Does Yale provide personal website services?

Yes, the university offers two primary web publishing options for personal web sites: CampusPress and Google Sites.  Both platforms are free, self-provisioning solutions available to any faculty, student, or staff member of the Yale community with the valid NetID.


CampusPress uses the WordPress platform and is hosted and branded for Yale by the third-party company Edublogs.

For a demo site and additional information, please visit one of these WordPress demo sites:


Google Sites

Google Sites is part of the Yale EliApps suite that is provided to students and most faculty members via an EliApps account.

You can access your Google Sites dashboard by going to  If you are not already signed-in to Yale, enter your Yale email address to bring you to the Yale CAS screen.  Once authenticated, you can begin creating a personal web page.

Google is now offering new, mobile-friendly templates, however, you can still use the classic layout.  For more information and help with creating a Google site, visit the Sites Help page.

Here are two demo sites showing the classic and new theming:

Additional Resources

Student Example Websites