Major Requirements - Economics & Mathematics

To earn distinction in the major a student must write a senior thesis earning a grade of A- or better and receive A- or better in 3/4 of major courses (not including math and introductory economics).

Please note that beginning with the class of 2021, econ 121 and econ 122 may no longer be substituted for Econ 125 and 126 in this major.

Additional information can be found on the Yale College Programs of Study page.


Math 120 or higher level math course

Econ 110 or 115


Higher level econ course

Econ 111 or 116 or higher level

Economics Requirements

Econ 125*

*Students graduating in 2020 or before may substitute econ 121

Econ 126*

*Students graduating in 2020 or before may substitute econ 122

Econ 350 and Econ 351

Econ 135* and Econ 136

*With permission of Economics DUS, STAT 241 and 242 may be taken in place of Econ 135. The two stats courses together would count as one credit toward the economics portion of the major.

One Economics elective

Math Requirements

Math 222 or 225; or 230 and 231

Math 300 or 301

Math 480

Two (2) math electives required (only one elective is necessary if two semester linear algebra sequence is taken)