How to use Adobe Scan on a Smartphone to Create PDFs

Adobe has an app called Adobe Scan which can create PDFs from a smartphone camera. Steps below.

  1. Download and install the app
    Adobe Scan App
  2. Tap the Already have an Adobe ID at the bottom of the screen

  3. Sign in using your Yale email address.

  4. Choose the Company or School Account option when prompted to select an account.

  5. Sign in with your Yale NetID and Password when prompted.

  6. If prompted, enter the DUO password

  7. When the app launches the first time, allow Adobe Scan to access your camera

  8. Use the app to scan a document with the camera. A blue border will surround the document. Use the border handles to encompass either all or part of the document you want to save.

  9. Use the icon at the bottom of the screen to edit the picture (e.g., crop, rotate, etc.) and tap Save PDF at the upper right of the screen.
    Save PDF
  10. Tap the Share icon and then the Share a Copy icon
    Share PDF
  11. Select the app you want to use to share/save the docuemnt to. Note, you may need to scroll to the right to see additonal app icons.
    Share apps

Alternative Scaner Apps: