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Development Workshop, 2004/05 - 2011/12

(Prior to 2007/08, this was called Trade and Development Workshop)

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Sep. 12 Rohini Pande, Harvard, "Do Informed Voters Make Better Choices? Experimental Evidence from Urban India" (with Abhijit Banerjee, Selvan Kumar and Felix Su) [Paper]
Sep. 26 James Choy, Yale, "Group Size and Cooperation: Theory and Evidence from Nepal"
Oct. 3 Shing-Yi Wang, New York University, "Marriage Networks, Nepotism and Labor Market Outcomes in China" [Paper]
Oct. 10 Paco Buera, UCLA, "The Macroeconomics of Microfinance" (with Joseph P. Kaboski and Yongseok Shin) [Paper]
Oct. 17 Anant Nyshadham, Yale, "Learning about Comparative Advantage in Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Thailand" [Paper]
Oct. 24 Muthoni Ngatia, Yale, "Social Interactions and Individual Reproductive Decisions" [Paper]
Oct. 31 Treb Allen, Yale, "Information Frictions in Trade" [Paper]
Nov. 7 Karthik Muralidharan, UCSD, "School Inputs, Household Substitution and Test Scores" (with Jishnu Das, Stefan Dercon, James Habyarimana, Pramila Krishnan, Venkatesh Sundararaman) [Paper]
Nov. 14 Mark Rosenzweig, Yale, "Are Indian Farms Too Small? Mechanization, Agency Costs, and Farm Efficiency" (with Andrew D. Foster) [Paper]
Nov. 21 Nava Ashraf, Harvard, "No Margin, No Mission? A Field Experiment on Incentives for Pro-Social Tasks" (with Oriana Bandiera and Kelsey Jack) [Paper]
Nov. 28 Ben Jones, Kellogg School of Management, "The Human Capital Stock: A Generalized Approach" [Paper]
Dec. 5 Sendhill Mullainathan, Harvard, "Self-Control at Work" (with Supreet Kaur and Michael Kremer) [Paper]
Feb. 20 Michael Carter, University of California-Davis. "Poverty and Land Redistribution: Evidence from a Natural Experiment" (with Malcolm Keswell) [Paper]
Feb. 27 Berk Ozler, World Bank, "Designing Experiments to Measure Spillover and Threshold Effects"
Mar. 19 Antoinette Schoar, MIT, "Small Business Contracting: Ex Post (in)efficient Negotiation and Breakdown of Trade" (with Rajkamal Iyer) [Paper]
Mar. 26 Duncan Thomas, Duke University, "The Impact of Parental Death on Child Well-being: Evidence from the Indian Ocean Tsunami"
Apr. 2 Erica Field, Duke University, "Debt Structure, Entrepreneurship, and Risk: Evidence from Microfinance" (with Rohini Pande, John Papp, Natalia Rigol) [Paper]
Apr. 9 Tom Vogl, Princeton University, "Sisters, Schooling, and Spousal Search: Evidence from South Asia" [Paper]
Apr. 16 Mushfiq Mobarak, Yale School of Management, "Does Demand or Supply Constrain Investments in Education? Evidence from Garment Sector Jobs in Bangladesh" (with Rachel Heath) [Paper]
Apr. 23 Robin Burgess, London School of Economics, "Can Basic Entrepreneurship Transform the Economic Lives of the Poor?" (with Oriana Bandiera, Selim Gulesci, Imran Rasul, Munshi Sulaiman) [Abstract]
Apr. 30 Dilip Mookherjee, Boston University, "Asymmetric Information and Middleman Margins: An Experiment with West Bengal Potato Farmers" (with Sandip Mitra, Maximo Torero, Sujata Visaria) [Paper]
May 7 Dan Keniston, Yale University, "Crime, Punishment, and Monitoring: Deterring Drunken Driving in India" (with Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Nina Singh) [Paper]
Sep. 6 Suresh Naidu, Columbia University, "Bases, Bullets, and Ballots: The Effect of U.S. Military Aid on Political Conflict in Colombia" (with Oeindrila Dube) [Paper]
Sep. 13

Jeremy Magruder, University of California, Berkeley, "High Unemployment Yet Few Small Firms:  The Role of Centralized Bargaining in South Africa" [Paper]

Sep. 27 Claudio Ferraz, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), "Does Oil Make Leaders Unaccountable? Evidence from Brazil's Offshore Oil Boom"
Oct. 11 Rachel Heath, Yale University, "Why Do Firms Hire Using Referrals? Evidence from Bangladeshi Garment Factories"
Oct. 18 Federico Gutierrez, Yale University, "Implicit Contracts, Occupational Choice and the Gender Wage Gap in Mexico" [Paper]
Oct. 25 Gharad Bryan, Yale University, "Ambiguity and Insurance" [Paper]
Nov. 1 Priscila Souza, Yale University, "Moral Hazard in the Family"
Nov. 8 Taryn Dinkelman, Princeton University, "Investing in (Secondary) Schooling in Chile"
Nov. 15 Rocco Macchiavello, Warwick University, "The Value of Relationships: Evidence from a Supply Shock to Kenya Flower Exporters" (with Ameet Morjaria) [Paper]
Nov. 29 Gustavo Bobonis, University of Toronto, "Does Exposing Corrupt Politicians Reduce Corruption?" (with Luis R. Cámara Fuertes and Rainer Schwabe) [Paper]
Dec. 6 Ingvild Almås, Norges Handelshøyskole (NHH) Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, "International Income Inequality: Measuring PPP Bias by Estimating Engel Curve for Food" [Paper]
Feb. 7 Mark Rosenzweig, Yale, "Human Capital Investment and the Gender Division of Labor in a Brawn-Based Economy" (with Mark Pitt and Nazmul Hassan) [Paper]
Feb. 14 Nancy Qian, Yale, "The Impact of Limited Democracy in Rural China" (with Monica Martinez-Bravoy, Gerard Padró-i-Miquelz, and Yang Yao) [Paper]
Feb. 21 Eric Weese, Yale, "Inefficient Boundaries"
Feb. 23 Debraj Ray, New York University, "Poverty and Self-Control" (with B. Douglas Bernheim and Sevin Yeltekin) [Paper]
   Joint with Micro Theory
Feb. 28 Christopher Udry, Yale, "Examining Underinvestment and Financial Markets in Agriculture"
Mar. 21 Edward Miguel, Berkeley, "Worms at Work: Long-run Impacts of Child Health Gains" (with Sarah Baird, Joan Hamory Hicks, and Michael Kremer) [Paper]
Mar. 28 David McKenzie, World Bank, "Does Management Matter? Evidence from India" (with Nicholas Bloom, Benn Eifert, Aprajit Mahajan, and John Roberts) [Paper]
Apr. 4 Karla Hoff, World Bank, "The Role of Cognitive Frames in Societal Rigidity and Change" (with Joseph Stiglitz) [Paper] and "Names Can Hurt You (by Cueing your Response to Incentives): Experimental Evidence on Identity and Development" (with Priyanka Pandey) [Paper] [Tables]
Apr. 11 Seema Jayachandran, Stanford, "The Price Effects of Cash Versus In-Kind Transfers" (with Jesse M. Cunha and Giacomo De Giorgi) [Paper]
Apr. 18 Rebecca Thornton, University of Michigan, "Circumcision, Information, and HIV Prevention" (with Susan Godlonton and Alister Munthali) [Paper]
Apr. 25 Chang-Tai Hsieh, University of Chicago, "The Life-Cycle of Manufacturing Plants in India and Mexico" (with Pete Klenow)
May 2 Imran Rasul, University College of London, "The Making of Modern America: Migratory Flows in the Age of Mass Migration" (with Oriana Bandiera and Martina Viarengo) [Paper]
Sep. 14 Abhijit Banerjee, MIT, visiting Yale, "The Shape of Temptations: Implication for the Economic Lives of the Poor" (with Sendhil Mullainathan) [Paper]
Oct. 5 Bill Easterly, NYU, "European Origins of Economic Development" (with Ross Levin)
Oct. 12 Karna Basu, University of Chicago, "Renegotiating with One's Self" [Paper]
Oct. 19 Stefan Klonner, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt, "Financial Fragmentation in South India" (with Ashok Rai) [Paper]
Oct. 26 Nancy Qian, Yale University, "The Power of Propaganda: The Effect of U.S. Government Bias on Cold War News Coverage of Human Rights Abuses" [Paper]
Nov. 2 Reena Badiani, Yale, job market PhD, "Factories and Farms: How Does Economic Growth Impact Rural Educational Investment?" [Paper]
Nov. 9 Mir Salim, Yale, job market PhD, "Revealed Objective Functions of Microfinance Institutions"
Nov. 16 Mushfiq Mobarak, Yale, "Development Effects of Electrification: Evidence from the Geologic Placement of Hydropower Plants in Brazil" [Abstract & Tables]
Nov. 30 Rohini Pande, Harvard University, "Building Social Capital through Microfinance" (with Benjamin Feigenberg and Erica Field) [Paper]
Dec. 7 Achyuta Adhvaryu, Yale, "Firing Costs and Flexibility: Evidence from Firms' Employment Responses to Shocks in India" (with A.V. Chari and Siddharth Sharma) [Paper]
Dec. 14 M. Ali Khan, John Hopkins University, "On the Mitra-Wan Forestry Model: A Unified Analysis" (with Adriana Piazza) [Paper]
Feb. 22 Keijiro Otsuka, Visiting Yale, "Cluster-Based Industrial Development"
Mar. 1 Jeanne Lafortune, University of Maryland, "Smooth(er) Landing? The Dynamic Role of Networks in the Location and Occupational Choice of Immigrants" (with José Tessada) [Paper]
Mar. 3 Abhijit Banerjee, MIT, "Marry for What? Caste and Mate Selection in Modern India" (with Esther Duflo, Maitreesh Ghatak and Jeanne Lafortune) [Paper]
   Joint with Microeconomic Theory Workshop
Mar. 22 Karen Macours, Johns Hopkins, "Changing Households' Investments and Aspirations through Social Interactions: Evidence from a Randomized Transfer Program" (with Renos Vakis) [Paper]
Mar. 29 Grant Miller, Stanford, “The Gorbachev Anti-Alcohol Campaign and Russia’s Mortality Crisis” (with Christina Gathmann) [Paper]
Apr. 5 Xavier Giné, The World Bank, "Forecasting When it Matters: Evidence from Semi-Arid India" (with Robert Townsend and James Vickery) [Paper]
Apr. 12 Raymond Fisman, Columbia, "Corruption in State Asset Sales – Evidence from China" (with Yongxiang Wang) [Paper]
Apr. 19 Robert Jensen, UCLA, "Economic Opportunities and Gender Differences in Human Capital: Experimental Evidence for India" [Paper]
Apr. 26 Esther Duflo, MIT, "Nudging Farmers to Use Fertilizer: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Kenya" (with Michael Kremer and Jonathan Robinson) [Paper]
May 3 Jonathan Robinson, UC Santa Cruz, "The Return to Capital for Small Retailers in Kenya: Evidence from Inventories" (with Michael Kremer, Olga Rostapshova, Jean Lee) [Paper]
Sep. 15 Seema Jayachandran, Stanford University, "Incentives to Teach Badly? After-School Tutoring in Developing Countries" [Paper]
Sep. 22 Ben Jones, Northwestern University, "The Knowledge Trap: Human capital and Development Reconsidered" [Paper]
Sep. 29 Mark Rosenzweig, Yale University, "Altruism, Favoritism, and Guilt in the Allocation of Family Resources: Sophie’s Choice in Mao’s Mass Send Down Movement" (with Hongbin Li and Junsen Zhang) [Paper]
Oct. 6 Christopher Blattman, Yale University, "From Violence to Voting: War and Political Participation in Uganda" [Paper]
Oct. 13 Prashant Bharadwaj, Yale PhD candidate, "Fertility and Rural Labor Market Inefficiencies: Evidence from India"
Oct. 20 Daniel Rosenblum, Yale PhD candidate, "Fertility and Child Mortality: Unintended Consequences of Family Formation in India"
Oct. 27 Pinar Keskin, Yale PhD candidate, "Thirsty Factories, Hungry Farmers: Intersectoral Impacts of Industrial Water Demand"
Nov. 3 Ach Adhvaryu, Yale PhD candidate, "On the Low Adoption of Effective Technology: Misdiagnosis and Learning about New Malaria Therapy in Tanzania"
Nov. 10 Santosh Anagol, Yale PhD candidate, "Adverse Selection in Asset Markets: Theory and Evidence from the Indian Market for Cows"
Nov. 17 James Levinsohn, University of Michigan, visiting at Yale, "HIV Status and Labor Market Participation in South Africa" (with Zoë McLaren) [Paper]
Dec. 1 Laura Schechter, Wisconsin, "Vote-buying and Reciprocity"
Dec. 8 Dr. Quy Toan Do, World Bank, "Are All Siblings Born Equal?" (with Tung Duc Phung) [Paper]
Feb. 16 Frederico Finan, UCLA, "Motivating Politicians: The Impacts of Monetary Incentives on Quality and Performance" (with Claudio Ferraz) [Paper]
Feb. 23 Taryn Dinkelman, Princeton, "The Effects of Rural Electrification on Employment: New Evidence from South Africa" [Paper]
Mar. 2 Leigh Linden, Columbia University, "The Effect of Proximity on School Enrollment: Evidence form an RCT in Afghanistan" (with Dana Burde) [Paper]
Mar. 23 Pascaline Dupas, UCLA, "Savings Constraints and Microenterprises Development: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Kenya" (with Jonathan Robinson) [Paper]
Mar. 30 William Easterly, NYU, "The European Origins of Economic Development" CANCELLED
Apr. 6 Jenny Aker, Tufts University and the Center for Global Development, "Cell Phones, Search Costs and Grain Markets" [Paper]
Apr. 20 Asim Khwaja, KSG, Harvard, "Report Cards: The Impact of Providing School and Child Test-scores on Educational Markets" (with Tahir Andrabi and Jishnu Das) [Paper]
Apr. 27 Reena Badiani, Yale University, “Agrarian Wage and Labor Supply Responses to Rural Industrial Growth"
Sep. 10 Pierre Dubois, University of Toulouse, "Formal and Informal Risk Sharing in LDCs: Theory and Empirical Evidence" (with Bruno Jullien, Thierry Magnac) [Paper]
Sep. 17 Michael Kremer, Harvard University, "Peer Effects, Pupil-Teacher Ratios, and Teacher Incentives: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Kenya" (with Esther Duflo, Pascaline Dupas) [Paper]
Sep. 24 Christopher Udry, Yale University, "The Profits of Power: Land Rights and Agricultural Investment in Ghana" (with Markus Goldstein) [Paper]
Oct. 1 Stephen Klasen, University of Göttingen, "Geography vs. Institutions at the Village Level" (with Michael Grimm) [Paper]
Oct. 8 Nava Ashraf, Harvard Business School, "Can Higher Prices Stimulate Product Use? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Zambia" (with James Berry) [Paper]
Oct. 15 Michele Tertilt, Stanford University, "Women's Liberation: What was in it for Men?" (with Matthias Doepke) [Paper]
Oct. 22 Siwan Anderson, University of British Columbia, "Caste as an Impediment to Trade" [Paper]
Oct. 29 Madiha Afzal, Yale Graduate Student, "Voter Rationality and Politician Incentives: Exploiting Luck in Indian and Pakistani Elections" [Paper]
Nov. 5 Shing-Yi Wang, Yale Graduate Student, "Credit Constraints, Job Mobility and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from a Property Reform in China" [Paper]
Nov. 12 Frederico Finan, UCLA, "Electoral Accountability and Corruption in Local Governments: Evidence from Audit Reports" (with Claudio Ferraz) [Paper]
Nov. 26 Christian Awuku-Budu, Yale Graduate Student, "Financial Development and Human Capital Accumulation: Evidence from Rural India"
Dec. 10 David McKenzie, World Bank "A Land of Milk and Honey with Streets Paved with Gold: Do Emigrants Have Over-Optimistic Expectations About Incomes Abroad?" (with Steven Stillman) [Paper]
Mar. 3 Dilip Mookherjee, Boston University, "Middlemen Margins and Globalization" (with Pranab Bardhan and Masatoshi Tsumagari) [Paper]
Mar. 24 Nathan Nunn, Harvard University, "Ruggedness: The Blessing of Bad Geography in Africa" (with Diego Puga) [Paper]
Mar. 31 Dean Yang, University of Michigan, "Insurance, Credit, and Technology Adoption: Field Experimental Evidence from Malawi" (with Xavier Giné) [Paper]
Apr. 7 John Giles, Michigan State University, "Migrant Labor Markets and the Welfare of Rural Households in the Developing World: Evidence from China" (with Alan de Brauw) [Paper]
Apr. 14 Ethan Ligon, UC Berkeley, "The Value of Social Networks in Rural Paraguay" (with Laura Schechter) [Paper]
Apr. 21 Lant Pritchett, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, "The Great Discrimination: Borders as a Labor Market Barrier"
Apr. 28 Aprajit Mahajan, Stanford University
May 5 Manuela Angelucci, Yale University, "Insurance and Family Networks" (with Giacomo De Giorgi, Marcos A. Rangel and Imran Rasul) [Paper]
Sep. 11 A. Mushfiq Mobarak, University of Colorado at Boulder, visiting Yale, "Protection for Sale to Firms: Evidence from Indonesia" (with Denni Puspa Purbasari) [Paper]
Sep. 18 Pascaline Dupas, Dartmouth College, "Relative Risks and the Market for Sex: Teenagers, Sugar Daddies and HIV in Kenya" [Paper]
Sep. 25 Craig McIntosh, UC San Diego, "Does Better Health Care Lead to Higher AIDS Rates? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa" [Paper]
Oct. 2 Hyeok Jeong, University of Southern California, "Complementarity and Transition to Modern Economic Growth" (with Yong Kim) [Paper]
Oct. 9 Lori Beaman, Yale University, "Social Networks and the Dynamics of Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Refugee Resettlement" [Paper]
Oct. 16 Chris Ksoll, Yale University, "Family Networks and Orphan Placement in Tanzania"
Oct. 23 Jeremy Magruder, Yale University, “Intergenerational Networks, Unemployment, and Persistent Inequality in South Africa” [Paper]
Oct. 30 Hanan Jacoby, World Bank, "Incomplete Contracts and Holdup: Land Tenancy and Investment in Rural Pakistan" (with Ghazala Mansuri) [Paper]
Nov. 6 Rema Hanna, New York University, "Monitoring Works: Getting Teachers to Come to Class" (with Esther Duflo) [Paper]
Nov. 13 Kaivan Munshi, Brown University, "From Farming to International Business: The Social Auspices of Entrepreneurship in a Developing Economy" [Paper]
Nov. 27 CANCELLED: Amit Khandelwal, Yale University, “The Long and Short (of) Quality Ladders” [Paper]
Dec. 4 CANCELLED: Dalia Marin, University of Munich, visiting New York University, “Corporate Hierarchies and the Size of Nations Theory and Evidence” (with Thierry Verdier) [Paper]
Dec. 11 Malgosia Madajewicz, Columbia University, "Can Information Alone Change Behavior? Response to Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Bangladesh" (with Alexander Pfaff, Alexander van Geen, Joseph Graziano, Iftikhar Hussein, Hasina Momotaj, Roksana Sylvi, Habibul Ahsan) [Paper]
Mar. 5 Ted Miguel, UC Berkeley, "Spring Cleaning: A Randomized Evaluation of Source Water Quality Improvement" (with Michael Kremer, Jessica Leino) [Paper]
Apr. 2 Erica Field, Harvard University, "Iodine Deficiency and Schooling Attainment in Tanzania" (with Omar Robles, Maximo Torero) [Paper]
Apr. 9 Asim Khwaja, Harvard University, "Dollars Dollars Everywhere, Not a Dime to Lend: Credit Limit Constraints on Financial Sector Absorptive Capacity" (with Atif Mian, Bilal Zia) [Paper]
Apr. 16 Stefan Klonner, Cornell University, "Cosigners Help" (with Ashok S. Rai) [Paper]
Apr. 23 Maitreesh Ghatak, LSE, "The de Soto Effect: Markets, Networks and the Political Economy of Property Rights" (with Timothy Besley) [Paper]
Apr. 30 Joe Kaboski, Ohio State University, "Testing a Structural Model of Credit Constraints Using a Large-Scale Quasi-Experimantal Microfinance Initiative" (with Robert M. Townsend) [Paper]
Sep. 12 Sendhil Mullainathan, Harvard University, "Is Corruption Efficient? Getting a Driving License in India" [Abstract]
Sep. 19 Xavier Giné, World Bank, "Land Security in Rural Thailand: Evidence from a Property Rights Reform" [Paper]
Sep. 26 Juan Carlos Hallak, University of Michigan, "Estimating Cross-Country Differences in Product Quality" (with Peter Schott) [Paper]
Oct. 3 Bob Staiger, Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, "The GATT/WTO as an Incomplete Contract" (with Henrik Horn, Giovanni Maggi) [Paper]
Oct. 10 Tavneet Suri, Yale University, "Selection and Comparative Advantage in Technology Adoption" [Paper]
Oct. 17 Jim Tybout, Penn State, "Industrial Evolution in Crisis-Prone Economies" (with Eric Bond, Hâle Utar) [Paper]
Oct. 24 Siddharth Sharma, Yale University, "Imperfect Capital Mobility as a Constraint on Regional Industrial Growth: Evidence from India" [Paper]
Oct. 31 Harsha Thirumurthy, Yale University, "The Economic Impact of AIDS Treatment: Labor Supply in Western Kenya" (with Joshua Graff Zivin, Markus Goldstein) [Paper]
Nov. 7 Alan de Brauw, Williams College, "Migrant Opportunity and the Educational Attainment of Youth in Rural China" (with John Giles) [Paper]
Nov. 14 Garth Frazer, Univ. of Toronto, "Trade Growth under the African Growth and Opportunity Act" (with Johannes Van Biesebroeck) [Paper]
Nov. 28 Muhammad Farooq Naseer, Yale University, "Whither Quality? Incentives in the Sugarcane Market in Pakistan" [Paper]
Dec. 5 Maurice Kugler, University of Southampton, "Factor Adjustments after Deregulation: Panel Evidence from Colombian Plants" (with Marcela Eslava, John Haltiwanger, Adriana Kugler) [Paper]
Dec. 12 Jaymin Lee, Yale University, Yonsei University, "Empirical Test of Industrial Targeting"
Feb. 27 Ben Olken, Harvard University, "Monitoring Corruption: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Indonesia" [Paper]
Mar. 27 Ernesto Schargrodsky, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, "Property Rights for the Poor: Effects of Land Titling" (with Sebastian Galiani) [Paper]
Apr. 3 Cristian Pop-Eleches, Columbia University, "General Education versus Vocational Training: Evidence from an Economy in Transition" (with Ofer Malamud) [Paper]
Apr. 10 Marcel Fafchamps, Oxford University, "The Formation of Risk Sharing Networks" (with Flore Gubert) [Paper]
Apr. 17 Laura Schechter, University of Wisconsin, "Theft, Gift-giving, and Trustworthiness: Honesty is Its Own Reward in Rural Paraguay" [Paper]
Apr. 24 Chang-Tai Hsieh, UC Berkeley, "Resource Misallocation and Aggregate Productivity in China and India"
May 1 Jonathan Morduch, New York University, "Do Interest Rates Matter?  Evidence from the Dhaka Slums" (with Rajeev Dehejia, Heather Montgomery) [Paper]
May 8 Orazio Attanasio, University College London, "Medium and Long Run Effects of Nutrition and Child Care: Evaluation of a Community Nursery Programme in Rural Columbia" (with Marcos Vera-Hernández) [Paper]
Sep. 13 Christopher Udry, Yale University, "Consumption Smoothing and Livestock in Rural Burkina Faso" (with Harounan Kazianga) [Paper]
Sep. 20 Pierre-Andre Chiappori, University of Chicago, "Targeting from a Collective Perspective: Theory and Identification" (with Richard Blundell, Costas Meghir) [Paper]
Sep. 27 Irene Brambilla, Yale University, "Introduction of New Varieties of Goods in the Chinese Manufacturing Sector" [Paper]
Oct. 4 Peter Schott, Yale University, "Comparative Advantage and Heterogeneous Firms" (with Andrew B. Bernard, Stephen Redding) [Paper]
Oct. 18 Eric Verhoogen, Columbia University, "Trade, Quality Upgrading, and Wage Inequality in the Mexican Manufacturing Sector: Theory and Evidence from an Exchange-Rate Shock" [Paper]
Oct. 25 Esther Duflo, MIT, "Long Run Impacts of Income Shocks: Wine and Phylloxera in 19th Century France"
Nov. 1 Jonathan Conning, Hunter College, "On the Causes of Slavery or Serfdom and the Roads to Agrarian Capitalism: Domar's Hypothesis Revisited" [Paper]
Nov. 8 Michèle Tertilt, Stanford University, "Polygyny, Fertility, and Savings" [Paper]
Nov. 15 Rohini Pande, Yale University, "Dams" (with Esther Duflo) [Paper]
Nov. 29 Alwyn Young, University of Chicago, "The Gift of the Dying: The Tragedy of AIDS and the Welfare of Future African Generations" [Paper]
Dec. 6 Anne Case, Princeton University, "The Impact of Parental Death on School Enrollment and Achievement: Longitudinal Evidence from South Africa" (with Cally Ardington) [Paper]
Feb. 28 Philippe Aghion, Harvard University, "Volatility and Growth: Implications for Macropolicy" (with George-Marios Angeletos, Abhijit Banerjee, Kalina Manova) [Paper]
Mar. 21 Jean O. Lanjouw, UC Berkeley, "Patents, Price Controls and Access to New Drugs: How Policy Affects Global Market Entry" [Paper]
Mar. 28 Rohini Pande, Yale University, "Political Selection and the Quality of Government: Evidence from South India" (with Timothy Besley, Vijayendra Rao) [Paper]
Apr. 4 Tavneet Suri, Yale University, "Selection and Comparative Advantage in Technology Adoption"
Apr. 11 Dani Rodrik, Harvard University, "Growth Diagnostics" [Paper]
Apr. 18 Marianne Bertrand, University of Chicago, "How Much Does Psychology Matter? A Field Experiment in the Consumer Credit Market" (with Dean Karlan, Sendhil Mullainathan, Eldar Shafir, Jonathan Zinman) [Paper]
Apr. 25 Paul Gertler, UC Berkeley, "The Effect of Cash Transfers on Long Term Living Standard"