Senior Seminars and Advanced Lectures

Preference selection for advanced lecture courses (numbered 401-449) and seminars (numbered 450-489) will take place using the online “preference selection” system. The system will be restricted to senior majors in Economics, Math&Econ, CS& Econ or EP&E. Eligible students may use the system to express rank-ordered preferences for up to five courses/seminars.  Students will be able to enter and revise their preferences from 9:00 am on Friday, November 5, until 6:00 pm Thursday, November 11, 2021. Click here to access preference selection site.

After preference selection closes, all eligible students who have entered preferences will be assigned to one advanced lecture course or seminar.  Every attempt will be made to meet students’ preferences, and in cases where caps on enrollment bind, students will be chosen by lottery.  The system can be accessed by clicking this link: “Preference Selection”. 

Rising senior majors in economics, math-econ, CS& Econ and EP&E who do not participate in preference selection, as well as underclass students and students who are not majors in economics, math-econ, CS & Econ or EP&E, will be able to preregister for advanced lecture courses or seminars that do not fill up in preference selection.  Eligible seniors who do enter preference selection are also welcome to shop additional advanced lectures and seminars at this time. All students must have completed at least two of three core courses in intermediate microeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, and econometrics before enrolling in an advanced lecture course or seminar.

There will not be waiting lists for classes that fill up during preference selection.  The caps will be set high (22 for seminars), and once they are reached, those classes are full.

The advanced lecture courses and seminars being offered in fall 2021 are listed below, along with brief descriptions.

Questions about preference selection should be directed to Students may also drop into the DUS office hours to discuss.


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