Double Majors

About 1/3 of economics majors also major in another subject. Students successfully combine economics with subjects in the humanities, sciences and other social sciences. Double majors may have two courses that overlap between the two majors.  This is distinct from the one related course credit allowed.

Please note that it is not permissible to combine two greatly overlapping majors. For example, a major in Economics and Mathematics cannot be joined with a second major in either Economics or Mathematics. Further, Economics may not be combined with Ethics, Politics and Economics nor may Economics be combined with a second major if the student chooses Economics as a concentration within that second major. 

If you would like to double major, please obtain a form from your Residential College Dean. Use the form to plan out your courses in both majors.  (You may of course change your mind about courses you list for the future). Once the form is complete bring it to the economics registrar, Mr. Qazi Azam in 28 Hillhouse, 101A for review. After review, see the DUS for discussion and signature. Completed and signed double major forms are due to your Residential College Dean no later than the due date for schedules in your final semester. 

The DUS is the advisor for all double majors. Double majors are urged to stay in contact with the DUS and registrar to ensure that all major requirements are met. Double majors must have their schedule signed each semester by the DUS.