Research Assistants and Staff Economists

March 14, 2019

The Council of Economic Advisers is Recruiting Research Assistants and Staff Economists

The Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) seeks research assistants and staff economists to work on a wide range of economic topics, including energy/environment, health, housing, labor, education, industrial organization, international finance, international trade, macroeconomics, agriculture and public finance. These staff support the research and analysis mission of the CEA by performing economic and econometric analysis, collecting data, completing literature reviews, writing memoranda to White House senior staff, and participating in the policy development process. During the fall, staff economists and research assistants participate in every aspect of producing the Economic Report of the President (ERP), from initial drafting and data collection through the editing and publication process. These staff must be detail-oriented as they fact-check all CEA work products and other Administration materials.
A job at the CEA presents exceptional opportunities. We are a small-but-prestigious organization, reporting directly to the President to provide objective economic analysis and advice on current economic policy issues. Our staff interact regularly with the Chairman and Members of the Council and have a chance to contribute to the economic policymaking process. Work opportunities at the CEA extend beyond official job descriptions. Our environment is fast paced and challenging, and staffers with talent and motivation are assigned responsibilities commensurate with their abilities.
Research assistants (RAs) are usually recent college graduates or graduates with 1 – 2 years of work experience. The ideal RA candidate has earned excellent grades in economics and in statistics/econometrics, taken college-level mathematics courses, and written a substantial term paper in economics. The ideal candidate would also enjoy working with data and charts and have strong writing skills.
Staff economists are usually graduate students in economics or public policy who have completed most of their coursework for a Ph.D. For them, a year at the CEA provides a look at the real-world application of economic theories and exposure to a wide variety of public policy issues. Staff economist candidates should possess excellent data and technical skills, as well as strong writing skills. In addition, candidates should be familiar with (or learn about) relevant literature, be able to perform econometric analysis, and be able to complete high-level research and analytical projects.
More information on the CEA can be found at In order to pass a security clearance (a requirement), the candidate must be an American citizen. Interested students should e-mail their 1) resume, 2) transcript, and 3) a writing sample to recruiting [at] cea [dot] eop [dot] gov In addition, please supply the name and contact information for two people who can recommend you, they should be either economists or near economists. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but we encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible.
Questions may be directed to Steven Braun, sbraun [at] cea [dot] eop [dot] gov
or Paige Willey, paige [dot] f [dot] willey [at] cea [dot] eop [dot] gov

Job Location: 
Washington, D.C.
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