Major Requirements - Economics

To earn distinction in the major a student must write a senior thesis earning a grade of A- or better and receive A- or better in 3/4 of major courses (not including math and introductory economics). Students who wish to write a senior essay are strongly advised to take two semesters of econometrics. Beginning with the class of 2021, students will not be permitted to write an essay unless if they have completed two semesters of econometrics.

Additional information can be found on the Yale College Programs of Study page.
A road map of the Economics major can be found on the Registrar’s Office website..

Introductory Courses

Math 112, 115, 118, 120, or higher*

*Math 110/111 may be substituted for Math 112. The two courses together would count as one course towards the economics major. 

Econ 108 or 110 or 115


place out based on pre-college testing

Econ 111 or 116


Place out based on pre-college testing

Core Courses

Econ 121 or 125

Econ 122 or 126

Econ 117, 123, 131 or 132 or 136*

*Econ 131 and Econ 132 are no longer offered.

Field Courses

Total courses in the major (including math) must sum to 12. If you place out of an introductory course you must take an additional elective.

Typically you’d need four field (elective) courses (a second econometrics course or econ 159 or above). If you place out of introductory micro (and macro), you’d need five (six).

Senior Requirement

One course from Econ 400-491 must be completed.

A second course from Econ 400-491; must be taken in senior year.