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Macro Lunch

(Prospectus Workshop in Macroeconomics - Econ 540)

Organizers Spring 2023: Giuseppe Moscarini and Nicole D'Aria

Day/Time: Thursday, 12:00-1:00 pm, Job Market Talks are noted and longer.
                    *Please note the additional Macro Presentations being held on Tuesdays.*
Location: 87 Trumbull Street, Room A120

Schedule maintained by Nicole D’Aria (203-432-3576)

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Mar 30
Francesco Beraldi, Yale University
Apr 06
Tomás Budí-Ors (CEMFI, visiting Yale)
Apr 13
Christina Qiu, Yale University
Apr 20
Chenping Yang, Yale University *Please note: updated location*
Apr 27
Tianyu Fan, Yale University (30 minutes) and Lindsey Uniat, Yale University (30 minutes)
May 04
Cheolhwan Kim, Yale University and Songyuan Teng, Yale University