundamental to evaluate policy proposals.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

The RA will help analyze the data base and potentially complement it with auxiliary data. The RA will also help preparing an extensive literature review on the effects of foreclosures on both the evicted families and the housing prices in the neighborhood. Knowledge of econometric software such as STATA or R is required. Knowledge of auxiliary software such as OCR, GIS or FORTRAN will be very helpful.

RAship: Economics Predoctoral RA
Project Year: 2019 Economics Predoctoral Projects