Course Schedule, 2018/19

Course Instructor(s) Day/Time
Econ 500a. General Economic Theory: Microeconomics Truman F. Bewley, Larry Samuelson Monday/Wednesday, 9:00-10:20
77 Prospect St. Rm. A002
Econ 510a. General Economic Theory: Macroeconomics Michael Peters, Fabrizio Zilibotti Tuesday/Thursday 10:30-11:50
Room B8
Econ 520a. Advanced Microeconomic Theory: I Larry Samuelson
A. Sankjohanser
Monday 4:00-7:00
Room 108
Econ 522a. Microeconomic Theory Lunch Tuesday 12:00 - 1:15pm
Rm. 106
Econ 525a. Advanced Macroeconomics: I Giuseppe Moscarini, Ilse Lindenlaub Monday 1:00-4:00
Room 108
Econ 530a. Mathematical Economics I John Geanakoplos Wednesday, 4:00-7:00
Rm. 108
Econ 537a. Microeconomic Theory Workshop Wednesday 2:30 - 3:50
Rm. 106
Econ 540a. Macroeconomics Student Workshop (Macro Lunch) Thursday 12:00 - 1:15
Rm. 106
Econ 542a. Macroeconomics Workshop Tuesday 2:20 - 3:50
Rm. 106
Econ 545a. Microeconomics (IDE) Michael Boozer Monday/Wednesday, 2:30-3:45
LUCE 202
Econ 546a Growth and Macroeconomics (IDE) Fabrizio Zilibotti Mon/Weds. 9:00-10:20
WTS B52 WATSON, 60 Sachem St.
Econ 550a. Econometrics I Donald Andrews Monday/Wednesday, 1:00-2:20
Rm. B8
Econ 553a. Econometrics IV: Time Series Econometrics Seo Myung Friday 1:00-4:00
Room B8
Econ 556a. Topics in Empirical Economics & Public Polilcy Edward Vytlacil, Yuichi Kitamura, Yusuke Narita Monday/Wednesday 10:30-11:50
Room B8
Econ 558a. Statistics and Econometrics (IDE) Michael Boozer Tuesday/Thursday 2:30-3:45
LUCE 202
Econ 567a. Econometrics Seminar Donald Andrews Wednesday, 4:00-5:20
Rm. 106
Econ 568a Econometrics Research Workshop Monday 2:30-4:00
Rm. B8
Econ 570a. Econometrics Prospectus Lunch Edward Vytlacil M 12:00-1:00
Rm. B1
Econ 580a. General Economic History: Western Europe Timothy Guinnane Tuesday/Thursday 9:00-10:20
Rm. A002, 77 Prospect St.
Econ 588a. Workshop in Economic History Monday 2:30-3:50
Rm. 106
Econ 600a. Industrial Organization Philip Haile, Mitsuru Igami Tuesday/Thursday 10:30-11:50
Rm. 106
Econ 606a. Industrial Organization Prospectus Workshop Thursday 12:00-1:00 pm
Room B8
Econ 608a. Industrial Organization Seminar Tuesday 2:30-4:00
Evans Hall 4320
Econ 630a. Labor Economics Konstantinos Meghir Tuesday/Thursday 9:00-10:20
Room 106
Econ 638a. Labor/Public Economics Workshop Thursday 4:10 - 5:40
Rm. 106
Econ 640a. Labor/Public Economics Prospectus Workshop Tuesday 12:00 - 1:15
Rm. B8
Econ 670a/Mgmt 740a Financial Economics I Jonathan E. Ingersoll Jr., Stefano Giglio Monday/Wednesday 2:40-4:00
Evans Hall 4210
Econ 675a/MGMT 720a Models of Operations Research and Management Vahideh Manshadi Wednesday 4:10-7:10
Evans Hall 4210
Econ 680a. Public Finance I Cormac O'Dea, Aleh Tsyvinski
Nicolas Werquin
Monday/Wednesday 9:00-10:20
Room B1
Econ 706a Prospectus Workshop in International Economics Tuesday 12:00-1:00
Room 108
Econ 720a. International Trade I Costas Arkolakis, Giovanni Maggi Tues/Weds 1:15-2:30
Econ 724a International Finance Costas Arkolakis
Cecilia Fieler
Monday 4:00-7:00
Room B1
Econ 728a. Workshop in International Trade Wednesday 2:30 - 4:00
Evans Hall 4200
Econ 730a. Economic Development I Mark Rosenzweig, Nicholas Ryan Tuesday/Thursday 10:30-11:50
Room 108
Econ 739a Climate Change Impacts William D. Nordhaus, Robert O. Mendelsohn Thursday 1:30-3:20
Econ 750a. Development Workshop Monday 2:30-3:50
Room 106
Econ 756a. Development Prospectus Workshop [Development Lunch] Monday 12:00 - 1:00
Rm 106
Econ 791a Theories of Distributive Justice: Formal Models of Political Theory John E. Roemer Wednesdays 9:25-11:15
301 Rosenkrantz
Econ 899a. Independent Reading and Research
Econometrics Research Workshop Monday 2:30-3:50
Room B8
Course Instructor(s) Day/Time
Econ 501b. General Economic Theory: Microeconomics Johannes Hörner TBA
Econ 511b. General Economic Theory: Macroeconomics Giuseppe Moscarini TBA
Econ 521b. Advanced Microeconomic Theory: II Juuso Välimäki, Marina Halac TBA
Econ 523b. Microeconomic Theory Lunch Tues. 12:00 - 1:15
Room 106
Econ 526b. Advanced Macroeconomics: II Michael Peters, Tony Smith TBA
Econ 531b. Mathematical Economics II: Financial Crises and Collateral General Equilibrium E. Davila, N. Werquin TBA
Econ 538b. Microeconomic Theory Workshop Wed. 2:30 - 3:50
Room 106
Econ 541b. Macroeconomics Student Workshop (Macro Lunch) Thurs. 12:00 - 1:15
Room 106
Econ 543b. Macroeconomics Workshop Tuesday 2:20 - 3:50pm
Room 106
Econ 551b. Econometrics II Xu Cheng TBA
Econ 552b. Econometrics III Xiaohong Chen TBA
Econ 559b Development Econometrics (IDE) Michael Boozer TBA
Econ 561b/417b Computational Methods in Economics Tony Smith TBA
Econ 568b. Econometrics Seminar Xiaohong Chen Wed. 4:00 - 5:30
Room 106
Econ 569b Econometrics Research Workshop M 2:30-3:50
Rm. B8
Econ 571b. Econometrics Prospectus Lunch Yuichi Kitamura Monday 12:00-1:00
Room B1
Econ 589b. Workshop in Economic History TBD
Econ 601b. Industrial Organization Steven Berry TBD
Econ 607b. Industrial Organization Prospectus Workshop Thurs. 12:00-1:15
Room B8
Econ 609b. Industrial Organization Seminar Tues 2:30-4:00
Econ 631b. Labor Economics Joseph Altonji, Yusuke Narita TBD
Econ 639b. Labor/Public Economics Workshop Thurs. 4:10 - 5:40
Room 106
Econ 640b. Labor/Public Economics Prospectus Workshop Tues. 12:00 - 1:00
Room B8
Econ 671b. Financial Economics II Bryan Kelly TBD
Econ 672b Behavioral Finance Nicholas Barberis TBD
Econ 674b. Financial Crises Gary Gorton, Andrew Metrick TBD
Econ 681b. Public Finance II Joseph Shapiro TBD
Econ 707b Prospectus Workshop in International Economics Tuesday 12:00-1:00
Room 108
Econ 721b. International Trade II Lorenzo Caliendo, Costas Arkolakis
Rafael Dix-Carneiro
Econ 728b. International Trade Workshop Wed. 2:40 - 4:10
Econ 731b. Economic Development II Mushfiq Mobarak TBA
Econ 732b. Advanced Economic Development (IDE) Daniel Keniston Tuesday/Thursday 9:00-10:15
WLH 113
Econ 737b/330b Economics of Natural Resources Robert O. Mendelsohn TBA
Econ 740b Climate Change Impacts William D. Nordhaus, Robert O. Mendelsohn Thursday 1:30-3:20
Econ 750b. Development Workshop Mon. 2:30-3:50
Room 106
Econ 756b. Development Prospectus Workshop [Development Lunch] Mon. 12:00-1:00
Rm. 106
Econ 790b. Political Economy Ebonya Washington TBA
Econ 794b. International Trade Policy Giovanni Maggi TBA
Econ 899b. Independent Reading and Research
Not offered
Course Instructor(s) Day/Time
Econ 502. Optimization in Economic Theory for 1st Year Economics Ph.D. Students
Econ 536b. Optimization Techniques
Econ 544a. Economic Analysis (IR)
Econ 554b Econometrics V.
Econ 555b. Applied Econometrics II: Microeconomics
Econ 557a. Econometrics VI
Econ 562a/421aCompSci 512a Designing the Digital Economy
Econ 563a. Economics and Computation
Econ 581b. General Economic History: United States
Econ 582a. Economic History of Latin America
Econ 591a Economics of Poverty Alleviation (IDE)
Econ 702b. International Economics (IDE)
Econ 708b. International Economic Analysis (IR)
Econ 735b. Economics of Agriculture
Econ 736a. Economics of Technology
Econ 740b. Experimental Economics Seminar
Econ 776a Economics of Taxation: Theory and Policy
Econ 776b. The Economics of Population
Econ 780b. Economic Development and Political Economy
Econ 786a. International Political Economy
Econ 788a. Political Competition
Econ 792b. Political Economy of Institutions and Development
Econ 793b. Comparative and International Political Economy
Econ 795b. Topics in Political Economy
Econ 797b. Institutions, Politics, and Economic Policy (in Developing Countries)
Econ 798a. Equity and Climate Change
Econ 890b. Stochastic Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Games
Fall, Not offered
Course Instructor(s) Day/Time
Econ 529a Macroeconomics of Networks
Econ 788a/PolSci 575a Political Competition
Spring, Not offered
Course Instructor(s) Day/Time
Econ 591b Economics of Poverty Alleviation