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Economic History Workshop, 2001/02 – 2011/12

Sep. 12 Nathan Sussman, Hebrew University, "Institutions, Deficits, and Wars: The Determinants of British Government Borrowing Costs from the End of the Seventeenth Century to 1850" (with Yishay Yafeh) [Paper]
Sep. 19 Mark Dincecco, IMT Lucca, "Political Transformations and Economic Performance" (with Gabriel Katz) [Paper]
Sep. 26 Douglas A. Irwin, Dartmouth College, "Gold Sterilization and the Recession of 1937-38" [Paper]
Oct. 5 David Donaldson, MIT, "Welfare Gains from Economic Integration: Theory and Evidence from U.S. Agriculture, 1840-2000" (with Arnaud Costinot)
   Joint with International Trade Workshop
Oct. 10 Kris Mitchener, Santa Clara University, "Arresting Banking Panics: Fed Liquidity Provision and the Forgotten Panic of 1929" (with Mark Carlson, Gary Richardson) [Paper]
Oct. 17 Jonathan Rose, Federal Reserve Board, "The Prolonged Resolution of Troubled Real Estate Lenders during the 1930s" [Paper]
Oct. 24 Gregory Clark, UC Davis, "Surnames and Social Mobility: England, 1066-2011, Sweden, 1600-2011, India, 1770-2011, Japan, 1869-2011" [Paper] See also a book in progress, "Ruling Classes and Under Classes: 1,000 Years of Social Mobility" [Paper]
Oct. 31 Seven Agir, Yale, "Grain Redistribution in a Principal-Agent Framework: Practice of ‘Mubayaa’ in Ottoman Macedonia, 1774-1838" [Paper]
Nov. 7 James Bessen, Boston University, "Was Mechanization De-Skilling? The Origins of Task-Biased Technical Change" [Paper]
Nov. 15 Melinda Miller, U.S. Naval Academy, "‘The One Thing Needful’: Free Land and Black Mobility, 1880-1900" [Paper]
   Joint with Legal History
Nov. 28 Elena Frangakis-Syrett, Queens College, CUNY, "Credit and Early Banking Practices in the Ottoman Empire: The Bank of Smyrna (1842-1843)" [Paper]
Dec. 5 Gavin Wright, Stanford, "Sharing the Prize: The Economics of the Civil Rights Movement in the South." "Chapter 3: Southern Business and Public Accommodations: An Economic-Historical Paradox" [Paper] and "Chapter 4: Desegregating Southern Labor Markets" [Paper]
Feb. 20 Jessica Goldberg, University of Pennsylvania, "Re-considering Risk and the 'Maghribi Traders': Agency Relations, Contract Enforcement, and the Economy of the Eleventh-Century Islamic Mediterranean"
Feb. 27 Richard Hornbeck, Harvard University, "Creative Destruction: Barriers to Urban Growth Illuminated by 19th Century Great Fires" (with Daniel Keniston)
Mar. 22 Claudia Goldin, Harvard University, "The Career Cost of Family"
   Joint with Labor and Public Economics Workshop
Mar. 26 Metin Cosgel, UCONN, "Inequality of Wealth in the Ottoman Empire: War, Weather, and Long-term Trends in Eighteenth Century Kastamonu" (with Bogaç A. Ergene) [Paper]
Apr. 2 Carola Frydman, Boston University, "The Panic of 1907: JP Morgan, Trust Companies, and the Impact of the Financial Crisis" (with Eric Hilt and Lily Zhou)
Apr. 9 Philip Hoffman, Caltech, "Why Was It Europeans Who Conquered the World?" [Paper]
Apr. 16 Gary Libecap, UC Santa Barbara, "The Demarcation of Property as a Coordinating Mechanism" [Paper1 - Paper2]
Apr. 23 Jan de Vries, UC Berkeley, "Taxing the Staff of Life: The Dutch Bread Tax, 1574-1855" [Paper]
Apr. 30 Christian Dippel, UCLA, "Franchise Extension and Elite Persistence: The Post-Slavery Caribbean Plantation Complex" [Paper]

May 7

Nancy Qian, Yale University, "The Institutional Causes of China's Great Famine, 1959-1961" (with Xin Meng, Pierre Yared) [Paper]
Sep. 20 Nathan Sussman, Hebrew University, "Taxation Mechanisms and Growth in Medieval Paris"n (with Al Slivinski) [Paper]
Oct. 4 Robert C. Allen, Oxford University, "Technology and the Great Divergence" [Paper]
Oct. 11 Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, Caltech, "Inherited vs Self-Made Wealth: Theory & Evidence from a Rentier Society" (with Thomas Piketty and Gilles Postel-Vinay) [Paper]
Oct. 18 Veronica Aoki Santarosa, Yale, "Financing Long-distance Trade Before Banks: The Joint Liability Rule and Bills of Exchange in 18th-century France"
Oct. 25 Martha Bailey, University of Michigan, "An American Experiment in Public Medicine: Neighborhood Health Centers And Mortality under the War on Poverty" (with Andrew Goodman-Bacon) [Paper]
Nov. 1 Eugene White, Rutgers University, "To Establish a More Effective Supervision of Banking: How the Birth of the Fed Altered Bank Supervision" [Paper]
Nov. 8 Seven Agir, Yale, "Sacred Obligations, Precious Interests: Ottoman Grain Administration in Comparative Perspective" [Paper]
Nov. 15 Eric Hilt, Wellesley College, "Predators or Watchdogs? Bankers on Corporate Boards in the Era of Finance Capitalism" (with Carola Frydman) [Paper]
Nov. 29 Tom Nicholas, Harvard Business School, "Hybrid Innovation in Meiji Japan" [Paper]
Feb. 21 Richard Grossman, Wesleyan University, "Contingent Capital and Bank Risk-Taking: Evidence from British Equity Markets before World War I" (with Masami Imai) [Paper]
Feb. 28 Timur Kuran, Duke University, "Structural Inefficiencies of Islamic Courts: Ottoman Justice and Its Implications for Modern Economic Life" (with Scott Lustig) [Paper]
Mar. 21 Pilar Nogues-Marco, Carlos III Madrid, "Did Bullionism Matter?: Silver-point Mechanism and Castilian Smuggling in the Early 18th Century" [Paper]
Mar. 28 Harold James, Princeton University, "The Origins of European Monetary Integration" [Paper]
Apr. 4 Angela Redish, British Columbia, "Economics, A Model of the Monetary System of Medieval Europe" (with Warren Weber) [Paper]
Apr. 11 Peter Zeitz, Stanford University, "Economics, Trade in Equipment and Capital Quality: Evidence from the Sino-Soviet Split" [Paper]
Apr. 18 John Wallis, University of Maryland, "Governments and States: Organizations, Politics, and Social Dynamics" (with Douglass C. North) [Paper]
May 2 Ken Snowden, UNC-Greensboro, "Repairing a Mortgage Crisis: HOLC Lending and its Impact on Local Housing Markets in the 1930s" (with  Charles Courtemanche) [Paper]
May 9 Gergely Baics, Barnard, "History, Appetite for Beef: The Quantity and Quality of New York City's Meat Supply, 1790-1860" [Paper]
Sep. 14 Stephen Broadberry, The University of Warwick, UK, "British Economic Growth, 1300-1850: Some Preliminary Estimates" (with Bruce Campbell, Alexander Klein, Mark Overton, Bas van Leeuwen) [Paper]
Sep. 21 Alain Bresson, University of Chicago, "The Origin of Lydian and Greek Coinage: Cost and Quantity" [Paper][Background Paper]
Sep. 28 Jeremiah Dittmar, American University, "Ideas, Technology, and Economic Change: The Impact of the Printing Press" [Paper]
Oct. 5 Carolyn Moehling, Rutgers University, "The Political Economy of Saving Mothers and Babies: The Politics of State Participation in the Sheppard-Towner Program" (with Melissa A. Thomasson) [Paper]
Oct. 12 James Fenske, Yale, "Does Land Abundance in Africa Explain Institutions?" [Paper]
Oct. 19 Tracy Dennison, CalTech, "Contract Enforcement in Russian Serf Society" [Paper]
Oct. 26 Phil Slavin, Yale, "How Great Was the Great Famine of 1314-22: Between Ecology and Institutions" [Paper]
Nov. 2 Ann Carlos, University of Colorado at Boulder, "Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights in Early Modern England" [Paper]
Nov. 9 Oscar Gelderblom, Utrecht University, "The Conditional Miracle: Institutional Change, Fiscal Policy, Bond Markets, and Interest Rates in Holland, 1514-1713" (with Joost Jonker) [Paper]
Nov. 16 Marc Flandreau, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, "The End of Gatekeepers: Underwriters and the Quality of Sovereign Bond Markets, 1815-2007" (with Juan Flores, Norbert Gaillard, Sebastian Nieto-Parra) [Paper]
Nov. 30 Ben Chabot, Yale, "What Can Asset Prices Tell Us About Historical Business Cycles?" [Paper]
Mar. 1 Veronica Santarosa, Yale, "Can Joint Liability Solve Information Asymmetries? Evidence from Trading with Bills of Exchange"
Mar. 22 Marianne Wanamaker, U. of Tennessee, "Did Industrialization Cause the American Fertility Decline? Evidence from South Carolina" [Paper]
Mar. 29 Paul Rhode, University of Michigan, "Slave Productivity in Cotton Production by Gender, Age, Season, and Scale" (with Alan Olmstead) [Paper]
Apr. 12 Stanley Engerman, University of Rochester, visiting Harvard, "Once Upon a Time in the Americas: Land and Immigration Policies in the New World" (with Kenneth L. Sokoloff) [Paper]
Apr. 26 Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, CalTech, "TBA"
Sep. 15 Yuru Wang, Nankai University, "Urban Wholesale Price Change and Economic Growth in Modern China" [Paper]
Sep. 22 Toni Pierenkemper, University of Cologne, "he Rise and Fall of the "Normalarbeitsverhältnis" [Normal Labor Relationship] in Germany, 1840-2010"
Sep. 29 Ben Chabot, Yale, "How Costly Were the Banking Panics of the Gilded Age?" [Paper]
Oct. 6 Melinda Miller, Naval Academy, "The Shadow and Blight of Slavery: Did the Advantages of Free Land for Former Slaves Persist Until the Twentieth Century?" [Paper]
Oct. 13 Latika Chaudhary, Stanford University, "Taxation and Educational Development: Evidence from British India" [Paper]
Oct. 20 Philip Slavin, Yale, "On Dying Cattle, Starving Humans and Never-dying Money: The Great Cattle Plague in England and Wales, 1319-1320" [Paper]
Oct. 27 Steve Nafziger, Williams College, "Democracy under the Tsars? The Case of the Zemstvo" [Paper]
Nov. 3 Florian Ploeckl, Yale PhD student, "Borders, Market Access, and Urban Growth: The Case of Saxon Towns and the Zollverein in the 19th Century" [Paper]
Nov. 10 Ran Abramitzky, Stanford University, "Testing Self-Selection in Migration: Evidence from
the Israeli Kibbutz" [Paper]
Dec. 1 Trevon Logan, Ohio State, visiting Princeton, "Moveable Feasts: A New Approach to Endogenizing Tastes" (with Paul W. Rhode) [Paper]
Dec. 8 Phil Hoffman, CalTech, "Is Trust an Ultimate Cause? Its Role in the Long Run Development of Financial Markets in France" (with Gilles Postel-Vinay and Jean-Laurent Rosenthal) [Paper]
Feb. 23 Frank Lewis, Queens University, Canada, "Capital Constraints and European Migration to Canada in the 1920s: Evidence from the Passenger Lists" (with Alexander Armstrong) [Paper]
Mar. 2 Leah Boustan, UCLA, "Positive Selection during the Age of Mass Migration: Evidence from Norway" (with Ran Abramitzky, Katherine Eriksson) [Paper]
Mar. 23 Nick Crafts, LSE, "Making Sense of the Manufacturing Belt: Determinants of U.S. Industrial Location, 1880-1920" (with Alex Klein) [Paper]
Mar. 30 Carsten Burhop, MPI Bonn, visiting Yale, "The Historical Market for Technology Licenses: Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Electrical Engineering in Imperial Germany" (with Thorsten Lübbers) [Paper]
Apr. 6 Gillian Hamilton, University of Toronto, "Economic Status and Reproductive Success in New France" (with Greg Clark) [Paper]
Apr. 13 Regina Grafe, Northwestern, "The Rise, Persistence and Decline of Merchant Guilds. Re-thinking the Comparative Study of Commercial Institutions in Pre-modern Europe" (with Oscar Gelderblom) [Paper]
Apr. 20 Sheilagh Ogilvie, University of Cambridge, "Consumption, Social Capital, and the ‘Industrious Revolution’ in Early Modern Germany" [Paper]
Oct. 3 Chris Kingston (Amherst College), "A Broker and His Network: Marine Insurance in Philadelphia During the Seven Years' War, 1755-1759" [Paper]
Oct. 17 Karen Clay, Carnegie Mellon University, "Insurance without Kin: Private-Order Institutions in Gold Rush California" (with Mercy Chang) [Paper]
Oct. 31 Noel Maurer, Harvard Business School, "The Policy of Attraction: Colonial Rule, Property Rights, and Economic Development in the Philippines" (with Lakshmi Iyer) [Paper]
Nov. 14 Lee Alston, University of Colorado at Boulder, "Electoral Fraud, the Rise of Peron and Demise of Checks and Balances in Argentina" (with Andrés A. Gallo) [Paper]
Nov. 28 Catalina Vizcarra, University of Vermont, "Guano, Credible Commitments and Finances in 19th century Peru" [Paper]
Dec. 5 Jeremy Atack, Vanderbilt University, "The Transportation Revolution Revisited: Towards a New Mapping of America's Transportation Network in the 19th Century" (with Fred Bateman, Robert A. Margo) [Paper]
Sep. 13 Christoph Buchheim, University of Mannheim, "What Causes Successful Development: Insights from History" [Paper]
Sep. 20 Howard Bodenhorn, Lafayette College, Yale Visitor, "Usury Ceilings, Relationships and Bank Lending Behavior: Evidence from Nineteenth Century New York" [Paper]
Sep. 27 Ian Keay, Queens University-Kingston, Yale Visitor, "Size, Productivity, and Profitability: Canada's Natural Resource Industries in the 20th Century" [Paper]
Oct. 11 Joyce Burnette, Wabash College, "Were Women's Wages Customary?" [Paper]
Oct. 18 John A. James, University of Virginia, "Consumption Smoothing among Working-class American Families before Social Insurance" (with Michael G. Polumbo, Mark Thomas) [Paper]
Oct. 25 John Wallis, University of Maryland, Visitor, Hoover Instituiton, "A Conceptual Framework for Interpreting Recorded Human History" (with Douglass C. North, Barry R. Weingast) [Paper]
Nov. 1 Florian Ploeckl, Yale University, "The Zollverein: Re-visiting the Creation of a Customs Union" [Paper]
Nov. 8 Werner Troesken, University of Pittsburgh, "When Bioterrorism Was No Big Deal" (with Patricia Beeson) [Paper]
Nov. 15 Alan Dye, Barnard College, "Cleansing Under the Quota: The Defense and Survival of Sugar Mills in 1930s Cuba" (with Richard Sicotte) [Paper]
Nov. 29 James Fenske, Yale University, "The Emergence, (or not) of Private Property Rights in Land: Southern Nigeria, 1851 to 1914" [Paper]
Dec. 6 Gavin Wright, Stanford University, "Business and the Civil Rights Revolution in the American South: An Economic-Historical Paradox" [Paper]
Feb. 28 Metin Cosgel, UCONN, "Law and State Power: The Institutional Roots of the Strong State in Islamic History" (with Rasha Ahmed, Thomas Miceli) [Paper]
Mar. 7 Rui Esteves, Simon Fraser University, "Quis custodiet quem? Sovereign Debt and Bondholders' Protection before 1914" [Paper]
Mar. 28 Jim Robinson, Harvard University, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Industry: Economic Implications of the French Revolution" (with Daron Acemoglu)
Apr. 4 Debin Ma, London School of Economics, "Wages, Prices and Living Standards in China, Japan, and Europe, 1738-1925" (with Robert C. Allen, Jean-Pascal Bassino, Christine Moll-Murata, Jan Luiten van Zanden) [Paper]
Apr. 11 Aldo Musacchio, Harvard Business School, "Stock Market Development, Ownership Concentration, and Investor Protections in Brazil since 1890" [Paper]
Apr. 18 William Sundstrom, University of Santa Clara, "From Quasi-private to Quasi-public: The Development of Local Libraries in the United States, 1870-1930" (with Michael Kevane) [Paper]
Apr. 25 Bill Summerhill, University of California Los Angeles, "Sovereign Credibility with Financial Underdevelopment: The Case of Nineteenth-Century Brazil" [Paper]
Sep. 7 James Robinson, Harvard University, Government, "The Impact and Origins of State Capacity in Colombia"
Sep. 14 Rose Razaghian, Yale University, Political Science, "Financial Civil War: The Confederacy's Financial Policies, 1861-1864" [Paper]
Sep. 21 Bin Wong, UCLA, History, "Another Look at Credit Markets and Investment in China and Europe before the Industrial Revolution" (with Jean-Laurent Rosenthal) [Paper]
Sep. 28 Paul Freedman, Yale University, History, "Status and Scarcity" in Fragrance, Flavor and Fashion: Spices in the Middle Ages" [Paper]
Oct. 5 Steven Nafziger, Yale University, "Land Communes and Factor Market Imperfections: Micro-Evidence from Late 19th-Century Russia" [Paper]
Oct. 12 Nathan Sussman, Hebrew University/University of Western Ontario, "Income Inequality in Paris in the Heyday of the Commercial Revolution" [Paper]
Oct. 19 Anne McCants, MIT, "Exotic Goods, Popular Consumption and the Standard of Living: Thinking About Globalization in the Early Modern World" [Paper]
Oct. 26 Herbert Emery, University of  Calgary, "America’s Rejection of Compulsory Government Health Insurance before 1930: Was it “Un-American” or Unnecessary?" [Paper]
Nov. 9 Mauricio Drelichman, University of British Columbia, "Sons of Something: Taxes, Lawsuits and Local Political Control in Sixteenth-Century Castile" [Paper]
Nov. 16 Paul W. Rhode, University of North Carolina, "Manipulating Political Stock Markets: A Field Experiment and a Century of Observational Data" (with Koleman S. Strumpf) [Paper]
Nov. 30 Christopher Meissner, University of Cambridge, "The Late Nineteenth Century Trade Boom: Declining Trade Costs versus Economic Expansion" (with David S. Jacks, Dennis Novy) [Paper]
Dec. 6 Florian Ploeckl, Yale University, Dissertation prospectus presentation: "Economic Impact of the Zollverein"
Mar. 22 Dan Bogart, UC Irvine, "Neighbor Effects and Institutional Change: Evidence from Turnpike Acts in Eighteenth Century England" [Paper]
Mar. 29 Jonas Scherner, Yale and Mannheim, "Industrial Investment in Nazi Germany: The Forgotten Wartime Boom" [Paper]
Apr. 5 Spoerer, Mark, Stuttgart-Hohenheim, "The Laspeyres-Paradox: Tax Overshifting in 19th Century Prussia" [Paper]
Apr. 12 Joseph Ferrie, Northwestern University, "A Tale of Two Labor Markets: Intergenerational Occupational Mobility in Britain and the U.S. Since 1850" (Jason Long) [Paper]
May 3 Eric Hilt, Wellesley College, "Corporate Ownership and Governance in the Early Nineteenth Century" [Paper]
Sep. 29 Jochen Streb, Stuttgart-Hohenheim, "Was Armament Minister Albert Speer Really Responsible for the German "Armament Wonder" during World War II? New Doubts Arising from the Annual Audits of the German Aircraft Producers" (with Jonas Scherner) [Paper]
Oct. 6 Alexander J. Field, Santa Clara University, "Technical Change and U.S. Economic Growth: the Interwar Period and the 1990s" [Paper]
Oct. 13 Francesca Trivellato, Yale, Department of History, "Discourse and Practice of Trust in Business Correspondence during the Early Modern Period" [Paper]
Oct. 20 Christoph Buchheim, University of Mannheim, "The Role of Private Property in the Nazi Economy: The Case of Industry" (with Jonas Scherner) [Paper]
Oct. 27 Carol H. Shiue, University of Texas-Austin, "Markets in China and Europe on the Eve of the Industrial Revolution" (with Wolfgang Keller) [Paper]
Nov. 3 Howard Bodenhorn, Lafayette College, "Bank Chartering and Political Corruption in Antebellum New York: Free Banking as Reform" [Paper]
Nov. 10 Mark Harrison, University of Warwick, "Why Secrets? The Uses of Secrecy in Stalin's Command Economy" [Paper]
Dec. 1 Steven Nafziger, Yale University, "Land Redistributions and the Russian Peasant Commune in the Late Imperial Period" [Paper]
Dec. 8 Keith Wrightson, Yale, Department of History, "These Which Be Participant of the Common Wealth: Class, Governance and Social Identities in Early Modern England" [Paper]
Mar. 23 David Hancock, University of Michigan, "Excerpts from Oceans of Wine, Empires of Commerce-Merchants into Capitalists: Madeira Wine and the Developing Atlantic Economy, 1640-1815" [Paper]
Mar. 30 Tirthankar Roy, Yale University, "Agricultural Labor and Economic Transition in Colonial India: Lessons from Wage Data" [Paper]
Apr. 6 Kenneth L. Sokoloff, UCLA, "The Evolution of Suffrage Institutions in the New World" (with Stanley L. Engerman) [Paper]
Apr. 13 Alan Olmstead, UC Davis, "Wait a Cotton Pickin' Minute!: A New View of Slave Productivity" (with Paul Rhode) [Paper]
Apr. 20 Leigh Shaw-Taylor, University of Cambridge, "The Occupational Structure of England during the Industrial Revolution 1750 to 1891" [Paper] [Maps]
Apr. 27 Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, UCLA, "Wealth Concentration in a Developing Economy: Paris and France, 1807-1994" (with Thomas Piketty, Gilles Postel-Vinay) [Paper]
Sep. 26 Claudia Goldin, Harvard University, "Making a Name" (with Maria Shim) [Paper]
   Joint with Labor and Population Workshop
Oct. 8 Lee Ohanian, UCLA, "New Deal Policies and the Persistence of the Great Depression" (with Harold L. Cole) [Paper]
   Joint with Macroeconomics Workshop
Nov. 18 Noel Maurer, ITAM and Yale University, "Do Institutions Matter in Extractive Industries? The Case of Mexican Mining, 1880-1930" (with Stephen Haber, Armando Razo) [Paper]
  Joint with Trade and Development Workshop
Apr. 3 Noel Maurer, ITAM and Yale University, "The Central Bank as a Tax Farmer: Porfirian Mexico, 1880-1889" (with Andrei Gomberg) [Paper]
Apr. 17 Kris Mitchener, Santa Clara University, "Branch Banking, Bank Competition, and Financial Stability" (with Mark Carlson) [Paper]
Apr. 24 Daniel Raff, University of Pennsylvania, "What Happened at Highland Park: A Microeconomic History of the Coming of Mass Production" [Paper]
Sep. 13 Nathan Sussman, Hebrew University, "Emerging Market Spreads: Then versus Now" (with Paolo Mauro, Yishay Yafeh) [Paper]
Sep. 20 George Hall, Yale University, "Exchange Rates and Casualties during the First World War" [Paper]
Sep. 28 Emmanuel Saez, Harvard University, "Income Inequality in the United States, 1913-1998" (with Thomas Piketty) [Paper]
Oct. 11 Melissa Thomasson, Miami University, "Exploring Racial Gaps in Infant Mortality, 1920-1970" (with William J. Collins) [Paper]
Oct. 18 Russell Court, UCLA, "Nobile fratello carissimo v. Avertendo sempre al ben fidar: The Language and Tactics of Trust in the Brignole and Sale Family Commercial Correspondence, 1562-1584" [Paper]
Oct. 25 Mary MacKinnon, McGill University, "Schooling and Income: Evidence from the 1901 Manuscript Census of Canada" (with Allen G. Green) [Paper]
Dec. 6 Rebecca Menes, George Mason University, "Corruption in Cities: Graft and Politics in American Cities at the Turn of the Twentieth Century" [Paper]
Feb. 28 Price Fishback, University of Arizona, The Origins of Modern Housing Finance: The Impact of Federal Housing Programs during the Great Depression (with William Horace, Shawn Kantor) [Paper]
Mar. 28 Zorina Khan, Bowdoin College, "Innovations in Intellectual Property Systems and Economic Development" [Paper]
Apr. 11 John Brown, Clark University, and Timothy Guinnane, Yale University, "The Fertility Transition in Munich: First Results" [Paper]
Apr. 18 Jeffrey Williamson, Harvard University, "Why the Tariff-Growth Correlation Changed after 1950" (with Michael Clemens) [Paper]
Apr. 25 Kenneth Sokoloff, UCLA, "Inequality, Institutions, and Differential Paths of Growth Among New World Economies" (with Stanley Engerman) [Paper]
May 2 Bart van Ark, Yale Univeristy and University of Groningen, "Technology Regimes and Growth in the Netherlands, An Empirical Record of Two Centuries" (with Jan Pieter Smits) [Paper]
Feb. 28 Shinji Takagi, University of Osaka and Yale University, "Japan’s Restrictive System of Trade and Payments: Operation, Effectiveness, and Liberalization, 1950-1964"
Mar. 21 Francesco Galassi, University of Warwick, "My Word is My Bond: Reputation as Collateral in 19th Century English Provincial Banking"
Mar. 29 Robert Margo, Vanderbilt University and Bard College, "Productivity in Manufacturing and the Length of the Working Day: Evidence From the Census of Manufactures"
Apr. 4 Philip Hoffman, California Institute of Technology, "How the French Revolution Reshaped Financial Markets"
Apr. 11 Rebecca Menes, George Mason College, "American Government Expansion Before the New Deal: The Growth of Urban Government 1902-1931"
Apr. 18 Maristella Botticini, Boston University, "A Human Capital Interpretation of the Economic History of the Jews"