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Working Papers - 2011

No. Author(s), Title
WP 88 Achyuta Adhvaru and Anant Nyshadham, "Healthcare Choices, Information and Health Outcomes" (March 2011) [61pp]
WP 89 Miguel D. Ramirez, "Is Globalization Inevitable in the Marxian Paradigm?" (May 2011) [21pp]
WP 90 Gerald D. Jaynes, "Social Policy & US Poverty 1960-1999: An Economic History" (May 2011) [39pp]
WP 91 Gerald D. Jaynes, "Equilibrium and Strategic Communication in the Adverse Selection Insurance Model" (May 2011) [29pp]
WP 92 Achyuta Adhvaru, "Learning, Misallocation, and Technology Adoption: Evidence from New Malaria Therapy in Tanzania" (September 2011) [35pp]
WP 93 Gustav Ranis, "Diversity of Communities and Economic Development: An Overview" (September 2011) [20pp]