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Research Assistants

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion of Underrepresented Groups in American Clinical Trials 1980-2020: The case of treatments for Alzheimer disease

Availability of safe and effective treatments for Alzheimer disease is an urgent challenge given the global shift toward an older population and increased risk of cognitive decline and impaired decision-making ability as people age. Dementia-related burdens are disproportionately felt within historically marginalized communities because structural inequalities rooted in structural racism, xenophobia, and sexism increase risk factors for cognitive impairment, increase barriers to diagnosis, and reduce access to care.

Leveraging a novel and comprehensive global database of clinical trials that include all drug trials for Alzheimer disease drugs, this project will evaluate the trend of inclusion of minoritized groups over the past decades to monitor any progress made in America. The findings will help form more effective public policy to address health disparities and inequities in pharmaceutical R&D. Through this project, the identified research assistants will engage in highly innovative and interdisciplinary teamwork and publish exciting research findings.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications

Coursework in basic econometrics / statistics; basic knowledge of statistical packages, such as R; attention to detail; experience with literature review; and ability to work independently are required.