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Industrial Organization Seminar, 2004/05 - 2011/12

(formerly Applied Microeconomics Workshop)

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Sep. 15 Philippe Fevrier, CREST, "Nonparametric Identification Using Group Theory"
Sep. 22 John Asker, NYU Stern, "Exclusionary Minimum Resale Price Maintenance" (with Heski Bar-Isaac) [Paper]
Oct. 6 Kei Kawai, NYU, visiting Cowles, ''Campaign Finance and Electoral Competition in U.S. House Elections''
Oct. 13 Jan DeLoecker, Princeton University/Cowles visitor, "Firm Performance and Trade Liberalization"
   Joint with International Trade
Oct. 19 Chris Knittel, MIT Sloan School, "Cleaning the Bathwater with the Baby: The Health Co-Benefits of Carbon Pricing in Transportation" (with Ryan Sandle) [Paper]
   Joint with Environmental Economics Seminar
Oct. 27 Gregory Lewis, Harvard University, "Student Portfolios and the College Admissions Problem" (with Hector Chade and Lones Smith) [Paper]
Nov. 3 Meredith Fowlie, UC Berkeley, "Designing Markets for Pollution when Damages Vary Across Sources: What are the Gains From Differentiation?" (with Nick Muller) [Paper]
Nov. 17 Mar Reguant, Stanford University, "The Welfare Effects of Complementary Bidding Mechanisms"
Dec. 1 Michael Dickstein, Harvard University/Cowles visitor, "Efficient Provision of Experience Goods: Evidence from Antidepressant Choice" [Paper]
Dec. 8 Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues, Yale University - Job Candidate, "Demand for Deforestation in the Amazon"
Dec. 15 Jorge Balat, Yale University- Job Candidate, ""Highway Procurement and the Stimulus Package: Identification and Estimation of Dynamic Auctions with Unobserved Heterogeneity"
Mar. 1 Jimmy Roberts, Duke University, "When Should Sellers Use Auctions?"
Mar. 22 Michael Grubb, MIT Sloan School of Management, "Cellular Service Demand: Biased Beliefs, Learning, and Bill Shock" (with Matthew Osborne) [Paper]
Mar. 29 Aviv Nevo, Northwestern University, Cowles Visitor, "Do Prices and Attributes Explain International Differences in Food Purchases? (with Pierre Dubois and Rachel Griffith)
Apr. 5 Jakub Kastl, Stanford University, "From Auctions to Fixed Rate Tenders: Analyzing Banks' Behavior in Liquidity-Providing Facilities of the ECB during 2008" (with Nuno Cassola and Ali Hortacsu) [Paper]
Apr. 12 Lars Nesheim, University College of London, "Sin Taxes in Differentiated Product Oligopoly" (with Rachel Griffith) [Paper]
Apr. 20 Katja Seim in SOM Marketing Seminar
May 2 Ryan Kellogg, University of Michigan, "The Formation and Persistence of Automobile Brand Preferences."
   Joint with Environmental Economics Seminar
Sep. 9 Brent Hickman, University of Chicago, "Effort, Race Gaps and Affirmative Action: A Structural Policy Analysis of US College Admissions" [Paper]
Sep. 16 Jakub Kastl, Stanford University, "Risk in the Canadian Banking Sector during the Financial Crisis" (with Jason Allen and Ali Hortacsu) [Paper]
Sep. 30 Harikesh Nair, Stanford University, "A Structural Model of Sales-Force Compensation Dynamics: Estimation and Field Implementation" (with Sanjog Misra) [Paper]
   Joint with SOM Marketing Seminar
Oct. 7 Joachim Groeger, Carnegie Mellon University, "Participation in Dynamic Auctions" [Paper]
Oct. 14 Jaap Abbring, Tilburg University, "Simple Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics" (with Jeffrey R. Campbell and Nan Yang) [Paper]
Oct. 21 Amit Gandhi, University of Wisconsin, "Identification and Testing in Ascending Auctions with Unobserved Heterogeneity" (with Andrés Aradillas-López and Daniel Quint) [Paper]
Nov. 4 Mariano Tappata, University of British Columbia, "Consumer Search and Dynamic Price Dispersion: An Application to Gasoline Markets" (with Ambarish Chandra) [Paper]
Nov. 11 Brett Gordon, Columbia University, "Structual Equilibrium Analsysis of Poltical Advertising" (with Wesley R. Hartmann) [Paper]
Nov. 18 Alvin Murphy, Washington University St. Louis, "A Dynamic Model of Demand for Houses and Neighborhoods" (with Patrick Bayer, Robert McMillan, and Christopher Timmins) [Paper]
Dec. 2 Myrto Kalouptsidi, Yale University, "Time to Build and Shipping Prices" [Paper]
Dec. 9 Jean-Francois Houde, University of Wisconsin, "Collusion with Asymmetric Retailers: Evidence from a Gasoline Price-Fixing Case" (with Rob Clark)
Feb. 18 Panle Jia, MIT, "The Cost of Free Entry: Evidence from Real Estate Agents in Greater Boston." Joint with SOM Marketing Seminar
Mar. 3 Gautam Gowrisankaran, University of Arizona, "Intermittency and the Value of Renewable Energy" (with Stanley S. Reynolds and Mario Samano) [Paper]
Mar. 24 Jon Levin, Stanford University, visiting Cowles, "Learning from Seller Experiments in Online Markets"
Mar. 31 Jeremy Fox, University of Michigan/Cowles visitor, "Estimating Matching Games with Transfers" [Paper]
Apr. 7 Pasquale Schiraldi, London School of Economics and Political Science/Cowles visitor, "Retail Competition with Multi-stop Shopping: Who Competes with a Big Box Store?"
Apr. 14 Pierre Dubois, Toulouse School of Economics, "Price and Brand Competition between Differentiated Retailers: A Structural Econometric Model"
Apr. 21 Robin Lee, Stern School of Business, NYU, "Markov Perfect Network Formation" (with Kyna Fong) [Paper]
Apr. 28 Ahmed Khwaja, Yale SOM, "Dynamic Entry with Cross Product Spillovers: An Application to the Generic Drug Industry" (with A. Ronald Gallant and Han Hong) [Paper]
May 5 Dan Ackerberg, University of California/Cowles visitor, "Timing Assumptions and Efficiency: Empirical Evidence in a Production Function Context"
Sep. 3 Ali Yurukoglu, Stanford University, "The Welfare Effects of Bundling in Multi-Channel Television Markets" (with Greg Crawford) [Paper]
Sep. 10 Stéphane Straub, University of Toulouse, "'La Patria Contratista': Public Procurement and Rent-Seeking in Paraguay" (with Emmanuelle Auriol and Thomas Flochel) [Paper]
Sep. 17 Jonathan Gruber, MIT, "Consumer Inconsistencies Among the Elderly: Evidence from Plan Choice in the Medicare Part D Program" (with Jason Abaluck) [Paper]
   Joint with Labor and Population Workshop
Sep. 24 Joseph Cullen, Harvard University, "Dynamic Response to Environmental Regulation in the Electricity Industry" [Paper]
Oct. 1 Jun Ishii, Amherst College, "Consumer Perception of Warranty as a Signal of Quality: An Empirical Study of Power Train Warranties" (with Busik Choi) [Paper]
Oct. 8 Michael Whinston, Northwestern University, "Dynamic Merger Review" (with Volker Nocke) [Paper]
Oct. 15 Pierre Azoulay, MIT, "Super Star Extinction" (with Joshua S. Graff Zivin and Jialan Wang) [Paper]
Oct. 22 Nicholas Bloom, Stanford University, "Trade Induced Technical Change? The Impact of Chinese Imports on Innovation, Diffusion and Productivity" (with Mirko Draca and John Van Reenen) [Paper]
Oct. 29 Pasquale Schiraldi, London School of Economics, "Automobile Replacement: a Dynamic Structural Approach" [Paper]
Nov. 5 Wouter Dessein, Columbia University, "Organize to Compete" (with Ricardo Alonso and Niko Matouschek) [Paper]
Nov. 12 Gregory Lewis, Harvard University, "An Estimable Demand System for a Large Auction Platform Market" (with Matthew Backus) [Paper]
Nov. 19 Juan Esteban Carranza, University of Wisconsin, "Estimating Dynamic Models with Aggregate Shocks and an Application to Mortgage Default in Colombia" (with Salvador Navarro) [Paper]
Dec. 3 Michael Ostrovsky, Stanford University, "Reserve Prices in Internet Advertising Auctions: A Field Experiment" (with Michael Schwarz) [Abstract]
Dec. 10 Alex Shcherbakov, Yale University, "The Effect of Consumer Switching Costs on Market Power of Cable Television Providers" [Paper]
Dec. 17 Christopher Conlon, Yale University, "A Dynamic Model of Costs and Margins in the LCD TV Industry" [Paper]
Feb. 25 Adam Copeland, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, "The Impact of Competition on Technology Adoption: An Apples-to-PCs Analysis" (with Adam Hale Shapiro) [Paper]
Mar. 4 Allan Collard-Wexler, New York University, "Gender and Racial Biases: Evidence from Child Adoption" (Mariagiovanna Baccara, Leeat Yariv and Leonardo Felli) [Paper]
Mar. 25 Ariel Pakes, Harvard University, "Finite State Dynamic Games with Asymmetric Information: A Framework for Applied Work" (with Chaim Fershtman) [Paper]
Apr. 1 Clinton Levitt, Copenhagen Business School, "Learning Through Oil and Gas Exploration" [Paper]
Apr. 8 Jessica Stahl, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, "A Dynamic Analysis of Consolidation in the Broadcast Television Industry" [Paper]
Apr. 15 Thomas Hubbard, Northwestern University, The Economics of "Radiator Springs": Industry Dynamics, Sunk Costs, and Spatial Demand Shifts (with Jeffrey Campbell) [Paper]
Apr. 22 Panle Jia, MIT, "Entry and Exit in the Real Estate Brokerage Industry"
Apr. 29 Daniel McFadden, UC Berkeley, "Sick Insurance:  Lessons from Medicare Part D for Regulation of Private Health Insurance Markets" (with Florian Heiss and Joachim Winter) [Paper]
May 6 Joshua Gans, University of Melbourne, visiting Harvard, "Will the Internet Destroy the News Media?"
Sep. 11 Liran Einav, Stanford University, "Estimating Welfare in Insurance Markets Using Variation in Prices" (with Amy Finkelstein and Mark R. Cullen) [Paper]
Sep. 18 Martin Browning, University of Oxford, "Dynamic Binary Outcome Models with Maximal Heterogeneity" (with Jesus Carro) [Paper]
Sep. 25 Isabelle Perrigne, Pennsylvania State University, "Nonparametric Identification on Incentive Regulation Models" (with Quang Vuong) [Paper]
Oct. 2 Aviv Nevo, Northwestern University, "Identification with Imperfect Instruments" (with Adam M.Rosen) [Paper]
Oct. 9 Jeroen Swinkels, Washington University, St. Louis, "First and Second Price Mechanisms in Procurement and other Asymmetric Auctions" (with Vlad Mares) [Paper]
Oct. 16 Stephen Ryan, MIT, "A Simple Nonparametric Estimator for the Distribution of Random Coefficents in Discrete Choice Models" (with Patrick Bajari, Jeremy Fox, and Kyoo il Kim) [Paper]
Oct. 23 Meghan Busse, UC Berkeley, "Pain at the Pump: How Gasoline Prices Affect Automobile Purchasing" (with Chris Knittel and Florian Zettelmeyer) [Paper]
Oct. 30 Daniel Ackerberg, UCLA, "The Buy-it-now Option, Risk Aversion, and Impatience in an Empirical Model of eBay Bidding" (with Keisuke Hirano and Quazi Shahriar) [Paper]
Nov. 6 Lanier Benkard, Stanford University, "The Long Run Effects of U.S. Airline Mergers" (with Aaron Bodoh-Creed and John Lazarev) [Paper]
Nov. 13 Michael Noel, UC San Diego, "The Evolving Food Chain: Competitive Effects of Wal-Mart's Entry into the Supermarket Industry" (with Emek Basker) [Paper]
Dec. 4 Ying Fan, Yale University, "Market Structure and Product Quality in the U.S. Daily Newspaper Market" [Paper]
Dec. 9 Alon Eizenberg, Yale University, "Upstream Innovation and Product Variety in the Home PC Market" [Paper]
Dec. 11 Nathaniel Baum-Snow, Brown University, "Understanding the City Size Wage Gap" (with Ronni Pavan) [Paper]
Dec. 16 Jacob Gramlich, Yale University, "Gas Prices and Endogenous Product Selection in the U.S. Automobile Industry" [Paper]
Mar. 5 Alan Sorensen, Stanford University, "The Welfare Effects of Ticket Resale" (with Phillip Leslie) [Paper]
Apr. 2 Brian Viard, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, "The Effect of Content on Global Internet Adoption" (with Nicholas Economides) [Paper]
Apr. 9 Ulrich Doraszelski, Harvard University, "R&D and Productivity: Estimating Endogenous Productivity" (with Jordi Jaumandreu) [Paper]
Apr. 23 Patrick Bajari, University of Minnesota, "Nonparametric and Semiparametric Analysis of a Dynamic Discrete Game" (with Victor Chernozhukov, Han Hong, and Denis Nekipelov) [Paper]
Apr. 30 Erich Muehlegger, Harvard University, "Fuel Tax Incidence, Supply Conditions and Tax Evasion" (with Justin Marion) [Paper]
May 7 Jeremy Fox, University of Chicago, "Indentifying Heterogeneity in Economic Choice and Selection Models Using Mixtures" (with Amit Gandhi) [Paper]
May 14 Severin Borenstein, University of California-Berkeley, "To What Electricity Price Do Consumers Respond? Residential Demand Elasticity Under Increasing-Block Pricing" [Paper]
Sep. 6 Steven Berry, Yale University, "Optimal Product Variety in Radio Markets" (with Alon Eizenberg and Joel Waldfogel) [Slides]
Sep. 13 Jan De Loecker, New York University, "Product Differentiation, Multi-Product Firms and Estimating the Impact of Trade Liberalization on Productivity" [Paper]
Sep. 20 Matthew Lewis, Ohio State University, "When Do Consumers Search?" (with Howard P. Marvel) [Paper]
Sep. 27 Tanjim Hossain, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, "Learning by Bidding" [Paper]
Oct. 4 Ignacio Esponda, New York University, "Behavioral Equilibrium in Economies with Adverse Selection" [Paper]
Oct. 11 Mark Schankerman, LSE, University of Arizona, "Identifying Technology Spillovers and Product Market Rivalry" (with Nicholas Bloom and John Van Reenen) [Paper]
Oct. 18 Bharat Anand, Harvard Business School, "Spatial Competition in Cable News: Where are Larry King and O'Reilly Located in Latent Attribute Space?" (with Dmitri Byzalov) [Paper]
Oct. 25 Botond Koszegi, UC Berkeley, "Exploiting Naivete about Self-Control in the Credit Market" (with Paul Heidhues) [Paper]
Nov. 1 Steven Puller, Texas A&M University, "Measuring Evidence of Peak-Load Pricing and Consumer Heterogeneities in Airline Pricing" (with Anirban Sengupta and Steven Wiggins) [Paper]
Nov. 8 Wei Tan, State University of New York at Stony Brook, "Predatory Advertising: Theory and Evidence in the Pharmaceutical Industry" (with Yutian Chen) [Paper]
Nov. 15 Ali Hortacsu, University of Chicago, "Testing for Common Values in Multi-Unit Auctions: Evidence from Canadian Treasury Auctions" (with Jakub Kastl) [Paper]
Nov. 29 Stephen Redding, London School of Economics, "Multi-product Firms and Product Switching" (with Andrew Bernard and Peter Schott) [Paper]
Dec. 6 Xiaolan Zhou, Yale University, "Estimation of the Impact of Mergers in the Banking Industry" [Paper]
Dec. 13 Joshua Lustig, Yale University, "The Welfare Effects of Adverse Selection in Privatized Medicare" [Paper]
Feb. 21 Jean-Francois Houde, University of Wisconsin, "Spatial Differentiation in Retail Markets for Gasoline" [Paper]
Feb. 28 Ricard Gil, University of California-Santa Cruz, " Why Does Popcorn Cost So Much at the Movies? An Empirical Analysis of Metering Price Discrimination" (with Wesley R. Hartmann) [Paper]
Mar. 6 Emir Kamenica, University of Chicago, "Contextual Inference in Markets: On the Informational Content of Product Lines" [Paper]
Mar. 27 Eugenio Miravete, University of Texas, "Constrained Monopoly Pricing with Random Participation" (with Gabriel Basaluzzo) [Paper]
Apr. 3 Joseph Harrington, Johns Hopkins University, "Collusion with Monitoring of Self-Reported Sales" (with Andrzej Skrzypacz) [Paper]
Apr. 10 Jean-Pierre Dubé, University of Chicago, "Tipping and Concentration in Markets with Indirect Network Effects" (with Günter Hitsch and Pradeep Chintagunta) [Paper]
Apr. 17 Philip Haile, Yale University, "Nonparametric Identification of Multinomial Choice Demand Models with Heterogeneous Consumers" (with Steven Berry) [Paper]
Apr. 24 Keith Chen, Yale University, "Do Choices Affect or Reflect Preferences? A Summary of Existing Evidence and a New Experiment" [Paper]
May 1 John Vickers, University of Oxford, "A Model of Delegated Project Choice" (with Mark Armstrong) [Paper]
May 8 Josh Lerner, Harvard Business School, "With a Little Help from My (Random) Friends: Success and Failure in Post-Business School Entrepreneurship" (with Ulrike Malmendier) [Paper]
Sep. 21 Luis Cabral, New York University, "A Theory of Asymmetric Price Adjustment" (with Arthur Fishman) [Paper]
Sep. 28 Marc Rysman, Boston University, "Dynamics of Consumer Demand for Durable Goods" (with Gautam Gowrisankaran) [Paper]
Oct. 5 Jakub Kastl, Northwestern University, "Discrete Bids and Empirical Inference in Divisible Good Auctions" [Paper]
Oct. 12 Amil Petrin, University of Chicago, "Job Security Does Affect Economic Efficiency: Theory, A New Statistic, and Evidence from Chile" (with Jagadeesh Sivadasan) [Paper]
Oct. 19 Kathryn Shaw, Stanford University, "Reaching for the Stars: Who Pays for Talent in Innovative Industries?" (with Fredrik Andersson, Matthew Freedman, John Haltiwanger and Julia Lane) [Paper]
Oct. 26 Allan Collard-Wexler, New York University, "Plant Turnover and Demand Fluctuations in the Ready-Mix Concrete Industry" [Paper]
Nov. 2 Nick Bloom, Stanford University, "Measuring and Explaining Management Practices Across Firms and Countries" (with John Van Reenen) [Paper]
Nov. 9 John Rust, University of Maryland, "Models of Bargaining and Price Determination of Residential Real Estate, with and without Real Estate Agents" (with Antonio Merlo and Francois Ortalo-Magné) [Paper]
Nov. 16 Joshua Gans, University of Melbourne, "Bilateral Bargaining with Externalities" (with Catherine de Fontenay)   [Paper] and "Concentration-based Merger Tests and Vertical Market Structure" [Paper]
Nov. 30 Emily Zhao, Yale University, "Why are Prices Falling Fast? An Empirical Study of the US Digital Camera Market" [Paper]
Dec. 7 Andrew Sweeting, Northwestern University, "The Costs of Product Reconditioning: The Case of Format Switching in the Commercial Radio Industry" [Paper]
Dec. 14 Leemore Dafny, Northwestern University, "Estimation Identification of Merger Effects: An Application to Hospital Mergers" [Paper]
Feb. 22 Igal Hendel, Northwestern University, "Matching in the Housing Market: FSBO vs MLS" [Paper]
Mar. 1 Christine Jolls, Yale Law School, "Mandated Medical Leave in the Workplace" [Paper]
Mar. 8 Andrzej Skrzypacz, Stanford University, "Bargaining with Arrival of New Traders" (with William Fuchs) [Paper]
Mar. 29 Matthew Gentzkow, University of Chicago, "What Drives Media Slant? Evidence from U.S. Daily Newspapers" (with Jesse Shapiro) [Paper]
Apr. 5 Tong Li, Vanderbilt University, "Entry and Competition Effects in First-Price Auctions: Theory and Evidence from Procurement Auctions" (with Xiaoyong Zheng) [Paper]
Apr. 12 Nathaniel Keohane, Yale University SOM, and Erin Mansur, Yale University SOM, "Averting Enforcement: Strategic Response to the Threat of Environmental Regulation" (with Andrey Voynov) [Paper]
Apr. 19 Peter Rossi, University of Chicago, "Do Switching Costs Make Markets Less Competitive?" (with Jean-Pierre Dubé and Günter Hitsch) [Paper]
May 3 Christopher Snyder, Dartmouth College, "The Economics of Open-Access Journals" (with Mark McCabe) [Paper]
Sep. 8 Ali Hortacsu, University of Chicago, "What Makes You Click? An Empirical Analysis of Online Dating" (with Dan Ariely and Guenter Hitsch) [Paper]
Sep. 15 Mark Israel, Northwestern University, "Who Can See the Future? Information and Consumer Reactions to Future Price Discounts" [Paper]
Sep. 22 Erin Mansur, Yale School of Management, "The Value of Scarce Water: Measuring the Inefficiency of Municipal Regulations" (with Sheila Olmstead) [Paper]
Sep. 29 Michael Whinston, Northwestern University, "Antitrust in Innovative Industries" (with Ilya R. Segal) [Paper]
Oct. 6 Hao Li, University of Toronto, "Competing for Talents" (with Ettore Damianoo and Wing Suen) [Paper]
  Joint with Microeconomic Theory Workshop
Oct. 13 Brian Viard, Stanford University, "Quantity-Based Price Discrimination using Frequency Reward Programs" (with Wesley Hartmann) [Paper]
Oct. 20 Lanier Benkard, Stanford University, "Markov Perfect Industry Dynamics with Many Firms" (with Gabriel Weintraub and Benjamin Van Roy) [Paper]
Oct. 27 Antonio Merlo, University of Pennsylvania, "Political Careers or Career Politicians?" (with Andrea Mattozzi) [Paper]
Nov. 3 Thomas Holmes, University of Minnesota, "The Diffusion of Wal-Mart and Economies of Density" [Paper]
Nov. 10 Panle Jia, Yale University, "What Happens when Wal-Mart Comes to Town: An Empirical Analysis of the Discount Industry" [Paper]
Nov. 17 Matthew Shum, Johns Hopkins University, "Interpreting Intra-firm Wage Differentials Using Tournament Models" [Paper]
Dec. 1 Vernon Henderson, Brown University, "Networking off Madison Avenue" (with Mohammad Arzaghi) [Paper]
Dec. 7 Luis Rayo, University of Chicago, "Evolutionary Efficiency and Happiness" (with Gary Becker) [Paper]
   Joint with Microeconomic Theory Workshop
Dec. 8 Henry Schneider, Yale University, "Estimating the Effects of Adverse Selection in the Used Car Market" [Paper]
Dec. 15 Bernard Salanie, Columbia University, "Does Fertility Respond to Financial Incentives?" (with Guy Laroque) [Paper]
Feb. 23 Hanming Fang and Michael Keane, Yale University, "Sources of Advantageous Selection: Evidence from the Medigap Insurance Market''  (with Dan Silverman) [Paper]
Mar. 2 Keith Chen, Yale University, "Bundling Essential Complements" (with Barry Nalebuff)
Mar. 30 Liran Einav, Stanford University, "Production Targets" (with Guillermo Caruana) [Paper]
Apr. 6 Rajiv Sharma, Portland State University, "Short-term Fluctuations in Hospital Demand: Implications for Admission, Discharge, and Discriminatory Behavior" [Paper]
Apr. 13 Michelle Goeree, Claremont Mckenna College, “Advertising in the US Personal Computer Industry" [Paper]
Apr. 20 Estelle Cantillon, Harvard University and Université Libre de Bruxelles (ECARES), "How and When Markets Tip? Lessons from the Battle of the Bund" (with Pai-Ling Yin) [Paper]
Apr. 27 Joy Ishii, Stanford University, "Compatibility, Competition, and Investment in Network Industries: ATM Networks in the Banking Industry" [Paper]
May 4 Glenn MacDonald, Washington University-St. Louis, "Do New Competitors, New Customers, New Suppliers,... Sustain, Destroy or Create Competitive Advantage?" (with Michael Ryall) [Paper]
Sep. 9 Alessandro Lizzeri, New York University, "Storable Monopoly: The Role of Commitment" (with Paolo Dudine and Igal Hendel) [Paper]
   Joint with Microeconomic Theory Workshop
Sep. 16 John List, University of Maryland, "The Behavioralist Meets the Market: Measuring Social Preferences and Reputation Effects in Actual Transactions" [Paper]
Sep. 22 Mark Armstrong, University College London, "Competition in Two-sided Markets" [Paper]
   Joint with Microeconomic Theory Workshop
Sep. 30 Austan Goolsbee, University of Chicago GSB, "How Do Incumbents Respond to the Threat of Entry? The Case of Major Airlines" (with Chad Syverson) [Paper]
Oct. 7 Emmanuel Saez, University of California at Berkeley, "Do Dividend Payments Respond to Taxes? Preliminary Evidence from the 2003 Dividend Tax Cut" (with Raj Chetty) [Paper]
Oct. 14 Amitabh Chandra, Dartmouth College, "Testing a Roy Model with Productivity Spillovers: Evidence from the Treatment of Heart Attacks" (with Douglas Staiger) [Paper]
Oct. 21 Joel Waldfogel, Wharton School, "Piracy on the High C's: Music Downloading, Sales Displacement, and Social Welfare in a Sample of College Students" (with Rafael Rob) [Paper]
Nov. 4 Kenneth Train, University of California-Berkeley, "Vehicle Choice Behavior and the Declining Market Share of U.S. Automakers" (with Clifford Winston) [Paper]
Nov. 11 David Laibson, Harvard University, "Shrouded Attributes and Information Suppression in Competitive Markets" (with Xavier Gabaix) [Paper]. Additional paper: "Gaussian Noise, Consumer Confusion, and Asymptotic Markups" [Paper]
Nov. 18 Monika Schnitzer, University of Munich and Yale School of Management (Visitor), "Global versus Local: The Financing of Foreign Direct Investment" (with Dalia Marin) [Paper]
Dec. 2 Ken Hendricks, University of Texas at Austin, visiting Princeton, "An Empirical Study of the Impact of New Album Releases on Sales of Old Albums by the Same Recording Artist" (with Alan Sorensen) [Paper]
Dec. 9 Philipp Schmidt-Dengler, Yale University, "The Timing of New Technology Adoption: The Case of MRI" [Paper]
Feb. 17 Adam Copeland, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and Visitor, Yale, "Prices, Production, and Inventories over the Automotive Model Year" (with Wendy Dunn and George Hall) [Paper]
Feb. 24 Patrick Bajari, Duke University, "Identification and Estimation of Discrete Games of Complete Information" (with Han Hong and Stephen Ryan) [Paper]
Mar. 3 Judith Chevalier, Yale University School of Management, "Are Durable Goods Consumers Forward Looking? Evidence from College Textbooks" (with Austan Goolsbee) [Paper]
Mar. 24 Robert Porter, Northwestern University and Visitor, Yale, "A Structural Analysis of Bidding in Ohio School Milk Auctions"
Mar. 31 Rosa Matzkin, Northwestern University, "Identification and Estimation in Structural Nonparametric Models" [Paper]
   Joint with Econometrics Research Seminar
Apr. 7 Keith Chen, Yale University School of Management, "The Evolution of Our Preferences: Evidence from Capuchin-Monkey Trading Behavior" (with Venkat Lakshminarayanan and Laurie Santos) [Paper]
Apr. 14 Daniel Benjamin, Harvard University, "Does Cognitive Ability Reduce Psychological Bias?" (with Jesse M. Shapiro) [Paper]
Apr. 21 Daniel Ackerberg, University of Arizona, "Structural Identification of Production Functions" (with Kevin Caves and Garth Frazer) [Paper]
Apr. 28 Dan Levin, Ohio State University, "The Origin of the Winner's Curse: A Laboratory Study" (with Gary Charness) [Paper]