Workshop in International Trade, 2007/08 - 2011/12

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Sep. 8 David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “The China Syndrome: Local Labor Market Effects of Import Competition in the United States” (with David Dorn and Gordon Hanson) [Paper]
Sep. 21 Gilles Duranton, University of Toronto, “Roads and Trade: Evidence from the U.S.” (with Peter Morrow and Matthew Turner) [Paper]
Sep. 28 Josh Ederington, University of Kentucky, “Domestic Policies, Hidden Protection and the GATT/WTO” [Paper]
Oct. 5 David Donaldson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “How Large are the Gains from Economic Integration? Theory and Evidence from U.S. Agriculture, 1880-2001” (with A. Costinot) [Paper]
Oct. 13 Jan DeLoecker, Princeton University, “Firm Performance and Trade Liberalization”
   Joint with Industrial Organization Seminar
Oct. 19 Kamal Saggi, Vanderbilt University, “Equilibrium Parallel Import Policies and International Market Structure” (with Santanu Roy) [Paper]
Oct. 26 Fernando Parro, Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System, “Capital-Skill Complementarity and the Skill Premium in a Quantitative Model of Trade” [Paper]
Nov. 2 Olga Timoshenko, Yale University, Product switching in a model of learning,
Nov. 9 Kei Mu Yi, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, “How Much of South Korea’s Growth Miracle Can be Explained by Trade Policy?” (with Kelly Connolly) [Paper]
Nov. 16 Arnaud Costinot, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “A Theory of Capital Controls as Dynamic Terms of Trade Manipulation” [Paper]
Nov. 30 Dan Lu, Princeton University, “Exceptional Exporter Performance? Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms” [Paper]
Feb. 15 Jonathan Eaton, Penn State, “A Search and Learning Model of Export Dynamics” (with M. Eslava, C.J. Krizan, M. Kugler, J. Tybout)
Feb. 22 Aranzazu Crespo Rodriguez, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, “Trade Innovation and Productivity” [Paper]
Feb. 28 George Allesandria, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, “Trade Wedges, Inventories, and International Business Cycles” (with J. Kaboski, V. Midrigan)
   Joint with Macroeconomics Workshop
Mar. 21 Kohta Mori, Yale University, “Impacts of International Anti-corruption Treaties on Domestic Political Institutions”
Mar. 28 Robert Feenstra, University of California - Davis, “International Prices and Endogenous Quality” (with J. Romalis) [Paper]
Apr. 4 Costas Arkolakis, Yale University, “The Elusive Pro-Competitive Effects of Trade” (with A. Costinot, D. Donaldson, A. Rodriguez-Clare) [Paper]
Apr. 11 Lorenzo Caliendo, Yale School of Management, “The Anatomy of French Production Hierarchies” (with F. Monte and E. Rossi-Hansberg) [Paper]
Apr. 18 James Tybout, Penn State, “Supplier Responses to Wal-Mart’s Invasion of Mexico” (with L. Iacovone, B. Javorcik, W. Keller) [Paper]
Apr. 25 Nina Pavcnik, Dartmouth College, “Export Markets and Labor Reallocation in a Poor Country” [Paper]
May 2 Silvana Tenreyro, London School of Economics, “Diversification through Trade” (with F. Caselli, M. Koren, M. Lisicky) [Paper]
May 9 Cristina Tello-Trillo, Yale University, “The Impact of Trade Competition on Managerial Incentives and Productivity”
May 23 Treb Allen, Yale University, “The Dynamics of Spatial Price Dispersion”
Sep. 8 John Sutton, London School of Economics, “Capabilities, Wealth and the Export-Mix” (with Daniel Trefler) [Paper]
Sep. 15 Gordon Hanson, UC San Diego, “Exporting Christianity: Governance and Doctrine in the Globalization of US Denominations” (with Chong Xiang) [Paper]
Sep. 29 Brian Kovak, Carnegie Mellon University, “Regional Labor Market Effects of Trade Policy: Evidence from Brazilian Liberalization” [Paper]
Oct. 6 Ananth Ramanarayanan, Dallas Fed and University of Western Ontario, “International Trade Dynamics with Intermediate Inputs” [Paper]
Oct. 20 Thomas Chaney, University of Chicago, “The Network Structure of International Trade” [Paper]
Oct. 27 Lorenzo Caliendo, Princeton University, “On the Dynamics of the Heckscher-Ohlin Theory” [Paper]
Nov. 3 Kerem Cosar, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, “Adjusting to Trade Liberalization: Reallocation and Labor Market Policies” [Paper]
Nov. 10 Ann Harrison, UC Berkeley, “Do Institutions Matter for FDI Spillovers? The Implications of China’s ‘Special Characteristics’ ” (with Du and Jefferson) [Paper]
Nov. 17 Rod Ludema, Georgetown University, “Protection for Free? The Political Economy of U.S. Tariff Suspensions” (with Anna Maria Mayda and Prachi Mishra) [Paper]
Dec. 1 Juan Carlos Hallak, Universidad de San Andres, “Lifting the Domestic Veil: The Challenges of Exporting Differentiaed Goods Across the Development Divide” (with Alejandro Artopoulos and Daniel Friel)
Feb. 16 Swati Dhingra, Princeton University, “Trading Away Wide Brands for Cheap Brands” [Paper]
Feb. 23 Elhanan Helpman, Harvard University, “Income Distribution, Product Quality, and International Trade” (with Pablo Fajgelbaum, Gene M. Grossman) [Paper]
Mar. 2 Pravin Krishna, Johns Hopkins University
Mar. 30 Doireann Fitzgerald, Stanford University, “Exporters and Exchange Rates”
Apr. 6 Antoine Gervais, University of Notre Dame, “Product Quality, Firm Heterogeneity and International Trade” [Paper]
Apr. 13 Michael Waugh, New York University, “Specialization, Agriculture, and Cross-Country Productivity Differences” (with David Lagakos) [Paper]
Apr. 20 Andrés Rodriguez-Clare, Pennsylvania State University, “Proximity vs Comparative Advantage: A Quantitative Theory of Trade and Multinational Production”
Apr. 27 Bruce Blonigen, University of Oregon, “Are All Trade Protection Policies Created Equal? Empirical Evidence for Nonequivalent Market Power Effects of Tariffs and Quotas” (with Benjamin H. Liebman, Wesley W. Wilson) [Paper]
Sep. 16 Nina Pavcnik, Dartmouth College, “Imported Intermediate Inputs and Domestic Product Growth: Evidence from India” (with Penny Goldberg, Amit Khandelwal, and Petia Topalova) [Paper]
Oct. 7 Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Princeton University, “Spatial Development” (with Klaus Desmet) [Paper]
Oct. 21 Amit Khandelwal, Columbia University, “Competition and Quality Upgrading” (with Mary Amiti) [Paper]
Oct. 28 Robert Staiger, Stanford University, “Offshoring and the Role of Trade Agreements” (with Pol Antrás ) [Paper]
Nov. 4 Jonathan Vogel, Columbia University, “Globalization, Technology, and the Skill Premium” (with Ariel Burstein) [Paper]
Nov. 11 Marc Melitz, Harvard University, “Market Size, Competition, and the Product Mix of Exporters” (with Thierry Mayer and Gianmarco Ottaviano) [Paper]
Nov. 18 Kalina Manova, Stanford University, “Export Prices and Heterogeneous Firm Models” (with Zhiwei Zhang) [Paper]
Dec. 2 Matilde Bombardini, University of British Columbia, “Skill Dispersion and Trade Flows” (with Giovanni Gallipoli and Germán Pupato) [Paper]
Feb. 3 Andreas Moxnes, University of Oslo, “The Tip of the Iceberg: Modeling Trade Costs and Implications for Intra-Industry Reallocation” (with Alfonso Irarrazabal and Luca David Opromolla) [Paper]
Feb. 10 David Atkin, Yale University, “Endogenous Skill Acquisition and Export Manufacturing in Mexico” [Paper]
Feb. 24 Alberto Salvo, Northwestern University (Visiting Yale), “The Tip of the Iceberg: Actual Trade Flows Understate the Extent of Globalization” [Paper]
Mar. 24 Beata Javorcik, University of Oxford, “Shipping the Good Tequila Out: Investment, Domestic Unit Values and Entry of Multi-product Plants into Export Markets” (with Leonardo Iacovone) [Paper]
Apr. 7 Rebecca Hellerstein, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, “A Framework for Identifying the Sources of Local-Currency Price Stability with an Empirical Application” (with Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg) [Paper]
Apr. 14 David Weinstein, Columbia University, “Globalization, Markups, and the U.S. Price Level” (with Robert Feenstra) [Paper]
Apr. 21 James Tybout, Penn State University, “A Search and Learning Model of Export Markets” (with Jonathan Eaton, Marcela Eslava, C.J. Krizan, and Maurice Kugler) [Paper]
Apr. 28 Eric Bond, Vanderbilt University, “Product Safety in International Trade” (with Makoto Yano) [Paper]
May 5 Gianmarco Ottaviano,  Bocconi University, “Immigration, Offshoring and American Jobs” (with Giovanni Peri and Greg C. Wright) [Paper]
Sep. 18 Gene Grossman, Princeton University, “Task Trade between Similar Countries” (with Esteban Rossi-Hansberg) [Paper]
Sep. 24 Chad Bown, Brandeis University, “The WTO, Developing Country Exports, and Market Access: Firm-Level Evidence from an Unlikely Trade Preference Shock” (with Guido Porto) [Paper]
Oct. 15 Vani Archana, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, “India in the Global and Regional Trade: Determinants of Aggregate and Bilateral Trade Flows and Firms’ Decision to Export” (with T.N. Srinivasan) [Paper]
Oct. 29 Gita Gopinath, Harvard University, “Frequency of Price Adjustment and Pass-through” (with Oleg Itskhoki) [Paper]
Nov. 5 Ariel Burstein, UCLA, “Understanding Movements in Aggregate and Product-Level Real Exchange Rates” (with Nir Jaimovich) [Paper]
Nov. 19 Robert C. Johnson, Princeton University and UC Berkeley, “Trade and Prices with Heterogeneous Firms” [Paper]
Nov. 26 Marc-Andreas Muendler, UC San Diego, “The Extensive Margin of Exporting Goods: A Firm-level Analysis” (with Costas Arkolakis) [Paper]
Dec. 3 Oleg Itskhoki, Harvard University, “Inequality and Unemployment in a Global Economy” (with Elhanan Helpman and Stephen Redding) [Paper]
Dec. 10 Nicholas Bloom, Stanford University, “Trade Induced Technical Change? The Impact of Chinese Imports on Innovation and Information Technology” (with Mirko Draca and John Van Reenen) [Paper]
Feb. 18 Stefania Garetto, Princeton University, “Input Sourcing and Multinational Production” [Paper]
Apr. 3-4 Conference on “The Economics, Law, and Politics of the WTO” (organized by Giovanni Maggi, Kenneth Scheve, and Joanne Gowa)
Apr. 8 Timothy Kehoe, University of Minnesota, “Trade, Growth, and Productivity” [Paper]
Apr. 22 Kim Ruhl, New York University, “New Exporter Dynamics” (with Jonathan L. Willis) [Paper]
Apr. 29 Emanuel Ornelas, London School of Economics, “Sequential Exporting” (with Facundo Albornoz, Héctor F. Calvo Pardo, and Gregory Corcos) [Paper]
May 7 Daniel Trefler, University of Toronto, “Much Ado About Nothing: American Jobs and the Rise of Service Outsourcing to China and India” (with Runjuan Liu) [Paper]
May 13 Ellen McGrattan, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, “Transition to FDI Openness” [Paper]
Sep. 19 Shang-Jin Wei, IMF, “Current Account Adjustment: Some New Theory and Evidence” (with Jiandong Ju) [Paper]
Sep. 26 Margaret McMillan, Tufts University, “Offshoring Jobs? Multinationals and US Manufacturing Employment” (with Ann Harrison) [Paper]
Oct. 10 Costas Arkolakis, Yale University, “Market Access Costs and Trade Dynamics” [Paper]
Oct. 17 Arnaud Costinot, University of California, San Diego, “What Goods Do Countries Trade? New Ricardian Predictions” (with Ivana Komunjer) [Paper]
Oct. 24 Kyle Bagwell, Columbia University, “Self-Enforcing Trade Agreements and Private Information” [Paper]
Oct. 31 Christian Broda, University of Chicago, “Understanding International Price Differences UsingBarcode Data” (with David Weinstein) [Paper]
Nov. 7 Don Davis, Columbia University, “Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, and Trade Liberalization” (with James Harrigan) [Paper]
Nov. 14 Wolfgang Keller, University of Colorado, “Tariffs, Trains, and Trade: The Role of Institutions versus Technology in the Expansion of Markets” (with Carol H. Shiue) [Paper]
Nov. 28 Amalavoyal Chari, Yale University, “License Reform in India: Theory and Evidence” [Paper]
Feb. 13 Jee-Hyeong Park, Seoul National University, “Private Trigger Strategies in the Presence of Concealed Trade Barriers” [Paper]
Mar. 5 Taiji Furusawa, Hitotsubashi University, “A Factor-Proportions Theory of Endogenous Firm Heterogeneity” (with Hitoshi Sato) [Paper]
Mar. 26 Gordon Hanson, University of California-San Diego, “Income Maximization and the Selection and Sorting of International Migrants” (with Jeffrey Grogger) [Paper]
Apr. 2 John McLaren, University of Virginia, ”Trade Shocks and Labor Adjustment: A Structural Empirical Approach” (with Erhan Artuc and Shubham Chaudhuri) [Paper]
Apr. 16 Natalia Ramondo, University of Texas, “The Role of Multinational Production in Cross-Country Risk Sharing” (with Veronica Rappoport) [Paper]
Apr. 23 Jonathan Eaton, New York University, and Samuel Kortum, University of Minnesota, “Global Rebalancing with Gravity: Measuring the Burden of Adjustment” (with Robert Dekle) [Paper]
Apr. 30 Eric Verhoogen, Columbia University, “Product Quality at the Plant Level: Plant Size, Exports, Output Prices and Input Prices in Colombia” (with Maurice Kugler) [Paper]
May 7 Pol Antràs, Harvard University, “Foreign Influence and Welfare” (with Gerard Padró i Miquel) [Paper]