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Development Workshop, 1997/98 - 2003/04

(Prior to 2007/08, this was called Trade and Development Workshop)

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Sep. 8 Richard Akresh, Yale University, "Risk, Network Quality, and Family Structure: Child Fostering Decisions in Burkina Faso" [Paper]
Sep. 15 Ethan Ligon, Berkeley, "Efficiency Wages for Rotten Kids: Intrahousehold Consumption and Nutrition in the Philippines" [Paper]
Sep. 29 Angus Deaton, Princeton University, "Measuring Poverty in a Growing World, or Measuring Growth in a Poor World" [Paper]
Oct. 13 Paul Gertler, Berkeley, "Lost Presents and Presence: How Parental Death Affects Children" [Paper]
Oct. 20 David McKenzie, Stanford University, "Network Effects and the Dynamics of Migration and Inequality: Theory and Evidence from Mexico" [Paper]
Oct. 27 Garance Genicot, Georgetown, "Contracts and Externalities: How Things Fall Apart" [Paper]
Nov. 3 Shareen Joshi, Yale University, "The Incidence, Determinants and Consequences of Female Headship in Rural Bangladesh" [Paper]
Nov. 10 Matthias Schuendeln, Yale University, "Firm Dynamics in the Presence of Financing Constraints: Ghanaian Manufacturing Firms" [Paper]
Nov. 17 Lakshmi Iyer, Harvard Business School, "Land Rights and Economic Development: Evidence from Vietnam" [Paper]
Dec. 1 Andrew Foster, Brown University, "Agricultural Development, Industrialization and Rural Inequality" [Paper]
Mar. 1 Chris Udry, Yale University, "Gender, Power and Agricultural Investment in Ghana" (with Markus Goldstein) [Paper]
Mar. 22 Ann Harrison, UC Berkeley, "The Nike Effect: Anti-Sweatshop Activists and Labor Market Outcomes in Indonesia" (with Jason Scorse) [Paper]
Mar. 29 Imran Rasul, Graduate School of Business, Chicago University, "Relative and Absolute Incentives: Evidence on Worker Productivity" (with Oriana Bandiera, Iwan Barankay) [Paper]
Apr. 5 Koichi Hamada and Masahiro Endo, Yale University, "The Metzler Paradox and the Interpretation of GATT Article XXIV" [Paper]
Apr. 12 Siwan Anderson, UBC-Vancouver, "Enforcement and Organizational Design in Informal Saving Groups" (with Jean-Marie Baland, Karl Ove Moene) [Paper]
Apr. 30 Duncan Thomas, UCLA, "Causal Effect of Health on Labor Market Outcomes:  Evidence from a Random Assignment Iron Supplementation Intervention" (with Elizabeth Frankenberg, Jed Friedman, Jean-Pierre Habicht, Nathan Jones, Christopher McKelvey, Gretel Pelto, Bondan Sikoki, James P. Smith, Cecep Sumantri, Wayan Suriastini) [Paper]
   Joint with Labor and Population Workshop
May 3 Steven Yeaple, University of Pennsylvania, "Mergers and the Composition of International Commerce" (with Volker Nocke) [Paper]
Sep. 9 Gene Grossman, Princeton University, "International Protection of Intellectual Property Rights" [Paper]
    Joint with Applied Microeconomics Workshop
Sep. 19 Marc Melitz, Harvard University, "Exports vs. FDI" [Paper]
   Joint with Applied Microeconomics Workshop
Sep. 23 Matthew Slaughter, Dartmouth College, "Vertical Specialization in Multinational Firms" (with Gordon Hanson, and Raymond Mataloni) [Paper]
Oct. 7 Stefan Klonner, University of Heidelberg, Visitor, Yale University, "Improving the Performance of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations: A Theoretical and Empirical Study of the Indian Chit Funds Act"
Oct. 28 Wolfgang Keller, Brown University and University of Texas, "Multinational Enterprises, International Trade, and Productivity Growth: Evidence from the United States" (with Stephen Yeaple) [Paper]
Nov. 4 Ashok Rai, Harvard University, Visitor, Yale University, "Collateral Substitutes in Microfinance" (with Philip Bond) [Paper]
Nov. 11 Gustav Ranis, Yale University, "Paths to Success: The Relationship Between Human Development and Economic Growth" (with Michael Boozer and Frances Stewart) [Paper]
Nov. 18 Noel Maurer, ITAM, Visitor, Yale University, "Do Institutions Matter in Extractive Industries?  The Case of Mexican Mining, 1900-1929" [Paper]
  Joint with Economic History Workshop
Dec. 2 Edward Miguel, University of California-Berkeley, Visitor, Princeton University, "Why Don't People Take Their Medicine? Experimental Evidence from Kenya" [Paper]
Dec. 9 Peter Schott, Yale University, "Survival of the Best Fit: Low Wage Competition and the, Uneven) Growth of the US Manufacturing Plants" (with Andrew B. Bernard, J. Bradford Jensen) [Paper]
Dec. 16 Stephen Yeaple, University of Pennsylvania, "International Productivity Differences, Infrastructure, and Comparative Advantage" (with Stephen Glub) [Paper]
Mar. 3 Peter Debaere, University of Texas, "The Real-Side Determinants of Countries' Terms of Trade" A Panel Data Analysis" [Paper]
Mar. 24 Robert F. Owen, University of Nantes and Visiting Professor at Yale, "Fundamental R&D Spillovers and the Internationalization of a Firm's Research Activities" (with Bernard Franck) [Paper]
Mar. 31 Eliana La Ferrara, "Diamonds Are Forever, Wars Are Not. Conflict Diamonds and the Value of Firms" [Paper]
Apr. 14 Atif Mian, University of Chicago, "Incentives, Supervision, and Organizational Hierarchy: A Loan-Level Investigation of Banking" [Paper]
Apr. 21 Alejandro Cunat, London School of Economics, "Neoclassical Growth and Commodity Trade" [Paper]
Apr. 28 Richard Akresh, Yale University, "Risk, Network Quality, and Family Structure: Child Fostering Decisions in Burkina Faso" [Paper]
May 5 Lee Branstetter, Columbia University Business School, "Do Stronger Intellectual Property Rights Increase International Technology Transfer? Empirical Evidence from U.S. Firm-Level Panel Data" [Paper]
May 12 Sofronis Clerides, Yale University, "The Welfare Effects of Trade Liberalization: Evidence from Used Automobiles" [Paper]
Sep. 10 Garth Frazer, Yale University, "Linking Firms and Workers: Controlling for Ability Bias in Returns to Education"
Sep. 24 Ana Fernandes, Yale University, "Trade Policy, Trade Volumes and Plant-Level Productivity in Colombian Manufacturing Industries" [Paper]
Oct. 1 Christopher Udry, Yale University, "Intrahousehold Resource Allocation in Côte d'Ivoire: Social Norms, Separate Accounts and Consumption Choices"
Oct. 8 Takashi Kurosaki, Yale University/Hitotsubashi University, "Effects of Education on Farm and Non-Farm Productivity in Rural Pakistan"
Oct. 15 Esther Duflo, MIT, "Women's Leadership and Policy Decisions: Evidence from a Nationwide Randomized Experiment in India" [Paper]
Oct. 22 Nuno Limao, Columbia University, "Trade Policy, Cross-Border Externalities and Lobbies: Do Linked Agreements Enforce More Cooperative Outcomes"
Nov. 5 Robert Staiger, University of Wisconsin, Madison, "Shifting Comparative Advantage and Accession in the WTO" [Paper]
Nov. 12 Xavier Gine, Yale University and University of Chicago, "Access to Capital in Rural Thailand"
Dec. 3 Ashok Rai, Harvard University, "Grants vs. Subsidies: Designing Development Banks" [Paper]
Dec. 10 Robin Burgess, London School of Economics, "Labor Regulation and Economic Performance in India"
Feb. 4 Devashish Mitra, Florida International University, "Political Ideology and Endogenous Trade Policy: An Empirical Investigation"
Feb. 18 Gordon Hanson, University of California at San Diego, "International Migration, Self-Selection and the Distribution of Wages: Evidence from Mexico and the United States" [Paper]
Feb. 25 Eric Edmonds and Nina Pavcnik, Dartmouth College, "Does Globalization Increase Child Labor? Evidence from Vietnam" [Paper]
Mar. 4 Keijiro Otsuka, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, GRIPS), "Accounting for the Growth of MNC-Based Trade Using a Structural Model of US MNCs"
Mar. 25 Charles Engel, University of Wisconsin, "Exchange Rate Pass-Through, Exchange Rate Volatility, and Exchange Rate Disconnect (with Michael B. Devereux) [Paper]
Apr. 1 Michael Keane, Yale University, "Accounting for the Growth of MNC-Based Trade Using a Structural Model of US MNCs" (with Susan E. Feinberg) [Paper]
Apr. 8 Bart van Ark, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, "Capital Formation and Productivity Growth in South Korea and Taiwan: Beating Diminishing Returns Through Realizing the Catch-Up Potential" (with Marcel P. Timmer) [Paper]
Apr. 15 Shareen Joshi, Yale University, "Human Capital Investment, Entrepreneurship and Inequality"
Apr. 18 Jeffrey Williamson, Harvard University, "What Explains the Tariff Growth Paradox, 1875-1997?" [Paper]
Apr. 22 Kishore Gawande, University of New Mexico, "PAC Spending Tests of Theories" [Paper]
Apr. 29 Steve Redding, London School of Economics, "Factor Endowments and Production in European Regions" (with Mercedes Vera-Martin) [Paper]
Sep. 18 Kenneth Leonard, Columbia University, "Health Care in Rural Cameroun: Structural Estimation of Production in Terms with Unobservable Effort" [Paper]
Sep. 25 Douglas Gollin, Williams College/Yale University, "Farm Work, Home Work and International Productivity Differences" (with Stephen L. Parente and Richard Rogerson) [Paper]
Oct. 2 Ann E. Harrison, Columbia Business School, "Ownership Versus Environment: Disentangling the Sources of Public Sector Inefficiency" (with Ann P. Bartel) [Paper]
Oct. 16 David McKenzie, Yale University, "Consumption Growth in a Booming Economy: Taiwan 1976-1996" [Paper]
Oct. 30 Andrew Bernard, Dartmouth College, "Who Dies? International Trade, Market Structure, and Plant Closures" (with J. Bradford Jensen) [Paper]
Nov. 6 Peter Drysdale, Australian National University, "The New Regionalism in East Asia"
Nov. 13 Michael Kremer, Harvard University, "Child Health and Education: The Primary School Deworming Project in Kenya" (with Edward Miguel) [Paper]
Nov. 27 Mohan Rao, University of Massachusetts, "Globalization and the Fiscal Autonomy of the State"
Dec. 4 Anandi Mani, Vanderbilt/Yale University, "Democracy and Visibility" (with Sharun W. Mukand) [Paper]
Dec. 11 Raymond Fisman, Columbia University, "Does Competition Encourage Cooperation? Evidence from Trade Credit Relationships" (with Mayank Raturi, Swissre) [Paper]
Feb. 23 Hanan Jacoby, World Bank, "Monopoly Power and Distribution in Fragmented Markets: The Case of Groundwater" (with Rinku Murgai and Saeed Ur Rehman) [Paper]
Feb. 26 Abhijit Banerjee, MIT, "Educational Policy and the Economics of the Family" [Paper]
Mar. 19 Costas Meghir, University College London, "Changes in the Distribution of Wages Accounting for Changes in Employment"
Mar. 26 Kiminori Matsuyama, Northwestern University, "Finanical Market Globalization and Endogenous Inequality of Nations"
Apr. 2 Peter Schott, Yale University, "Factor Price Equality and the Economies of the United States"
Apr. 6 Robert Townsend, University of Chicago, "The Nature of Financial Constraints:  Distinguishing the Micro Underpinnings of Macro Models"
Apr. 9 Romain Wacziarg, Stanford University, "Stages of Diversification"
Apr. 23 Garth Frazer, Yale University, "The Firm and the Family Network: Measuring the Relative Productivity of Relatives"
Apr. 30 Hiroyuki Chuma, Yale University/Hitotsubashi University, "Sources of Machine-Tool Industry Leadership in the 1990s: Overlooked Intrafirm Factors"
May 7 Rohini Pande, Columbia University, "Can Mandated Political Representation Increase Policy Influence for Disadvantaged Minorities? Theory and Evidence from India" [Paper]
May 14 Ashok Guha, JNU/Yale University, "A Comparative Analysis of FDI in Indian and Chinese Development: The Role of the Expatriate"
Sep. 13 Robert E. Evenson, Yale University, "Agriculture and Economic Development in the Second Half of the 20th Century"
Sep. 20 Alwyn Young, University of Chicago, "Transport, Processing and Information: Value Added and the Circuitous Movement of Goods"
Sep. 27 Brian A'Hearn, Franklin and Marshall College, "Could Southern Italians Cooperate? Banche Popolari in the Mezzogioriano"
   Joint with Economic History Workshop
Oct. 4 Maitreesh Ghatak, University of Chicago, "Public-Private Partnerships for the Provision of Public Goods: Theory and an Application to NGOs"
Oct. 11 Esther Duflo, MIT, "Reputation Effects and the Limits of Contracting: A Study of the Indian Software Industry"
Oct. 18 Sofia Sheidvasser and Hugo Benitez, "Yale University, Returns to Education in Russia"
Oct. 25 Kaivan Munshi, University of Pennsylvania, "Learning from your Neighbors: Why Do Some Innovations Spread Faster than Others?"
Nov. 1 William Collins, Vanderbilt University, "Race and Home Ownership, 1900-1990"
   Joint with Economic History Workshop
Nov. 8 Stephen Haber, Stanford University, "Political Instability, Credible Commitments, and Economic Performance: Evidence from Revolutionary Mexico"
   Joint with Economic History Workshop
Nov. 15 Sherman Robinson, IFPRI, "Reconciling Household Surveys and National Accounts Data Using Cross-Entropy Estimation"
Nov. 29 Oded Galor, Browne Hebrew University, "Population, Technology and Growth: From Malthusian Stagnation to the Demographic Transition and Beyond"
Jan. 18 Marc Melitz, University of Michigan, "The Impact of Trade on Intra-Industry Reallocations and Aggregate Industry Productivity"
Feb. 7 Bill Ethier, University of Pennsylvania, "Unilateralism in a Multilateral World"
Feb. 14 Pravin Krishna, Brown University, "Reciprocated Unilateralism: A Political Economy Approach"
Feb. 28 Stergios Skaperdas, University of California at Irvine, "The Market for Protection and the Origin of the State"
Mar. 20 Jim Levinsohn, University of Michigan, "Estimating Production Functions Using Intermediate Inputs to Control for Unobservables"
Mar. 27 Peter Schott, Yale University
Apr. 17 Anjini Kochar, Stanford University, "Parental Benefits from Intergenerational Co-Residence: Empirical Evidence from Rural Pakistan"
Apr. 24 Student Presentation
Sep. 7 Kaushik Basu, Cornell University, "Household Labor Supply, Child Labor and Minimum Wage Legislation"
Sep. 14 Mark Rosenzweig, University of Pennsylvania, "Women's Teaching, Home Schooling and Economic Growth"
Sep. 21 Beata Smarznska, Yale University, "Foreign Direct Investment in Transition Economies"
Sep. 28 Ingrid Henriksen, University of Copenhagen, "Danish Cooperatives in a Comparative Context"
Oct. 5 Sanjay DeSilva, Yale University, "Tenancy Contracts as a Solution to Time Constraints of Skilled Farmers"
Oct. 12 Vandana Sipahimalani, Yale University, "Household Educational Expenditure and School Choice in Rural India: An Empirical Analysis"
Oct. 15 Yuan Chou, Yale University, "Cheaper Dis-Inflation: Coordinating Wage Setting through Incentive-Based Worker-Choice Wages"
Oct. 19 Donald Davis, Harvard University, "In Search of the Missing Trade: Theory and Evidence from the OECD"
Oct. 26 Wolfgang Keller, University of Texas, Austin, "On Theories Explaining the Success of the Gravity Equation"
Nov. 2 Matthew Slaughter, Dartmouth College, "Does the Sector Bias of Skill-Biased Technical Change Explain Changing Skill Differentials?"
Nov. 9 Jonathan Morduch, Harvard University, "Does Microfinance Really Help the Poor? Evidence from Flagship Programs in Bangladesh"
Nov. 16 Maristella Botticini, Boston University, "Infectious Marriages: Did the Black Death Affect Tuscan Marriage Markets?"
Nov. 30 Andrew Foster, Brown University, "Population Growth, Income Growth and Deforestation: Management of Village Land in India"
Jan. 25 Nina Pavenik, Princeton University, "Trade Liberalization, Exit, and Productivity Improvements: Evidence from Chilean Plants"
   Joint with Micro/Strategy Seminar
Feb. 15 John McLaren, Columbia University, "A Theory of Insidious Regionalism"
Feb. 22 Christina Paxson, Princeton University, "Growth, Demographic Structure and National Saving in Taiwan"
Mar. 1 James Harrigan, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, "Factor Quality and Comparative Advantage"
Mar. 22 Shang-Jin Wei, Harvard University, "Foreign Investors Before and During the Korean Currency Crisis"
Mar. 29 Gur Ofer, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, "Trade, Trade Policy and Foreign Exchange Regime under Transition: Russia and the Dutch Disease"
Apr. 5 Andres Velasco, New York University, "Financial Fragility and the Exchange Rate Regime"
Apr. 12 Clive Bell, University of Heidelberg, Germany, "Inequality and Economic Performance in Rural India Since 1955"
Apr. 19 Pinelopi Goldberg, Russell Sage Foundation and Princeton University, TBA
Apr. 26 Koichi Hamada, Yale University, "Incentive Mechanisms Surrounding International Monetary Institutions"
May 3 Ernest Aryeetey, University of Ghana, TBA
Sep. 8 Nadia Soboleva, Yale University, "Foreign Direct Investment and Trade Policy: Japanese Manufacturing Investment in the United States"
Sep. 15 Jean Lanjouw, Yale University, "The Introduction of Pharmaceutical Product Patents in India: "Heartless Exploitation of the Poor and Suffering"?"
Sep. 22 T. Paul Schultz, Yale University, "Inequality in the Distribution of Personal Income in the World: How Is It Changing and Why"
Sep. 29 Beata Smarzynska, Yale University, "Gravity Model of International Trade Reconsidered"
Oct. 6 Andrew Bernard, Yale University, SOM, "Trends and Transitions in Long-Run Growth"
Oct. 13 Jonathan Eaton, Boston University, "Technology and Bilateral Trade"
Oct. 20 Nader Habibi, Yale University, "Popular Attitudes Towards Market Institutions in Iran, Turkey and the Former Soviet Union"
Oct. 27 Carol Shiue, Yale University, "Grain Trade and Storage in the Mid-Qing: 1742-1795"
   Joint with Economic History Workshp
Nov. 3 Keijiro Otsuka, Tokyo Metropolitan University and IFPRI, "Land Tenure and Forest Management in Asia"  Joint with Natural Resources Workshop
Nov. 10 Kirit Parikh, Indira Ghandi Institute of Development Research, "Rice Trade Liberalization in India: Accounting for Large Country Effect in an Applied General Equilibrium Model"
Nov. 19 Workshop on Governance Issues in South Asia
     Session 1: India
     Session 2: Bangladesh and Pakistan
Dec. 1 Giovanni Maggi, Princeton University, "Politically Motivated Trade Agreements"
Dec. 8 Sofronis K. Clerides, Yale University, "Is Learning by Exporting Important? Micro-Dynamic Evidence from Colombia, Mexico and Morocco"
Jan. 27 Calgar Ozden, Stanford University, "Efficiency Gains from Multilateral Trade Agreements"
Feb. 9 Claus Chr. Pörtner, University of Copenhagen, "Children as Insurance"
Feb. 23 Xiaokai Yang, Harvard/Monash Universities, "Empirical Evidence for the Endogenous Growth Generated by Evolution in Division of Labor"
Mar. 2 James Robinson, University of Southern California, "When Is a State Predatory?"
Mar. 23 Ricardo Paes de Barros, IPEA, Brazil, "Labor Market Imperfections and the Level of Poverty and Inequality in Latin America"
Apr. 6 Douglas Irwin, Dartmouth College, "Did Late Nineteenth Century Tariffs Promote Infant Industries? Evidence from the Tinplate Industry, 1869-1913"
Apr. 13 Koichi Hamada, Yale University/IMF, "Africa and Macroeconomics"
Apr. 20 Shang-Jin Wei, Kennedy School of Government, "Harvard University, How Taxing Is Corruption on International Investors?"
Apr. 27 Giovanni Maggi, Princeton University, "Talent, Diversity and International Trade"
May 4 Dan Trefler, University of Toronto, "Increasing Returns to Scale and All That: A View from Trade"
May 11 Wallace Huffman, Iowa State University, "An Examination of Profit Inefficiency of Rice Farmers in Northern Ghana"