The Environmental Bias of Trade Policy; U.S. Rural Electrification

Faculty Member: 

Sam Goldman

Proposal Description:

I am seeking help with two projects. The first studies how international trade policy in most countries affects climate change, air pollution, and other aspects of the environment. I am seeking research assistance analyzing and summarizing environmental side agreements that are part of many trade agreements, such as NAFTA.

The second project analyzes the consequences of a U.S. government policy which provided electricity to many households in the early 20th century. Help is sought with reading and summarizing a large range of government and academic documents describing the policy’s operations, with locating additional statistical information on the policies from libraries and data repositories around the U.S., and possibly with ArcGIS management of program maps.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Self-directed, excellent organization and writing skills, experience with ArcGIS or ArcMap would be a bonus but is not necessary.

Project Year: Summer 2018 Herb Scarf Summer Research Projects