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Research Assistants

Data-Driven Sustainable Finance: Sustainability Metrics and Implications

Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance (YISF) covers a wide range of research projects designed to understand the financial and non-financial implications of companies’ sustainability aspects, net-zero commitments, and engagement actions by their stakeholders. With the aim of deriving empirical evidence from novel ESG or sustainability-related data, YISF seeks to answer some of the most challenging questions faced by companies and investors in sustainability incorporation. Research assistants will have the opportunity to understand the ground of sustainable finance (e.g., Responsible investing, environmental finance, ESG activism and greenwashing risk, etc.) by dealing with sustainability-related data and understanding the implications and real-world impacts. Postdoc: Yumeng Gao

The possible research tasks include:

  • Collecting and manipulating ESG or sustainability-related metrics and financial data
  • Combining and matching different datasets (e.g., environmental data with financial database)
  • Performing textual analysis
  • Performing statistical analysis and modeling under supervision
  • Performing literature reviews and writing notes on sustainable finance topics
  • Assistance with other tasks to advance YISF’s research agenda.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Applicants are expected to have excellent data manipulation and programming skills in Python (e.g., familiar with data and text analysis packages). Strong competencies or interests in statistical analysis with Stata (under supervision). The candidates are also expected to have strong interests in sustainable finance, ESG implications and data-driven tasks. These positions require the capability to handle large and unstructured datasets with high accuracy, the flexibility to rapidly research and learn relevant skills, and excellent organizational and administrative skills, including a proven ability to work to deadlines.