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Working Papers - 2006

(Formerly Working Papers on Economic Applications and Policy, 6/1/2007)

No. Author(s), Title
WP 12 Alan Gerber, Dean Karlan and Daniel Bergan, "Does The Media Matter? A Field Experiment Measuring the Effect of Newspapers on Voting Behavior and Political Opinion" (February 2006) [45pp]
WP 13 Dean Karlan and John List, "Does Price Matter in Charitable Giving? Evidence from a Large-Scale Natural Field Experiment" (April 2006) [32pp]
WP 14 Sendhil Mullainathan and Ebonya Washington, "Sticking with Your Vote: Cognitive Dissonance and Voting" (May 2006, Revised June 2007) [37pp]
WP 15 Ebonya Washington, "Female Socialization: How Daughters Affect Their Legislator Fathers' Voting on Women's Issues" (May 2006, Revised May 2007) [43pp]
WP 16 Ebonya Washington, "How Black Candidates Affect Voter Turnout" (January 2006) [32pp]
WP 17 Hanming Fang, Michael Keane and Dan Silverman, "Sources of Advantageous Selection: Evidence from the Medigap Insurance Market" (May 2006) [61pp]
WP 18 Julian Jamison, Dean Karlan and Laura Schechter, "To Decieve or Not to Deceive: The Effect of Deception on Behavior in Future Laboratory Experiments" (June 2006) [37pp]
WP 19 Giuseppe Moscarini and Kaj Thomsson, "Occupational and Job Mobility in the US" (July 2006) [39pp]
WP 20 Björn Brügemann, "Does Employment Protection Create Its Own Political Support?" (September 2006) [55pp]
WP 21 Björn Brügemann, "Employment Protection: Tough to Scrap or Tough to Get" (September 2006) [32pp]
WP 22 M. Keith Chen and Barry Nalebuff, "One-Way Essential Complements" (November 2006) [39pp]