Research Professionals

Prof. Thibaut Lamadon, Magne Mogstad, and Evan Rose are looking to hire research professionals to work closely with them on ongoing and new research projects related to applied econometrics, labor, and public economics (beginning in summer 2022).

They are looking for students to work with them for 2 years after they graduate from college (or a Master’s program).  The program is intended to serve as a bridge between college and graduate school for students interested in empirical economics.  This is a great opportunity for students looking to develop skills before applying to graduate school, and for students wanting to get a closer look at what academic research entails.  Former research professionals have all subsequently been admitted to PhD programs at the highest ranked economics programs in the US.  The program will remain small and emphasis will be put on interactions between participants, Prof. Mogstad, Prof. Lamadon, Prof. Rose, and the Department of Economics.  Participants will be integrated into the research work on many levels.  

The ongoing research projects focus on analyzing labor markets and social policy in developed economies including, but not limited to:

  1. Understanding changes in labor demand (e.g. international competition and trade, regulation and firm dynamics)
  2. Understanding labor supply (e.g. household labor supply, barriers to geographical and occupational mobility)
  3. Understanding the determination of the labor market equilibrium, and the role of policy and institutions (e.g. the insurance and incentive effects of social insurance and safety net programs, quantifying monopsony power and implications)
  4. Interactions between labor markets and the criminal justice system (e.g. effects of economic shocks on crime and recidivism)

Interested students can apply here.

Becker Friedman Institute for Economics at the University of Chicago (BFI)
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