Amanda Bayer Shares Her Views on Inclusion in Economics

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Amanda Bayer (left) with Dean Michelle Nearon at Inclusion in the Classroom panel discussion

The Department was honored to host Amanda Bayer, Ph.D. ‘95 for a day of talks on October 2. Bayer is a professor of Economics at Swarthmore College who teaches advanced microeconomic theory, game theory, introduction to economics, and race, ethnicity and gender in economics.

During her visit, Professor Bayer gave a Cowles Lunch Talk entitled, “What can we do to improve diversity and inclusion in economics? Evidence from surveys and experiments,” where she explained her research and the disparity of diversity in the field of Economics, from universities to the Fed. She also talked about the recent results of the American Economics Association climate survey which is an ongoing effort to address concerns about the professional climate in economics. Professor Bayer sits on the Committee on Equity, Diversity and Professional Conduct which conducted the survey. Coincidentally, on the day of her talk, Professor Bayer was featured in a New York Times article on the Federal Reserve’s lack of diverse hires.

She also spoke to undergraduate students hosted by the Women in Economics organization. The informal setting allowed Professor Bayer to discuss her field of study and field questions from the students, giving advice to those who may be wanting to pursue a careen in graduate school. “Find value in what you are doing,” she said.

To round out the day, Professor Bayer took part in a panel discussion called “Inclusion in the Classroom,” with Michelle Nearon, Yale Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Student Development and Diversity; Ebonya Washington, Samuel C. Park Jr. Professor of Economics and Director of Undergraduate Studies; and Suzanne Young, Director for Graduate and Postdoctoral Teaching Development, Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning.

The event drew more than 60 audience members from around the Yale community, and was cosponsored by the Yale Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration (RITM); Belonging at Yale; the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; and the Poorvu Center for Teaching and LearningMore on the panel discussion can be found on this Yale News page.

Professor Bayer studies diversity, inclusion, and innovation in economic education and research and is an appointed member of both the AEA Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Professional Conduct and the AEA Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession.  She is also is the creator and editor of Diversifying Economic Quality, a widely read online resource supported by the AEA, which promotes inclusive, innovative, and evidence-based teaching practices in economics.