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Senior Essays Nominated for Prizes

Each year, 50-75 students write a senior essay in economics.  Of these, 10-15 are nominated for a prize by both the student's advisor as well as a second reader from the department. These nominated essays are posted below with the permission of the authors.

A committee comprised of faculty members from the Department of Economics read and select the prize winning essays:

  • The Charles Heber Dickerman Memorial Prize
         Awarded to the best departmental essay.
  • The Ronald Meltzer/Cornelia Awdziewicz Economic Award
         Awarded to one or two other outstanding senior essays.
  • The Ellington Prize
         Awarded to the best departmental essay in the field of finance.


Senior Essays Nominated for Prizes, by Year

  1. Anna Russo: A Head Start for the Whole Family: Assessing the Labor Supply Response of Mothers of Head Start Participants*
  2. Amen Jalal: The Targeting Performance and Short-Term Welfare Effects of Female Income Support Programs: Evidence from Pakistan**
  3. Neha Anand: Investing in the Womb: Identifying Gender Discrimination Through the Lens of Parental Ultrasound**
  4. Alicia Borja Alvarez: Did Central Clearing of Interest Rate Products Impact Market Activity?***
  5. Katherine Bradley: Relative and Absolute Income Mobility Variation in the United States: 1968-1997
  6. Andrew Brod: Education and Wage-Based Statistical Discrimination
  7. Alexis Henkel: The Effect of Acquisitions on Pharmaceutical Drug Prices
  8. Amelia Ricketts: Using the Green Card Marriage to Model Demand for United States Immigrant Visas
  9. Adam Harris: Economic Geography and Deportation
  10. Shane Kim: Dutch Auctions and Reserve Prices: A Field Experiment on the Internet
  11. Gabriel Pombal-Frisch: Are Government Spending Multipliers State Dependent? Evidence from U.K. Historical Data
  12. Michael Wang: Flu Vaccines on College Campuses: Survey of Challenges and Local Intervention
  13. Philip Groenwegen: Squatting, Sniping, and online Strategy: Analyzing Early and Late Bidding in eBay Auctions
  14. William Van Fossen: The Effect of Supermarket Entrance on Nearby Residential Property Values in the United States from 1997 to 2015
  15. William Giraldo: Taxation and Migration: Evidence from Major League Baseball
  16. Zhuohan Li: Do Legislators Consider the Economic Vulnerability of their Constituents when Liberalising Trade? An Empirical Examination of the Voting Record on NAFTA

* Indicates the Dickerman Prize recipient
** Indicates the Ronald Meltzer/Cornelia Awdziewicz Economic Award recipients
*** Indicates the Ellington Prize recipient