How Did the US Industrialize?

Andrew Sparkman '19William Smith '19

Proposal Description:

During the 19th century, the US economy underwent an astonishing transformation: living standards increased markedly, and the US developed from a rural, pre-industrial nation into a modern economy, leaping ahead of Britain in terms of manufacturing output in 1895. In this project, we try to understand this process and what it can teach us about the prospects of industrializing economies today by studying industrial activity and employment patterns throughout the US during the 19th and 20th century.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

We are looking for students with an interest in data analysis, especially with experience in Python. Some background in data digitization and/or GIS software would be useful in the construction of the dataset, but is less essential. Prior exposure to empirical work using R, STATA or Matlab would also be a plus.

Students who have taken Computational Tools for Data Science (CPSC 262/STAT 262) and/or Quantitative Linguistics using Corpora (LING 234/634) and/or Computational Methods for Analysis and Modeling of Biological Data (CPSC 453a) or equivalent are strongly encouraged to apply. When applying, please list your major(s) and relevant courses that you have taken in your cover letter.

Project Year: Summer 2017 Herb Scarf Summer Research Projects