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Introductory Course Options

We encourage most first-year students who are interested in economics to take an introductory micro course in the fall and an introductory macro and/or introductory data course in the spring.

You can skip introductory courses if you feel confident about your background in economics, but we strongly recommend shopping both introductory and intermediate courses before making a decision. If you skip an introductory course you have to replace it with an extra elective.

Students have multiple options for introductory courses in both semesters.

Introductory micro is offered in three formats:

  • Econ 115 is a large lecture class. 
  • Econ 110 covers the same topics but is taught in smaller sections. This class has limited enrollment, with preference given to first-year students.
  • Econ 108 is intended for students with limited or no experience in calculus. It places greater emphasis on quantitative methods and examples. Preference is given to first-year students. If you have any questions, please email

Introductory macro is offered in two formats:

  • Econ 116 is a large lecture class. 
  • Econ 111 is similar in spirit to Econ 110. It covers the same topics as 116 but is taught in smaller sections and has limited enrollment, with preference given to first-year students.

Introductory data analysis and econometrics:

  •  Econ 117 is a an unlimited enrollment large lecture class offered in both semesters. Given its emphasis on data analysis, the department recommends that even students who have taken statistics in high school should start their Yale econometrics training with Econ 117. Students do not need a programming background to take Econ 117.

Note: there are no longer lotteries for ECON 110, 111, or courses with discussions sections.