G-Econ Predoctoral Research Assistant

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Faculty Member: 

Proposal Description:

The G-Econ research project is devoted to developing an ongoing geophysically-based data set on global economic activity at the gridded (1° by 1°) resolution. G-Econ 3.1, currently available online, includes 27,500 grid cells and terrestrial observations for four years. The chosen candidate will work on the following topics i) updating and refining data sets, participating in study design, execution, and analysis; ii) evaluating statistical methods and procedures to process, interpret, and analyze data for statistical modeling and graphic analysis; iii) economic and statistical modeling to identify relationships among climate, energy, and economic trends; iv) identifying regional and global patterns. The ultimate objective of this research is to create the highest-quality regional data for studying global economic processes and understanding the regional impacts of environmental processes such as climate change on high resolution geographic scales.
The chosen candidate will be based at Yale University and will work closely with the faculty authors under the leadership of William Nordhaus.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Applicants should have at least a bachelor’s degree with proficiency in economics, statistics, and/or geography, including the use of GIS and econometric analysis. A wide range of language skills will be useful. Proven skill in the analysis of data is essential as is a keen interest in economic research.

RAship: Economics Predoctoral RA
Project Year: 2019 Economics Predoctoral Projects