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Working Papers - 2010

No. Author(s), Title
WP 77 Mark R. Rosenzweig, "Global Wage Inequality and the International Flow of Migrants" (January 2010) [32pp]
WP 78 Andrew D. Foster and Mark R. Rosenzweig, "Microeconomics of Technology Adoption" (January 2010) [43pp]
WP 79 Mark R. Rosenzweig, "Microeconomic Approaches to Development: Schooling, Learning, and Growth" (March 2010) [16pp]
WP 80 David Atkin, "Trade, Tastes and Nutrition in India" (April 2010) [84pp]
WP 81 Timothy W. Guinnane and Susana Martinez-Rodriguez, "Did the Coorperative Start Life as a Joint-Stock Company? Business Law and Cooperatives in Spain, 1869-1931" (June 2010) [35pp]
WP 82 Dean Karlan, Margaret McConnell, Sendhil Mullainathan and Jonathan Zinman, "Getting to the Top of Mind: How Reminders Increase Saving" (July 2010) [41pp]
WP 83 Mark M. Pitt, Mark Rosenzweig and Nazmul Hassan, "Human Capital Investment and the Gender Division of Labor in a Brawn-Based Economy" (September 2010) [57pp]
WP 84 Timothy W. Guinnane, "The Historical Fertility Transition: A Guide for Economicsts" (October 2010) [43pp]
WP 85 Andrew D. Foster and Mark R. Rosenzweig, "Is There Surplus Labor in Rural India?" (October 2010) [50pp]
WP 86 Ryo Horii and Masako Ikefuji, "Natural Disasters in a Two-Sector Model of Endogenous Growth" (November 2010) [41pp]
WP 87 Geoffrey Barnes and Timothy W. Guinnane, "Social Class and the Fertility Transition: A Critical Comment on the Statistical Results Reported in Simon Szreter's Fertility, Class and Gender in Britain, 1860-1940" (November 2010) [22pp]