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Abdiel Capital, a $1.5 billion investment fund based in New York City, seeks candidates for summer and full-time analyst positions. Abdiel concentrates capital in the shares of 5-10 publicly-traded high-quality companies. It has     widely     outperformed     the     market     over     its 12-year     history.     For     more     on     us,     see

The firm’s research process provides original thinkers with the opportunity to make significant contributions early on. The analyst will assist the firm’s principals in identifying investment ideas and analyzing them in detail. The majority of analyst time will be spent researching small companies with unique products, cultures, and leaders. The analyst will learn how to assess competitive positioning, valuations, and managements across varied industries and geographies.

Chief qualifications are curiosity, intelligence, and evidence of enthusiasm for self-directed research projects.

The candidate should be comfortable writing concisely, working with numbers, and presenting conclusions orally. Related work experience is not required. Coursework in finance or economics is not required. Applicants should  be  interested  in  learning  how  to  interpret  financial  statements  and  gather  information  through interviewing industry sources.

Candidates  must  possess  a  minimum  GPA  of  3.6,  or  other  evidence  of  exceptional  intellectual  ability. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are encouraged to apply.

To apply, please submit a resume, transcript, and cover letter to Your resume should feature your SAT and/or ACT score. We encourage early submissions and will respond quickly.
Cover letters should answer the three questions below. The response to each question should not exceed 3-5 sentences.

It’s easy when searching for a job to think a prospective employer seeks the candidate who is smartest or who has achieved the most. We don’t. So assume we are less interested in boiler-plate resume-speak than in your ability to describe yourself accurately in simple, straightforward language.

1) Summarize previous academic research in any field—theses, junior papers, lab work, etc. Include a brief description of the project’s central questions.

2) Discuss a time when you were unsure whether to follow conventional wisdom. What did you decide and why?

3) Identify a powerful or interesting idea you encountered in the past four years.

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