Associate Chair, Doug McKee, interviews Yale President Peter Salovey on the Teach Better Podcast

Monday, February 15, 2016
Edware O'Neill, President Salovey, Doug McKee

The latest Teach Better podcast hosted by Yale Economics Department Associate Chair, Doug McKee, and Yale CTL Instructional Designer, Edward O’Neill, features a discussion with Professor of Psychology and President of Yale University, Peter Salovey.  While President Salovey has held just about every high level position in the administration, he has also been one of Yale’s most popular lecturers and in fact holds the record for largest lecture class ever taught at Yale with 1,052 students. During the conversation, President Salovey talks about his record-breaking attended class (Psychology and the Law), teaching Intro Psych, his vision for the future of undergraduate education at Yale, and much more.  

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