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Research Assistants

Empowering Women through Understanding Policy Levers to Address Norms Operationalization

When women pursue labor market opportunities, they inevitably find themselves in a gendered struggle for control over economic resources. Powerful individuals, both men and some women, rationalize and enforce conservative gender norms, especially during times of economic change. By imposing societal costs on certain behaviors, these norms ensure that women pay higher prices for professional success. These costs are exacted both within the household and in the labor market.

Prof. Rohini Pande is looking for a research assistant to provide support for a project examining how these processes play out across both high-
and low-income countries and the role of individual-oriented policies versus collective action in affecting change.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

The Tobin RA will help with literature reviews, support ongoing studies and, depending on skill set, write code to clean survey data, scrape data and conduct initial analysis. Skill and experience with econometrics software such as R or STATA to run econometric analysis, as well as Python skills, is valuable. Successful RAs will be detail oriented and able to work independently.