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Labor/Public Economics Prospectus Workshop, 2004/05–2011/12

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Sep. 13 Seth Zimmerman and Christopher Neilson, Yale University, "The Returns to College and College Major in Chile"
Sep. 20 Martin Hackmann, Yale University, "Yardstick Competition and the Impact of Reimbursement Rates on Nursing Home Quality"
Sep. 27 Priyanka Anand, Yale University
Oct. 4 Christopher Neilson, Yale University, "Getting Good Students to Become Teachers: The Effect of Targeted Incentive in Chile"
Oct. 11 Vincent Pohl, Yale University, "Medicaid and the Labor Supply of Single Mothers: Implications for Health Care Reform"
Oct. 18 Rebecca Edwards, Yale University, "Women's Labor Supply - Motherhood and Work Schedule Flexiblity"
Oct. 25 Yvonne Jie Chen, Yale University, "Inequality of Opportunity for Health: Evidence from U.K. and U.S."
Nov. 1 Jacob Goldin, Yale University, "Optimal Tax Salience"
Nov. 8 Seth Zimmerman, Yale University, "Affirmative Action in College Admissions and the Signalling Power of College Grades"
Nov. 15 Marianne Bruins, Yale University, "Changes in the Allocation of Resources to Children: 1965 to 2005"
Nov. 29 Erica Blom, Yale University, "Labor Market Determinants of College Major"
Dec. 6 Sukjin Han, Yale University, "Nonparametric Triangular Simultaneous Equations Models with Weak Instruments"
Dec. 13 Kota Mori, Yale University, "Combating Corruption through International Agreements"
Feb. 14 Martin Hackmann, Yale University, "The Impact of Medicaid Reimbursement Rates on Nursing Home Quality"
Feb. 21 Giovanni Gallipoli, University of British Columbia, "Household Responses to Individual Shocks: Disability and Labor Supply" (with Laura Turner)
Feb. 28 Katja Maria Kaufmann, University of Bocconi, "Learning about the Enforcement of Conditional Welfare Programs and Behavioral Responses: Evidence from Bolsa Familia in Brazil"
Mar. 20 Olga Yakusheva and Jason Fletcher, Yale University, "Learning from Teen Childbearing Experiences of Friends: Evidence Using Miscarriages as a Natural Experiment" [Paper]
Apr. 3 Jamin Speer, Yale University, "The Long-Term Career Effects of Initial Under- and Over-Employment" 
Apr. 10 Thibaut Lamadon, Yale University, "Search, Firm Shocks and Optimal Contracting"
Apr. 24 Marianne Bruins, Yale University, "Woman's Economic Opportunities and the Allocation of Resources to Children"
May 1 Rebecca Edwards, Yale University, "Work-schedule Flexibility, Motherhood & Female Labor Supply" 
May 8 Nicolas Werquin, Yale University
May 15 Adam Kapor, Yale University, "The College Market Under a Percentage Plan"
May 22 Adam Osman, Yale University, "Tackling Youth Unemployment"
Jun. 4 Erica Blom, Yale University, "Labor Market Determinants of College Major Choice"
Sep. 7 Rachel Heath, Yale University, "Why Do Firms Hire Using Referrals? Evidence from Bangladeshi Garment Factories"
Sep. 14 Christopher Neilson, Yale University, "Birth Weight, Parental Investments and Academic Achievement in School"
Sep. 28 Seth Zimmerman, Yale University, "The Effect of School Construction on Property Values and Student Outcomes"
Oct. 19 Yvonne Jie Chen, "Education and Long Term Health Outcome"
Oct. 26 Rebecca Edwards, Yale University, "Job Flexibility and the Labor Supply of Recent Mothers"
Nov. 2 Priyanka Anand, Yale University, "The Effect of Rising Health Insurance Prices on Labor Market Outcomes"
Nov. 16 Christopher Neilson, Yale University, "Estimating Demand for College and Careers"
Seth Zimmerman,  Yale University, "Merit Aid and the Returns to College Education"
Nov. 30 Vincent Pohl, Yale University, "The Impact of Health Insurance on the Labor Supply of Single Mothers"
Dec. 14 Erica Blom, Yale University, "Finding the Right Fit: How Much Does College-student Matching Matter?
Feb. 22 Seth Zimmerman, Yale University, "The Effect of School Construction on Property Values and Student Outcomes"
Mar. 1 Marianne Bruins, Yale University, "The Evolution of Marriage and its Effects on the Allocation of Resources to Children"
Mar. 22 Anant Nyshadham, Yale University, "Heterogeneous Coefficients with Learning: A Dynamic Panel Data Model of Returns to Schooling"
Mar. 29 Jason Fletcher, Yale University, "Genetic Modulation of the Effects of Tobacco Taxation on Use"
Apr. 12 Doug Chung, Yale University, "Do Bonuses Enhance Sales Productivity? A Dynamic Structural Analysis of Bonus-Based Compensation Plans" (with Thomas Steenburgh, K. Sudhir) [Paper]
Apr. 19 Priyanka Anand, Yale University, "The Effect of Rising Health Insurance Prices on Labor Market Outcomes"
May 3 Vincent Pohl, Yale University, "Health Insurance and Labor Supply of Single Mothers"
Sep. 14 Florian Hoffman, University of Toronto, "Earnings and Mobility Dynamics in a Dynamic Discrete Choice Model: Estimation and Applications"
Sep. 28 Erica Blom, "Gender Differences and Child Production Functions"
Rebecca Edwards , "Women's Labor Supply in their Child-bearing Years"
Oct. 5 Katherine Ho, Columbia University, “Welfare Consequences of Health Plan Choice by Employers rather than Employees"
Oct. 19 Dora Gicheva, "Working Long Hours and Career Wage Growth"
Oct. 26 Vincent Pohl, "The Impact of Health Insurance Coverage on the Labor Supply of Welfare Recipients"
Nov. 2 Steven Bednar, "The Effect of Campaign Visits on Election Outcomes"
Nov. 9 Priyanka Anand, "The Effect of Rising Health Insurance Costs on Labor Market Outcomes"
Nov. 16 Jamin Speer, "A Task-Based Approach to Occupational Matching"
Douglas Norton, "Efficiency and the Distribution of Medical Spending"
Nov. 30 Matthew Johnson, "Borrowing Constraints, College Enrollment, and Delayed Entry"
Dec. 7 Rick Mansfield, "Estimating the Distribution of Teacher Quality"
Feb. 15 Anant Nyshadham, "Illness, Healthcare Choice, and Intra-Household Labor Allocation"
Feb. 22 Sylvain Chabe-Ferret, Cemagref/Cowles visitor, "To Control or Not to Control? Bias of Simple Matching vs Difference-In-Difference Matching in a Dynamic Framework" [Paper]
Mar. 1 Jamin Speer "Skills, Tasks, and Occupational Matching"
Mar. 22 Mark Klee "The Welfare Effects of Occupational Licensing"
Mar. 29 Vincent Pohl "The Impact of Health Insurance Coverage on the labor Supply of Welfare Recipients"
Apr. 5 Rick Mansfield "Estimating the Distribution of Teacher Quality"
Apr. 12 Priyanka Anand "Rising Health Insurance Costs and Labor Market Outcomes"
Apr. 19 Anant Nyshadham "Subsidized Learning or Leisure: Merit-Based Tuition Assistance Programs"
Apr. 26 Rebecca Edwards "Women's Labor Supply in their Child Bearing Years - Do We Observe Learning?"
May 3 Erica Blom "Undermatching in college applications"
May 10 Rachel Heath "Why do Employers Hire Using Referrals? Evidence from
Bangladeshi Garment Factories"
Sep. 15 Martin Browning, Oxford, "Spending Time and Money within the Household"
Sep. 22 James Choy
Sep. 29 Rafael de Melo
Oct. 6 Kyle Hood
Oct. 13 William Bunting
Oct. 20 Lisa Kahn, Yale SOM, "Job Durations, Match Quality and the Business Cycle: What We Can Learn from Firm Fixed Effects"
Nov. 3

Jason Fletcher, Yale School of Public Health, "The Effect of Classmate Characteristics on Individual Outcomes: Evidence from the Add Health" (with Robert Bifulco and Stephen Ross) [Paper]

Nov. 10 Kaj Thomsson, "Public and Private Welfare States"
Nov. 17 Matt Johnson, "Causes and Consequences of Delayed College Entry"
Dec. 8 Peter McHenry, "The Geographic Distribution of Human Capital: Measurement of Contributing Mechanisms"
Dec. 15 Priyanka Anand, "Understanding the Achievement Outcomes of Second Generation Immigrants in the U.S."
Vincent Pohl, "Marital Protection and Marital Selection — Evidence from Aggregate Data"
Mar. 30 Steve Bednar, "The Return to Campaign Visits"
Apr. 6 Rick Mansfield, "Estimating the Distribution of Teaching Quality"
Apr. 13 Dora Gicheva
Apr. 20 Vincent Pohl, "The Effect of Marital Status on the Use of Preventive Services"
Apr. 27 Priyanka Anand
May 4 Rachel Heath
Sep. 10 Maggie McConnell, Caltech University, "Volunteers and Reputation Signaling"
Sep. 24 Analia Schlosser, Princeton University, "Mechanisms and Impacts of Gender Peer Effects at School" (with Victor Lavy) [Paper]
Oct. 1 Rafael Lopes de Melo, Yale University
Oct. 8 Theodore Papageorgiou, Yale University, "Reinterpreting Returns to Experience"
Oct. 22 Kenneth Couch, UCONN, visiting Yale, "Earnings, Losses and Mass Layoffs" (with Dana W. Placzek) [Paper]
Nov. 5 Una Okonkwo Osili, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis and Anna Paulson, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, "Immigrants' Access to Financial Services and Asset Accumulation" [Paper]
Nov. 26 Richard Mansfield, Yale University
Dec. 3 Stephen Ross, UCONN, visiting Yale, "The Effects of Public School Choice on Those Left Behind: Evidence from Durham, NC" (with Robert Bifulco and Helen F. Ladd) [Paper]
Feb. 19 Peter McHenry, "The Relationship between Schooling and Migration: Evidence from Compulsory Schooling Laws"
Feb. 26 Alice Klynge, “The Returns to Literacy, Creativity, and Other Competencies”
Mar. 25 Therapy (one more spot available): Rick Mansfield
Apr. 1 Dora Gicheva
Apr. 8 Prashant Bharadwaj, "Sterilization, Fertility and Household Outcomes"
Apr. 15 Juan Eberhard
Apr. 22 Matt Johnson
Apr. 29 Therapy: Steven Bednar, "Returns to Campaign Visits"
May 6 Therapy: Rick Mansfield, "An Equilibrium Model of the Teacher Labor Market"
May 20 Melissa Tartari
Sep. 25 Ivan Vidangos, Yale University, "Household Welfare, Precautionary Saving, and Insurance under Multiple Sources of Risk"
Oct. 2 Kyle Hood, Yale University, "Spatial Regional Evolutions"
Oct. 9 Bruno Falcao, Yale University, "The Demographic Transition and the Sexual Division of Labor"
Oct. 16 Peter McHenry, Yale University, "Migration and Local Wage Structures"
Oct. 23 Fabian Lange, Yale University, "Public Sector Employment and Black Economic Progress"
Oct. 30 Rafael Lopes de Melo, Yale University, "Theories of Wage Determination and Wage Dynamics: An Empirical Assessment"
Nov. 6 Prashant Bharadwaj, YaleUniversity, "The Impacts of Changes in Marriage Laws"
Nov. 13 Björn Brügemann, Yale University, "Involuntary Dismissal"
Nov. 27 Mark Rosenzweig, Yale University, "Global Wage Differences and International Student Flows"
Dec. 4 Ivan Vidangos, Yale University, "Household Welfare, Precautionary Saving, and Social Insurance under Multiple Sources of Risk"
Dec. 11 Jeremy Magruder, Yale University, "Intergenerational Networks, Unemployment, and Persistent Inequality in South Africa"
Feb. 26 Joseph Altonji, Yale University, "The Determinants of the Wages of Immigrants in the Home Country and the US" (with Mark Rosenzweig)
Mar. 5 Brian Knight, Brown University, "Momentum in Presidential Primaries"
Apr. 2 Eduardo Engel, Yale University, "The Basic Public Finance of Public-Private Partnerships" (with Ronald D. Fischer and Alexander Goletovic) [Paper]
Apr. 9 Dora Gicheva, Yale University, "Working Hours and the Slope of the Wage Profile"
Apr. 16 Jeffrey Weinstein, Yale University, "Do School Characteristics Affect Neighborhood Characteristics?"
Apr. 23 Matthew Johnson, Yale University, "Uncertainty, Choices in College, and Precautionary Saving"
Apr. 30 Steve Bednar, Yale University, "Media Projection Bias"
May 7 Debopam Bhattacharya, Dartmouth College, "An IV-based Analysis of Optimal Healthcare Expenditure Using Medicare Data" (with Amitabh Chandra and Xiaohong Chen)
May 14 Peter McHenry, Yale University, "The Relationship between School Quality Inputs and Local Wage Structures"
Sep. 12 Stephen Ross, Yale University, "Neighborhood Information Externalities and the Provision of Mortgage Credit"
Oct. 3 Xia Li, Yale University, "Home Responsibility, Employers Perception and Endogenous Gender Gap"
Oct. 17 Seik Kim, Yale University, "Human Capital and Wage Dynamics"
Oct. 24 Jaymin Lee (Yale University, Yonsei University), "Union and Profitability of Korean Firms before the Crisis" [Paper]
Oct. 31 Shing-Yi Wang, Yale University, "Marital Networks and Labor Market Outcomes"
Nov. 7 Peter McHenry, Yale University, "Marital Status and the Effects of Migration"
Nov. 28 Kaj Thomsson, Yale University, "Modeling the Internal Political Process of Labor Unions"
Dec. 12 Justine Hastings, Yale University, "Information provision and decision making: A Field Experiment in School Choice"
Feb. 20 Joshua Lustig, "Peer Effects and Welfare Use"
Mar. 20 Lori Beaman, "Ethnic Networks and the Labor Market: Evidence from Refugees Resettled in the U.S."
Mar. 27 Seik Kim, "Estimating an Earnings Equation Using Rotating Panel Data"
Apr. 3 Peter McHenry, "Family Migration and Labor Market Outcomes"
Apr. 10 Shing-yi Wang, "The Role of Marital Ties and Selection in the Labor Market"
May 1 Kaj Thomsson, "Interest Groups and the Political Economy of Labor Market Institutions"
Jun. 12 Justine Hastings, "No Child Left Behind"
Jun. 19 Seik Kim
Jul. 10 Emiko Usui
Jul. 17 Lauren Lax
Jul. 24 Ian Vidangos
Jul. 31 Kaj Thomsson and Alessandro Bonatti, "Political Bargaining and the Distribution of New Deal Funds"
Aug. 7 Jeffrey Weinstein, "Do School Characteristics Affect Neighborhood Characteristics?"
Aug. 14 Lori Beaman
Sep. 18 Seik Kim, Yale University, "Economic Assimilation of Immigrants in the United States"
Sep. 13 Joseph Altonji, "Statistical Discrimination and Occupational Attainment"
Sep. 20 Patrick Bayer, "Inequality and Segregation"
Oct. 4 Hanming Fang, "Estimating Returns to Non-Cognitive Skill Investment"
Oct. 11 Ebonya Washington, "Female Socialization: How the Gender of a Congressman's Children Affects His Voting on Women's Issues"
Oct. 25 Peter Arcidiacono, "Do Race Conscious Admissions Foster Inter-racial Contact?"
Nov. 8 Xia Li, "Estimating the Impact of Childbearing on Women's Labor Market Outcomes: New Method and Evidence"
Nov. 15 Renzo Comolli, "Wage Differentials and Endogenous Disclosure of Gays, Lesbians, and  Bisexuals"
Nov. 22 Justine Hastings, "Public School Choice and Academic Achievement: Random Assignment from a School Choice Lottery"
Nov. 29 Lauren Lax, "A Structural Model of Full, Partial, and Reverse Retirement" and "Retirement in an Extended Family Context"
Dec. 13 Jeffrey Weinstein, "A General Equilibrium Model of Commute Times"
Jan. 10 Organizational Lunch
Apr. 18 Lauren Lax, "Retirement and the Extended Family"
Apr. 25 Shamena Anwar, "Testing for Cultural Affinity Using Data from the Game Show 'Street Smarts'"
Jun. 6 Ebonya Washington, "Sticking With Your Vote: Cognitive Dissonance and Voting"
Jul. 11 Kaj Thomsson "Unions and Voter Turnout"
Aug. 15 Jeffrey Weinstein, "Voting and Disappointment: Do Voters Respond Asymmetrically to Losses and Gains?"
Aug. 29 Santosh Anagol "Race and Gender Differences in Small Business Production"