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Working Papers - 2005

(Formerly Working Papers on Economic Applications and Policy, 6/1/2007)


Author(s), Title
WP 1 Steven Berry and Joel Woldfogel, "Product Quality and Market Size" (November 2004) [36pp]
WP 2 Adam Copeland, Wendy Dunn and George Hall, "Prices, Production and Inventories Over the Automotive Model Year" (March 2005) [37pp]
WP 3 Joseph Altonji, "Employer Learning, Statistical Discrimination and Occupational Attainment" (September 2005) [12pp]
WP 4 Irene Brambilla, "A Customs Union with Multinational Firms: The Automobile Market in Argentina and Brazil" (October 2005) [42pp]
WP 5 Irene Brambilla and Guido Porto, "Farm Productivity and Market Structure: Evidence from Cotton Reforms in Zambia" (March 2005) [42pp]
WP 6 William Nordhaus, "Schumpeterian Profits and the Alchemist Fallacy" (April 2005) [26pp]
WP 7 William Nordhaus, "Economics, Politics and the 2004 Election: Electoral Victory and Statistical Defeat" (May 2005) [20pp]
WP 8 Patrick Bayer, Stephen Ross and Giorgio Topa, "Place of Work and Place of Residence: Informal Hiring Networks and Labor Markets Outcomes" (October 2005) [34pp]
WP 9 Patrick Bayer, Hanming Fang and Robert McMillan, "Separate When Equal? Racial Inequality and Residential Segregation" (October 2005) [51pp]
WP 10 Justine Hastings, Thomas Kane and Douglas Staiger, "Parental Preferences and School Competition: Evidence from a Public School Choice Program" (November 2005) [52pp]
WP 11 Justine Hastings, Thomas Kane and Douglas Staiger, "Economic Outcomes and the Decision to Vote: The Effect of Randomized School Admissions on Voter Participation" (October 2005) [35pp]
WP 11R Justine Hastings, Thomas Kane, Douglas Staiger and Jeffrey Weinstein, "The Political Economy of School Choice: Randomized School Admissions and Voter Participation" (Revised April 2006) [38pp]