Macro Lunch, 2003/04 - 2011/12

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Sep. 15 Joe Vavra, Yale University, “Inflation and Time-Varying Uncertrainty: New Evidence and an Ss Interpretation”
Sep. 22 Kieran Walsh, Yale University, “Endogenous Leverage in a Production Economy with Heterogeneous Agents”
Sep. 29 Eduardo Engel, Yale University, “Missing Agregate Dynamics: On the Slow Convergence of Lumpy Adjustment Models” (with David Berger and Ricardo Caballero)
Oct. 6 Melanie Morten, Yale University, “Migration and Risk Sharing in Village Economies”
Oct. 13 Nicolas Werquin, Yale University, “Dynamic Optimal Taxation along the Extensive Margin”
Oct. 20 David Rappoport, Yale University, “Productivity Differences and Endogenous Default in General Equilibrium”
Oct. 27 David Berger, Yale University, “Countercyclical Restructuring”
Nov. 3 Claire Brennecke, Yale University, “Information and Counterparty Risk”
Nov. 10 Greg Phelan, Yale University, “Regulating Bank Leverage in a Crisis”
Nov. 17 Xavier Gabaix, Yale University, “A Theory of Boundedly Rational Dynamic Programming”
Dec. 1 Max Dvorkin, Yale University, “Regional Shocks, Incomplete Markets and Migration”
Dec. 8 Lint Barrage, Yale University, “Carbon Taxes in a Dynamic Second-Best Fiscal Setting”
Feb. 16 Manolis Galenianos, Penn State/Cowles visitor, “Learning through Referrals”
Mar. 1 Alexis Akira Toda, Yale University, “Asset Pricing and Wealth Distribution with Heterogeneous Investment Returns”
Mar. 22 Melanie Mortenn, Yale University, “Migration and Risk Sharing in Village Economies”
Mar. 29 Greg Phelan, Yale University, “Financial Intermediation, Leverage, and Macroeconomic Instability”
Apr. 5 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, University of Pennsylvania, “Fiscal Volatility Shocks and Economic Activity” (with Pablo Guerron-Quintana and Keith Kuester) [Paper]
Apr. 12 Kieran Walsh, Yale University, “Investment, Default, and the Term Structure of Debt”
Apr. 19 David Rappoport, Yale University, “Towards a Dynamic Model of Leverage, Default and Interest Rates”
Apr. 26 Lint Barrage, Yale University, “Carbon Taxation in a Dynamic, Second-Best Fiscal Setting”
May 3 Max Dvorkin, Yale University, “Mismatch and Mobility Dynamics: Aggregate and Sectoral Shocks in Competitive Labor Markets”
Sep. 9 Ray Fair, Yale University, “Analyzing Macroeconomic Forecastability” [Paper]
Sep. 16 Boyan Jovanovic, NYU, “Learning and Discovery”
Sep. 23 Xavier Gabaix, NYU, “A Sparsity-Based Model of Bounded Rationality”
Sep. 30 David Berger, Yale University, “Productivity, Employment and Firm Dynamics over the Business Cycle”
Oct. 7 Joe Vavra, Yale University, “Inflation Dynamics and Time-Varying Uncertainty: New Evidence and an Ss Interpretation”
Oct. 14 Thomasz Piskorski, Columbia, “Mortgage Modification and Strategic Default: Evidence from a Legal Settlement with Countrywide”
Oct. 21 Marnix Amand, Yale University, “The Wealth Distribution: New Facts and a New Model”
Oct. 28 Per Krusell, IIES, “Asset Trading and Valuation with Uncertain Exposure” (with Juan Carlos and Martin Schneider)
Nov. 4 Pierre Yared, Columbia University, “A Dynamic Theory of Resource Wars” (with Daron Acemoglu, Mikhail Golosov and Aleh Tsyvinski)
Nov. 11 Kieran Walsh, Yale University, “Welfare Improving Default”
Nov. 18 David Rappoport, Yale University, “Inefficient Leverage Cycles”
Dec. 2 Maximiliano, Dvorkin, Yale University, “Fiscal Federalism and Optimal Taxation”
Dec. 11 Giuseppe Moscarini, Yale University, “Business Cycles and Endogenous Uncertainty” (with Rudi Bachmann)
Feb. 10 Ray Fair, Yale University, “A World Macro Saving Fact and an Explanation”
Feb. 17 Greg Phelan, Yale University, “Tax Benefits for Health Insurance and Employer Coverage Decisions: Consequences of the 2010 Health Insurance Reform”
Feb. 24 Florian Jung, Universitat St. Gallen, “Lipset Reconsidered: Inequality, Development, and the Stability of Democracy” (with Uwe Sunde)
Mar. 3 Sebastian Findeisen, University of Zurich
Mar. 24 David Berger, Yale University, “Countercyclical Restructuring”
Mar. 31 Guillermo Ordonez Yale University, “Collateral Crises” (with Gary Gorton)”
Apr. 7 David Rappoport” Can Borrowers Benefit from Taxes on Borrowing?”
Apr. 14 Joe Vavra, Yale University, “Durable as Insurance”
Apr. 21 Kieran Walsh, Yale University, “The Wealth Distribution, Asset Prices, and Downturns”
Apr. 28 Maximiliano Dvorkin, Yale University
May 5 Marianne Bruins, Yale University, “Information Acquisition and Dissemination by Ratings Agencies”
May 12 Melanie Morten, Yale University, “Migration and Limited Commitment in Village Economies”
Sep. 10 Aubhik Khan, Ohio State University, visiting Cowles, “Inflation and Interest Rates with Endogenous Market Segmentation” (with Julia K. Thomas) [Paper]
Sep. 24 Joe Vavra, Yale University, “The Price Duration Distribution and Monetary Non-Neutrality”
Oct. 15 Herakles Polemarchakis, University of Warwick, “Perils of Quantitative Easing” [Paper 1] [Paper 2]
Oct. 22 Juan Eberhard, Yale University, “Assessing The Impact of Immigration in the U.S. Wage Distribution”
Oct. 29 Adrian de la Garza, Yale University, “Domestic and Global Factors in Emerging Market Bond Spreads”
Nov. 5 Guillermo Ordonez, Yale University, “Larger Crises, Slower Recoveries: The Asymmetric Effects of Financial Frictions” [Paper]
Nov. 12 David Berger, Yale University, “Managerial Frictions and Employment Fluctuations”
Nov. 19 Marnix Amand, Yale University, “The Macroeconomics of Taxing Wealth”
Dec. 3 David Rappoport, Yale University, “Limited Borrowing, Government Policy and Asset Prices”
Dec. 10 Pierre Yared, Columbia University/Cowles visitor, “The Institutional Causes of China’s Great Famine, 1959-1961” (with Xin Meng and Nancy Qian)
Feb. 18 Costas Arkolakis, Yale University, “New Trade Models, Same Old Gains?” (with Arnaud Costinot and Andrés Rodríguez-Clare) [Paper]
Mar. 25 Rudi Bachmann, University of Michigan, “Uncertainty and Economic Activity: Evidence from Business Survey Data” (with Steffen Elstner and Eric Sims) [Paper]
Apr. 8 Guillermo Ordonez, Yale University, “Optimal Regulation in the Presence of Reputation Concerns” (with Andrew Atkeson and Christian Hellwig) [Paper]
Apr. 15 David Rappoport, Yale University, “Inefficient Leverage Cycles?”
Apr. 22 Christoph Trebesch, Yale University, “Inexcusable Sovereign Default”
Apr. 29 Joe Vavra, Yale University, “Monetary Policy is Less Effective in Uncertain Times: New Evidence and an Ss Interpretation”
May 6 David Berger, Yale University, “The Declining Procyclicality of Labor Productivity and Selective Firing”
Sep. 25 Thérèse Rebière, University of Le Havre, visiting Yale University, “Minimum Wage, On-the-Job Search and Employment: On the Partial and General Equilibrium of the Mandatory Minimum Wage”
Oct. 9 Joe Vavra, Yale University, “Customer Attachment, Menu Costs, and Lumpy Price Adjustment”
Oct. 16 Kyle Hood, Yale University, “Equilibrium Labor and Capital Flows across Local Economies: A Structural Empirical Approach”
Oct. 23 Carolina Silva, Yale University, “The Interaction of Minimum Wage and Severance Payments in a Frictional Labor Market: Theory and Estimation”
Oct. 30 Rafael Melo, Yale University, “Sorting in the Labor Market:  Theory and Measurement”
Nov. 6 Chris Fiore, Yale University, “Stock Market Volatility and the Business Cycle”
Marnix Amand, Yale University, “Asymmetric Information in Equilibrium Search Models”
Nov. 13 Ray Fair, Yale University, “Real Implications of the Financial Crisis,” Open Discussion
Nov. 20 David Berger, Yale University, “Heterogeneous Inflation Rates and Optimal Monetary Policy”
Mark Klee, Yale University, “Exploring the Polarization of the US Labor Market”
Dec. 4 Juan Eberhard, Yale University, “Immigration and Wage Dynamics”
Mar. 26 Gerald Jaynes, Yale University, “The Macrodistribution of Income and Longrun Movements in U.S. Poverty: 1960-2001”
Apr. 2 Pierre Yared, Columbia Business School, “Optimal Debt Management and Redistribution” [Paper]
Apr. 9 Philip Shaw, Fairfield University, “Educational Corruption and Economic Growth” [Paper]
Apr. 30 Chris Fiore, Yale University
David Berger, Yale University
May 14 Joe Vavra, Yale University
Oct. 11 Kyle Hood, “An Equilibrium Model of Regional Evolutions”
Oct. 18 Theodore Papageorgiou, “Learning Your Comparative Advantage”
Oct. 25 Venkata Chari, “De-Licensing Reform in India: Theory and Evidence”
Nov. 1 Amund Holmsen, Director, Monetary Policy Department, Norges Bank, “Optimal Monetary Policy in Theory and Practice”
Nov. 8 Rafael Melo, “The Allocation of Workers to Firms: A Model of the Labor Market and Facts from a Brazilian Matched Employer-Employee Dataset”
Nov. 15 Irene Botusaru, “Competing Risks Models: Motivation for a Semiparametric Estimation Technique”
Mark Klee, Yale University, “Skill Utilization and Occupation Mobility”
Nov. 29 Adrian de la Garza, “Job Satisfaction and Happiness: New Evidence from Japanese Union Workers”
Dec. 6 Carolina Silva, “Modelling the Interaction of Labor Market Policies”
Mar. 27 Joe Vavra, Yale University, “Firm-Specific Consumer Attachment and Sticky Prices”
Apr. 10 Carolina Silva, Yale University, “The Interaction of Minimum Wage and Severance Payments in a Search Model”
Apr. 17 Kyle Hood, Yale University
Apr. 24 Rafael Melo, Yale University, “Assortative Matching in the Brazilian Labor Market”
May 1 Juan Eberhard, Yale University, “Dynamics of the U.S. Wage Distribution”
May 8 Evrim Aydin, Yale University, “Convergence in Labor Productivity across Turkish Provinces”
May 15 Mark Klee, Yale University, “Estimating the Effect of Occupational Tenure on Mobility”
Oct. 5 Amalavoyal Chari, Yale University, “Trade Liberalization and Productivity Change in India”
Oct. 12 Rudi Bachmann, Yale University, “Understanding Jobless Recoveries — A Tale of Two Margins”
Oct. 19 Ivan Vidangos, Yale University, “Household Welfare, Precautionary Saving, and Insurance under Multiple Sources of Income Risk”
Nov. 2 Rafael L. de Melo, Yale University, “Theories of Wage Determination and Wage Dynamics: An Empirical Assessment”
Nov. 9 Kyle Hood, Yale University, “Spatial Evolutions”
Nov. 16 Adrian de la Garza, Yale University, “Fluctuations in Unemployment and Vacancies: A Cross-Country Comparison” and
Marnix Amand, Yale University, “A Global Games Approach to 3rd Generation Financial Crises”
Nov. 30 Theodore Papageorgiou, Yale University, “Learning your Comparative Advantage:   Occupational Choice, Mismatch and Unemployment”
Dec. 7 Juan Eberhard, Yale University
Matthew T. Johnson, Yale University, “Temptation and Credit Card Debt”
Feb. 22 Eduardo Engel, Yale University,  ”Price Stickiness in Ss Models: New Interpretations of Old Results” (with Ricardo J. Caballero)
Mar. 1 Justine Hastings, Yale University, “Gasoline Prices and Grocery Purchases: Revisiting the Income Effect”
Mar. 8 Carolina Silva, Yale University, “An Empirical Analysis of the Minimum Wage in Chile”
Mar. 29 Rafael de Melo, Yale University, “Firm-level Separations and Wages in the Brazilian Economy”
Apr. 5 Marnix Amand, Yale University, “Retaining Employees by Matching Outside Offers: Why Does (Almost) No One Do It?”
Apr. 12 Amalavoyal Chari, Yale University, “Productivity Effects of Indian Reforms: A Structural Approach”
Apr. 19 Kyle Hood, Yale University, “An Island Model Theory of Regional Evolutions”
Apr. 26 Adrian de la Garza, Yale University, “The Evolution of Sovereign Bond Markets” and
Juan Eberhard, Yale University, “Assessing the impact of Immigration”
May 3 Theodore Papageorgiou, Yale University, “Learning Your Comparative Advantage: An Empirical Investigation”
Sep. 15 George Hall, Yale University, “The Response of Prices, Sales, and Output to Temporary Changes in Demand” (with Adam Copeland) [Paper]
Sep. 22 Ruediger Bachmann, Yale University, “Job Turnover in a DSGE Model”
Sep. 29 Jinhui Bai, Yale University, “Stationary Monetary Equilibrium with Endogenously Segmented Asset Market”
Oct. 6 Kevin Kallock, Yale University, “Risk Aversion in a Search and Matching Model”
Oct. 13 Santiago Bazdresch, Yale University, “Optimal Firm Behavior with Financial Non-Convexities”
Oct. 20 Ivan Vidangos, Yale University, “Modeling Income Dynamics” (joint with Joe Altonji and Tony Smith)
Oct. 27 Rafael Melo, Yale University, “Estimation of a Search Model with Learning using Panel Data” and Santosh Anagol, Yale University, “Housing Supply”
Nov. 3 Yedan Zhang, Tulane University, “R&D competition and modes of Foreign Entry with Country-Specific Spillover”
Nov. 10 Theodore Papageorgiou, Yale University, “Youth Unemployment and Mismatch”
Nov. 17 Gianluca Violante, NYU, “Frictional Wage Inequality: A Puzzle?” (with A. Hornstein and P. Krusell)
Dec. 1 Camila Campos/Carolina Silva, Yale University
Feb. 16 Bob Shiller, Yale University, “Indexing Taxes to Inequality” (with Leonard Burman and Jeffrey Rohaly)
Feb. 23 Ray Fair, Yale University, “On Modeling the Effects of Inflation Shocks”
Mar. 2 Rafael de Melo, Yale University, “Estimation of a Search Model with Time Varying Match-Specific Heterogeneity”
Mar. 23 Rudi Bachmann, Yale University, “Lumpy Investment in Dynamic General Equilibrium”
Mar. 30 Assaf Razin, visiting Yale University, “Institutional Weakness and Stock Price Volatility (with Galina Hale and Hui Tong)
Apr. 6 Irasema Alonso, Yale University, “Ambiguity in a Two-country World”
Apr. 13 Santosh Anagol, Yale University, “Modeling Residential Investment”
Apr. 20 Theodore Papageorgiou, Yale University, “Learning, Unemployment and Mismatch”
Apr. 27 Camila Campos and Carolina Silva, Yale University
Sep. 9 Jose Rossi, Yale University, “Foreign Exposure, Corporate Financial Policies and the Exchange Rate Regime in Emerging Markets: Evidence from Brazil”
Sep. 16 Santiago Bazdresch, Yale University, “Adjustment Costs in Capital Structure and Investment”
Sep. 23 Daniel Mulino, Yale University, “International Capital Flows, Social Security and Demographics”
Sep. 30 Macro reading group meeting
Oct. 7 Borja Gracia, Yale University, “Fixed Pegs and Delayed Stabilizations or When the Central Bank Divorces the Treasury”
Oct. 14 Marco Oviedo, Yale University, “Beyond optimal extraction: Oil-revenue policy lessons under the Mexican experience, 1986-2003”
Oct. 21 Kevin Kallock, Yale University, “Risk Sharing and Nondecreasing Wages in a Search and Matching Model”
Oct. 28 Ana Fostel, Yale University, “A Supply Story: Emerging Markets, High Yield and Market Closures”
Nov. 4 Sigridur Benediktsdottir, Yale University, “A Dynamic Model of Optimal Trading and Price Setting for an Informed Specialist”
Nov. 18 Macro reading group meeting
Dec. 2 Huw Lloyd-Ellis, Queen’s University, “Schumpeterian Restructuring” (with Patrick Francois) [Paper]
   Joint with Macroeconomics Workshop
Feb. 17 Theodore Papageorgiou, Yale University, “Currency Unions and FDI: The Case of the Euro”
Feb. 24 Christian Bayer, European University Institute, “Investment Dynamics with Fixed Capital Adjustment Cost and Capital Market Imperfections” [Paper]
Mar. 3 Kevin Kallock, Yale University, “Risk Aversion and Wage Rigidities in Search and Matching Models”
Mar. 24 Santiago Bazdresch, Yale University, “Investment and Financing with Non-Convex Costs”
Mar. 31 Ivan Vidangos, Yale University, “Uncertainty and Risk in Individual Income:  Estimating Nonlinear Models of Income Dynamics” (with Joseph Altonji and Tony Smith)
Apr. 7 Jinhui Bai, Yale University, “Stationary Monetary Equilibrium with Endogenously Segmented Asset Market”
Apr. 14 Rudiger Bachmann, Yale University, “Job Creation and Job Destruction in a DSGE Model with Endogenous Firm Size”
Sep. 11 Borja Gracia, Yale University, “The Effects of Fiscal Policy in South Korea: A VAR with Some Economics”
Sep. 18 Nicola Fuchs, Yale University, “Precautionary Savings and Self-Selection: Evidence from the German Reunification “Experiment”
Sep. 25 Bernardo Guimaraes, Yale University, “Market Expectations before the Brazilian Currency Crisis of 1999: Theory and Empirics”
Oct. 2 Marco Oviedo, Yale University, “Optimal Maturity Debt Structure under Revenue Uncertainty”
Oct. 9 Feng Zhu, Yale University, “Central Bank Balance Sheet, Monetary and Fiscal Policies, and Macroeconomic Stability”
Oct. 23 Hui Wang, Yale University, “Stock Price Interactions and Momentum: A Model with Borrowing Constraints”
Oct. 30 Jose Rossi, Yale University, “Risk Management, Balance Sheet Effects and Exchange Rate Regimes: the Brazilian Experience”
Nov. 6 Sainan Jin, Yale University, “Fear of Floating: A Nonstationary Discrete Choice Panel Data Approach”
Nov. 13 Jordan Milev, Yale University, “Search for a Parametric Specification of the Earnings-Returns Relation”
Nov. 20 Andrew Levin, FED Board, “Parameter Uncertainty and the Central Bank’s Objective Function” (with John Williams)
Dec. 4 Borja Gracia, Yale University, “Monetary and Fiscal Policy Disputes with Fixed Exchange Rates”
Dec. 11 Daniel Mulino, Yale University, “Social Security and Immigration”
Feb. 19 Galina Hale, Yale University, “Courage to Capital:  The Effect of Rating Agencies on Sovereign Debt Rollover”
Feb. 26 Marco Oviedo, Yale University, “The Effects of Oil Revenue on Fiscal Policy: The Case of Mexico”
Mar. 4 Daniel Mulino, Yale University, “The Impact of Demographic Change on Capital Flows and Tax Rates in a Multi-country OLG Model”
Mar. 25 Santiago Bazdresch, Yale University, “Do Taxes Explain Low Frequency Movements in Aggregate Leverage?”
Apr. 1 Guillermo Mondino, IERAL de Fundación Mediterránea, visiting Yale University, “ ‘Til Debt Do Us Apart.  Restructuring Debt. The case of Argentina”
Apr. 8 Rudiger Bachmann, Yale University, “Aggregate Labor Adjustment in the US — Is There a Case for Manpower?
Apr. 15 Kevin Kallock, Yale University, “Wage Rigidities in Search and Matching Models”
Apr. 22 Jose Rossi, Yale University
Apr. 29 Sigridur Benediktsdottir, Yale University, “Model of Informed Specialist”
May 6 Borja Gracia, Yale University, “Monetary and Fiscal Policy Conflicts in the Context of a Fixed Exchange Rate”