Industrial Organization Seminar, 2000/01 - 2003/04

Formerly Applied Microeconomics Workshop

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Sep. 11 Susan Athey, Stanford University, “Dynamic Auctions with Persistent Private Information” (with Kyle Bagwell) [Paper]
   Joint with Micro Theory Workshop
Sep. 18 Amy Finkelstein, Harvard University, “Health Policy and Technological Change: Evidence from the Vaccine Industry” [Paper]
Sep. 25 Robert E.Hall, Hoover Institution/Stanford University, “Potential Competition and the Prices of Network Goods: Desktop Software” (with Jimmy Royer and Marc Van Audenrode) [Paper]
Oct. 2 Sean Nicholson, The Wharton School, “Barriers to Medical Specialties” [Paper]
Oct. 9 Jesse Shapiro, Harvard University, “Is there a Daily Discount Rate? Evidence from the Food Stamp Nutrition Cycle” [Paper]
Oct. 16 Steven Tadelis, Stanford University, “Auctions versus Negotiations in Procurement: An Empirical Analysis” (with Patrick Bajari and Robert McMillan) [Paper]
Oct. 23 Holger Sieg, GSIA, Carnegie Mellon University, “Identification of Equilibrium Models of Local Jurisdictions” (with Dennis Epple) [Paper]
Oct. 30 Fiona Scott Morton , Yale School of Management, “The Effect of Information and Institutions on Price Negotiations: Evidence from Matched Survey and Auto Transaction Data” (with Florian Zettelmeyer and Jorge Silva-Risso) [Paper]
Nov. 6 Robert Gertner, University of Chicago GSB, “Organizing for Synergies” (with Wouter Dessein and Luis Garicano) [Paper]
Nov. 13 Juan Esteban Carranza, Yale University, “Product Innovation in Differentiated Durable Goods Markets” (with Juan Esteban) [Paper]
Nov. 20 Michael Riordan, Columbia University and Yale University, “Vertical Integration, Exclusive Dealing, and Ex Post Cartelization” (with Yongmin Chen) [Paper]
   Joint with Micro Theory Workshop
Dec. 4 Nancy Rose, MIT, “Has Restructuring Improved Operating Efficiency in the US Electricity Industry?” (with Kira Markiewicz and Catherine Wolfram) [Paper]
Feb. 26 Jonathan Levin, Stanford University, “Matching and Price Competition” (with Jeremy Bulow) [Paper]
Mar. 4 Steven Levitt, University of Chicago, “Why are Gambling Markets Organized So Differently than Financial Markets?” [Paper]
Mar. 25 Ariel Pakes, Harvard University, “Simple Estimators for Parameters of Discrete Dynamic Games with Entry/Exit Examples” (with Steven Berry and Michael Ostrovsky) [Paper]
Apr. 1 Philippe Février, ENSAE, “Econometrics of Share Auctions” (with Raphaële Préget and Michael Visser) [Paper]
Apr. 8 Jaap Abbring, Vrije Universiteit (Free University), “Social Experiments in Real Time” (with Gerard van den Berg) [Paper]
   Joint with Labor and Population Workshop
Apr. 22 Ali Hortacsu, University of Chicago, “Testing Strategic Models of Firm Behavior in Restructured Electricity Markets: A Case Study of ERCOT” (with Steven Puller) [Paper]
Apr. 29 Steven Berry, Yale University, ”Confidence Regions for Parameters in Discrete Games with Multiple Equilibria, with an Application to Discount Chain Store Location” (with Don Andrews and Panle Jia) [Paper]
Sep. 9 Gene Grossman, Princeton University, “International Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” (with Edwin L.-C. Lai) [Paper]
   Joint with Trade and Development Workshop
Sep. 19 Marc Melitz, Harvard University, “Exports versus FDI” (with Elhanan Helpman and Stephen Yeaple) [Paper]
   Joint with Trade Development Workshop
Sep. 26 Joseph Harrington, Johns Hopkins University, “Equilibrium Cartel Pricing in the Presence of an Antitrust Authority” [Paper]
Oct. 10 Steven Berry, Yale, “Product Quality and Market Size” (with Joel Waldfogel) [Paper]
Oct. 17 Stephen Coate, Cornell University, “Power-hungry Candidates, Policy Favors, and Pareto Improving Campaign Contribution Limits” [Paper]
   Joint with Microeconomic Theory Workshop
Oct. 24 Todd Sinai, UPENN (Wharton School), “Network Effects, Congestion Externalities, and Air Traffic Delays” (with Christopher Mayer) [Paper]
Nov. 6 Tom Hubbard, University of Chicago GSB, “Specialization, Firms and Markets: The Division of Labor Within and Between Law Firms” (with Luis Garicano) [Paper]
Nov. 14 Sangin Park, SUNY Stony Broook, “An Empirical Evaluation of the 1986 Semiconductor Trade Arrangement” [Paper]
Nov. 21 Amil Petrin, Chicago GSB, “Improving Demand and Welfare Estimates with Utilization Data” [Paper]
Dec. 12 Elena Krasnokutskaya, Yale University, “Auction Models with Unobserved Auction Heterogeneity: Application to the Highway Procurement Auctions” [Paper]
Dec. 19 Paris Cleanthous, Yale University, “Patient Welfare Implicaitons of Innovation in the U.S. Antidepressant Market” [Paper]
Feb. 13 James Levinsohn, University of Michigan, “Productivity in a Differentiated Products Market Equilibrium” (with Marc Melitz) [Paper]
Feb. 20 Gautam Gowrisankaran, Visitor, Yale, “Quantifying Equilibrium Network Externalities in the ACH Banking Industry” (with Daniel Ackerberg) [Paper]
Mar. 6 James Poterba, MIT, “Adverse Selection in Insurance Markets: PolicyHolder Evidence from the U.K. Annuity Market” (with Amy Finkelstein) [Paper]
   Joint with Labor and Population Workshop
Mar. 27 Victor Aguirregabiria, Boston University, “Sales Promotions in Supermarkets: Estimating Their Effect on Profits and Consumer Welfare” [Paper]
Apr. 3 Roland Fryer, Jr., University of Chicago, “An Economic Approach to Cultural Capital” [Paper]
Apr. 10 Sofronis Clerides, University of Cyprus/Visitor,Yale, “Price and Quality in International Tourism” (with Paris Nearchou and Panos Pashardes) [Paper]
Apr. 17 Orley Ashenfelter, Princeton University, “Using Mandated Speed Limits to Measure the Value of a Statistical Life” (with Michael Greenstone) [Paper]
   Joint with Environmental Economics Seminar
Apr. 24 Daniel Raff, University of Pennsylvania, What Happened at Highland Park: A Microeconomic History of the Coming of Mass Production [Paper]
   Joint with Economic History Workshop
May 1 Paul Oyer, Stanford University GSB, “Why Do Some Firms Give Stock Options to All Employees?: An Empirical Examination of Alternative Theories” (Scott Schaefer) [Paper]
May 8 Julie Holland Mortimer, Harvard University, “Price Discrimination and Copyright Law: Evidence from the Introduction of DVDs” [Paper]
Sep. 6 John Sutton, London School of Economics, “The Variance of Firm Growth Rates: The Scaling Puzzle” [Paper]
Sep. 20 Hanming Fang, Yale University, “Government-Mandated Discriminatory Policies” (with Peter Norman) [Paper]
Sep. 27 Fiona Scott Morton, Yale SOM, “Consumer Information and Price Discrimination: Does the Internet Affect the Pricing of New Cars to Women and Minorities?” (with Florian Zettelmeyer and Jorge Silva-Risso) [Paper]
Oct. 4 Patrick Bayer, Yale University, “The Causes and Consequences of Residential Segregation: An Equilibrium Analysis of Neighborhood Sorting” (with Robert McMillan and Kim Rueben) [Paper]
Oct. 11 Hiu Man Chan, Yale University, “The Effect of Bargaining on Price and Profit: A Case Study on a U.S. Steel Service Center” [Paper]
Oct. 18 Peter Zemsky, INSEAD, “Disruptive Technologies and the Emergence of Competition” (with Ron Adner) [Paper]
Oct. 25 Matthew White, Stanford GSB, Household Electricity Demand, Revisited (with Peter Reiss) [Paper]
Nov. 1 Antonio Merlo, University of Pennsylvania, “What Accounts for the Decline in Crime?” (with Ayse Imrohoroglu and Peter Rupert) [Paper]
Nov. 8 Sung-Jin Cho, Yale University, “An Empirical Model of Mainframe Computer Investment” [Paper]
Nov. 15 Paul Joskow, MIT, “California’s Electricity Crises” [Paper] and “A Quantitative Analysis of Pricing Behavior in California’s Wholesale Electricity Market During Summer 2000” [Paper]
Dec. 6 Gautam Gowrisankaran, University of Minnesota, “Bayesian Inference for Hospital Quality in a Selection Model” (with John Geweke and Robert J. Town) [Paper]
Dec. 13 Han Hong, Princeton University, “Rates of Conversion in Common Value Auctions” (with Matthew Shum) [Paper]
Feb. 19 Christopher Timmins, Yale University, “Endogenous Land Use and the Ricardian Valuation of Climate Change” [Paper]
Feb. 27 Sara Ellison, MIT, “Countervailing Power in Wholesale Pharmaceuticals” (with Christopher Snyder) [Paper]
Mar. 7 Moshe Buchinsky, Brown University, “Interim Mobility, Wages, and the Returns to Seniority and Experience in the U.S.” (with Denis Fougere, Francis Kramarz, Rusty Tchernis) [Paper]
Mar. 27 Justine Hastings, Dartmouth College, “Vertical Integration and Competition in Gasoline Markets” [Paper]
Apr. 4 Eduardo Engel, Yale University, “Highway Franchising and Real Estate Deals” (with Ronald Fischer and Alexander Galetovic) [Paper]
Apr. 10 Valerie Suslow, University of Michigan GSB, “International Cartels in the 1990s: Implications for Theory and Policy” (with Margaret Levenstein and Lynda Oswald) [Paper]
Apr. 25 Martin Pesendorfer, Yale University, “Combination Bidding in Multi-Unit  Auctions” (with Estelle Cantillon) [Paper]
May 1 Severin Borenstein, University of California, Berkeley, “Measuring Market Inefficiencies in California’s Restructured Wholesale Electricity Market” (with James Bushnell and Frank Wolak) [Paper]
May 9 Alvin Roth (Harvard University), “Last-minute Bidding and the Rules for Ending Second-prize Auctions: Evidence from eBay and Amazon Auctions on the Internet” (with Axel Ockenfels) [Paper]
  Joint with Microeconomic Theory Workshop
Sep. 6 Tom Hubbard, University of Chicago GSB, “Make Versus Buy in Trucking: Asset Ownership, Job Design, and Information” (with George Baker) [Paper]
Sep. 28 Dmitriy Stolyarov, University Michigan, “Turnover of Used Durables in a Stationary Equilibrium: Are Older Goods Traded More?” [Paper]
Oct. 5 Jerry Hausman, MIT, “The Competitive Effects of a New Product Introduction”
Oct. 12 Philip Haile, University Wisconsin, “Inference with an Incomplete Model of English Auctions” (with Elie T. Tamer) [Paper]
Oct. 19 Roni Shachar, University of Tel Aviv, “Advertising, the Matchmaker” (with Bharat N. Anand) [Paper] and “Informative Advertising can be Persuasive” (with Bharat N. Anand) [Paper]
Oct. 26 Eugene Choo, Yale University, “Rational Addiciton and Rational Cessation: A Dynamic Structural Model of Cigarette Consumption” [Paper]
   Joint with Prospectus Workshop in Microeconomics
Nov. 1 Peter Davis, MIT, “New Parametric Demand Systems for Market Level Demand Studies” [Paper]
Nov. 2 Jean-Marc Robin, INRA-LEA and CREST-INSEE, “An Equilibrium Job Search Model for Matched Employer-Employee Data” (with Fabien Postel-Vinay) [Paper]
Nov. 16 Oleg Melnikov, Yale University, “Demand for Differentiated Durable Products: The Case of the U.S. Computer Printer Market” [Paper]
   Joint with Prospectus Workshop in Microeconomics
Nov. 29 Rafael Thomadsen, Columbia University, “Price Competition and Geographic Product Differentiation”
Nov. 30 Clement Chan, Yale University, “Demand for for Soft Drinks: Characteristics, Corners, and Continuous Choice” [Paper]
   Joint with Prospectus Workshop in Microeconomics
Dec. 6 Amil Petrin, University of Chicago GSB, “Consumer Gains from Direct Broadcast Satellite and the Market Power of Cable” (with Austan Goolsbee) [Paper]
Dec. 7 David Genesove, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Why Are There so Few (and Fewer and Fewer) Two-Newspaper Towns?” [Paper]
Dec. 14 Sung-Jin Cho, Yale University, “An Empirical Model of Mainframe Computer Replacement” [Paper]
   Joint with Prospectus Workshop in Microeconomics
Mar. 21 Jeremy Bulow, FTC, Stanford, “Selling a Company: When to Run an Auction” [Paper]
   Joint with Microeconomic Theory Workshop
Mar. 21 Phillip Leslie, University of California, LA, “The Effects of Disclosure Regulation: Evidence from Restaurants” (with Ginger Jin) [Paper]
Mar. 27 Joachim Winter, University of Mannheim, “Time Preference and Decision Rules in a Price Search Experiment” (with Daniel Houser) [Paper]
Mar. 29 Austan Goolsbee, University of Chicago GSB, “Does the Internet Make Markets More Competitive: Evidence from Life Insurance” (with Jeffrey R. Brown) [Paper]
Apr. 5 Aviv Nevo, University of California, Berkeley, “Sales and Consumer Inventory” (with Igal Hendel) [Paper]
Apr. 12 Christopher Flinn, New York University, “Minimum Wage Effects on Employment and Earnings in the Presence of Search and Matching” [Paper]
Apr. 19 Lanier Benkard, Stanford GSB, “Demand Estimation with Heterogeneous Consumers and Unobserved Product Characteristics: A Hedonic Approach” (with Pat Bajari) [Paper]
Apr. 26 Peter Arcidiacono, Duke University, “Affirmative Action in Higher Education: How Do Admission and Financial Aid Rules Affect Future Earnings?” [Paper]
May 3 Michael Whinston, Northwestern, “Robust Predictions for Bilateral Contracting with Externalities” (with Ilya Segal) [Paper]
   Joint with Microeconomic Theory Workshop
May 10 Walter Beckert, University of Florida, “Estimation of Stochastic Preferences: An Empirical Analysis of Demand for Internet Services” [Paper] and “On Specification and Identification of Stochastic Demand Models” [Paper]
May 16 George Hall and John Rust, Yale University, “Middle Men vs. Market Makers: A Theory of Competitive Exchange” [Paper]
Apr. 7 Vesna Prasnikar, University of Pittsburgh and Robert Miller, Carnegie Mellon University, “Comlabgames: Internet Software for Research and Teaching Strategy”
Apr. 13 Gregory Crawford, Duke University, “Bidding Asymmetries in Multi-Unit Auctions: Implications of Bid Function Equilibria in the British Spot Market for Electricity” (with Joseph Crespol) [Paper]
Apr. 20 Douglas Brown, Georgetown University, Solo vs. Group Practice: The Impact of Demand Uncertainty on Physician Behavior (with Harvey Lapan)
Apr. 27 Pierre-André Chiappori, University of Chicago, “Econometric Models of Insurance under Asymmetric Information” [Paper]
   Joint with Microeconomic Theory Workshop and Workshop in Trade and Development