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Micro Theory Lunch, 2003/04 - 2011/12

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Sep. 6 Daeyeol Lee, Yale University, "Neural Basis of Reinforcement Learning During Iterative Games" [Paper]
Sep. 13 Gerald D. Jaynes, Yale University, "Equilibrium and Strategic Communication in the Adverse Selection Insurance Model" [Paper]
Sep. 20 Vitali Gretschko, University of Cologne and Cowles visitor, "Information Acquisition during a Descending Auction"
Sep. 27 Takuo Sugaya, Princeton University/Cowles visitor, "Folk Theorem in Repeated Games wtih Private Monitoring" [Paper]
Oct. 4 Nick Barberis, Yale University, "Realization Utility" (with Wei Xiong) [Paper]
Oct. 11 Juuso Toikka, MIT, "Information and Timing in Repeated Bargaining" (with Andrzej Skrzypacz) [Paper]
Oct. 18 Shane Frederick, Yale University, "A Reference Price Theory of the Endowment Effect" (with Ray Weaver) [Paper]
Oct. 25 Ifat Levy, Yale University, "Decisions and Values in the Human Brain" [Paper]
Nov. 1 Renato Gomes, Toulouse School of Economics, "Price Discrimination in Many-to-Many Matching Markets" (with A. Pavan)
Nov. 8 Keith Chen, Yale University, "The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior: Evidence from Savings Rates, Health Behaviors, and Retirement Assets" [Paper]
Nov. 15 Kareen Rozen, Yale University, "Optimism and Pessimism with Expected Utility" (with David Dillenberger and Andrew Postlewaite) [Paper]
Nov. 29 Eduardo Faingold, Yale University, "Belief-based Equilibria in Continuous-time Games with Private Monitoring" (with J. Hörner and Y. Sannikov)
Dec. 6 Brian Baisa, Yale University, "Probability Weighting and Auction Design"
Feb. 14 Phil Haile, Ford Foundation Professor of Economics/Cowles visitor, "Connected Substitutes and Invertibility of Demand"
Feb. 21 Vitor Luz, Yale University Ph.D. student, "Rent Extraction with Rich Type Spaces"
Feb. 28 Sander Heinsalu, Yale University Ph.D. student, "Repeated Signalling"
Mar. 20 Alexis Toda, Yale University Ph.D. student, "Asset Pricing and Wealth Distribution with Heterogeneous Investment Returns" [Paper]
Mar. 27 Brian Baisa, Yale University Ph.D. student, "Rank Dependent Preferences in Auctions"
Apr. 3 Kareen Rozen, Assistant Professor of Economics, Yale University, "Bounded Rationality and Limited Datasets: Testable Implications, Identifiability, and Out-of-Sample Prediction" (with Geoffroy de Clippel)
Apr. 10 Yingni Guo, Yale University Ph.D. student, "Information Sharing and Voting"
Apr. 17 Sofia Moroni, Yale University Ph.D. student, “Proxy Auctions with a Deadline”
Apr. 24 Sabyasachi Das, Yale University Ph.D. student, "Optimal Fund Transfer Policy in a Decentralized State"
May 1 David Rappoport, Yale University Ph.D. student, "Can Taxes on Borrowing Benefit Borrowers and Subsidies Hurt Them?"
May 8 Noam Tanner, Yale University Ph.D. student, “Delegation and Screening”
May 15 Johann Caro Burnett, Yale University Ph.D. student, "Wage Dynamics with Asymmetrically Informed Firms and Common Values"
Sep. 7 Sander Heinsalu, Yale University, "Equivalence of the Information Structure with Unawareness to the Logic of Awareness" [Paper]
Sep. 14 Brian Baisa, Yale University, "Sequential Duopoly with Incomplete Information"
Sep. 21 Eduardo Faingold, Yale University, "The Strategic Impact of Higher-Order Beliefs"
Sep. 28 Alexis Akira Toda, Yale University, "A General Equilibrium in Economies with Friction and its Relation to Walrasian Equilibria" [Paper]
Oct. 5 Donald Brown, Yale University, "The Walrasian Paradigm" [Paper]
Oct. 12 Massimo Morelli, Columbia University, "Internal Hierarchy and Stable Coalition Structures" (with In-Uck Park)
Oct. 19 Lucas Maestri, Yale University, "Dynamic Contracting Under Adverse Selection and Renegotiation" [Paper]
Oct. 26 Joel Watson, UC San Diego/Cowles Visitor, "Some Thoughts on Contractual Chains"
Nov. 2 Shyam Sunder, Yale University, "Risky Curves: From Unobservable Utility to Observable Opportunity Sets" (with Daniel Friedman) [Paper]
Nov. 9 Johannes Hörner, Yale University, "Recursive Methods in Discounted Stochastic Games" (with Takuo Sugaya, Satoru Takahashi and Nicolas Vieille) [Paper]
Nov. 16 Bruno Strulovici, Northwestern University/Cowles Visitor, "Renegotiation-Proof Contracts with Moral Hazard and Persistent Private Information" [Extended Abstract]
Nov. 30 Cihan Artunc, Yale University, "Consolidation and Reversals in Young Democracies"
Dec. 7 Larry Samuelson, Yale University, "Common Learning"
Dec. 14 Noam Tanner, Yale University, "Grades and Risk Taking"
Feb. 1 Sebastian Kranz, University of Bonn/Cowles Visitor, "Optimal Equilibria in Dynamic Stochastic Games
Feb. 8 Evangelia Chalioti, Athens University of Economics and Yale University, "Incentive Contracts Under Product Market Competition and R&D Spillovers" [Paper]
Feb. 15 Philipp Strack, University of Bonn and Yale University, "Gambling in Contests" (with Christian Seel) [Paper]
Feb. 22 Brian Baisa, Yale University, "The Social Value of Public Information with Endogenous Information Acquisition"
Mar. 1 Steven Zucker, Yale Computer Science, "Brains and Games." Background paper: "Efficient Simplex-Like Methods for Equilibria of Nonsymmetric Analog Networks" [Paper]
Mar. 22 Arthur Campbell, Yale University, "Information Acquisition and Revelation in Teams"
Mar. 29 Anne Guan, Yale University, "Employment Hierarchies: Does the Cream Rise to the Top?"
Apr. 5 Olivier Gossner, PSE, LSE/Cowles Visitor, "Entropy and the Value of Information for Investors" (with Antonio Cabrales and Roberto Serrano) [Paper]
Apr. 12 Juuso Välimäki, Helsinki School of Economics/Cowles Visitor, "Learning in Contests"
Apr. 19 Eduardo Faingold, Yale University, "Bargaining and Learning: The Role of Commitment" (with Q. Liu and X. Shi)
Apr. 26 Priscilla T.Y. Man, University of Queensland, "Endogenous Reputation in Repeated Games" [Paper]
May 3 Matthew Rabin, UC Berkeley/Cowles Visitor, "A Model of Non-Belief in the Law of Large Numbers" (with Daniel J. Benjamin and Collin Raymond) [Paper]
May 10 Mehmet Ekmekci, Northwestern University/Cowles Visitor, "Failures of Information Aggregation in Auctions with Actions"
Sep. 8 Oliver Bunn, Yale University, "Being of Two Minds: Dynamic Ambiguity-Related Behavior"
Sep. 15 Yehuda (Yud) Izhakian, Tel Aviv University, "Decision Making in Phantom Spaces" (with Zur Izhakian) [Paper]
Sep. 22 Dina Mayzlin, Yale University, "Uninformative Advertising as an Invitation to Search" (with Jiwoong Shin) [Paper]
Sep. 29 Lucas Maestri, Yale University, "Dynamic Monopoly and Renegotiation"
Oct. 6 Asi Cohen, Yale University, "Bandit Problems with Levy Payoff Process"
Oct. 13 Richard Van Weelden, Yale University, "Candidates, Credibility, and Re-election Incentives"
Oct. 20 Luigi Balletta, Yale University, "Full Surplus Extraction in Dynamic Mechanisms"
Oct. 27 Nicolas Klein, Yale University, "Free-Riding & Delegation in Research Teams — A Three-Armed Bandit Model" [Paper]
Nov. 3 Johannes Hörner, Yale University, "Selling Information" [Paper]
Nov. 10 Tri Vi Dang, University of Mannheim/Cowles Visitor, "Opacity and the Optimality of Debt for Liquidity Provision"
Nov. 17 Rahul Deb, Yale University, "Intertemporal Price Discrimination with Stochastic Values" [Paper]
Dec. 1 James Choy, Yale University, "Community Enforcement Intermediaries" & Ji Shen (Yale) "Price Setting in a Decentralized Search Lemon Market"
Dec. 8 Kareen Rozen, Yale University, "Preferences for Information"
Dec. 15 Anne Guan, Yale University, "Matching Couples" and Eric Lu (Yale) "Bargaining in Contractual Renegotiation"
Feb. 16 Alexis Akira Toda, Yale University, "Integration of the Walrasian Paradigm into the Statistical Paradigm" [Paper]
Feb. 23 Alexander Stremitzer, Yale Law School and University of Bonn, "Insolvency and Biased Standards — The Case for Proportional Liability" (with A. Tabbach) [Paper]
Mar. 2 Mark Klee, Yale University, "Aggregate Welfare Under Professional Licensing and Certification with Coarse Signals"
Mar. 23 Thomas Wiseman, University of Texas at Austin and Cowles visitor, "Observational Learning and Demand for Search Goods" [Paper]
Mar. 30 Michael Schapira, Yale University and University of California, Berkeley, "When is it  Best to Best-Reply," based on the papers, "Best-Response Mechanisms" and "Interdomain Routing and Games" [Paper]
Apr. 6 Oliver Bunn, Yale University, "Cognitive Dissonance in Networks"
Apr. 13 Anne Guan, "Pay-per-Bid Auctions" and
James Choy, Yale University
Apr. 27 Lucas Maestri, Yale University, "Dynamic Monopoly and Renegotiation"
May 4 Ji Shen, Yale University, "Learning, Experimentation and Optimal Capital Structure" and Yijia Eric Lu, Yale University, "Specific Performance and the Hold-up Problem with Rubinstein Bargaining"
May 11 Andy Skrzypacz, Stanford University and Cowles visitor, "Optimal Dynamic Auctions for Durable Goods: Posted Prices and Fire-sales" (with Simon Board) [Paper]
Aug. 31 Kareen Rozen, Yale University, "Disappointment Cycles"
Sep. 9 Fuhito Kojima, Yale University, "Asymptotic Equivalence of Probabilistic Serial & Random Priority Mechanisms" (with Yeon-Koo Che) [Paper]
Sep. 16 Hema Yoganarasimhan, Yale University, "Cloak or Flaunt? The Firm's Fashion Dilemma"
Sep. 30 Lucas Maestri, Yale University, "A Principal-Agent Model of Sequential Testing" (with Dino Gerardi) [Paper]
Oct. 7 Gil Kalai, Hebrew University & Yale University, "Social Indeterminacy" [Paper] and "Noise Sensitivity and Chaos in Social Choice Theory" [Paper]
Oct. 14 Johannes Hörner, Yale University, "Belief-free Equilibria in Games of Incomplete Information" (with Stefano Lovo and Tristan Tomala)
Oct. 21 Eduardo Faingold, Yale University, "Common Belief, Rationalizability and Proximity of Types"
Oct. 28 Julian Jamison, Yale University, "Persona Games" (with David Wolpert) [Paper]
Nov. 4 Bruno Biais, University of Toulouse, "Equilibrium Discovery and Preopening Mechanisms in an Experimental Market" (with Christophe Bisière and Sébastien Pouget) [Paper]
Nov. 11 Richard Van Weelden, Yale University, "Candidates and Commitment in Repeated Elections"
Nov. 18 Luigi Balletta, Yale University, "Full Extraction of Surplus in Dynamic Auctions"
Dec. 2 Kareen Rozen, Yale University, "Need I Remind You?" (with David Miller)
Dec. 9 Maher Said, Yale University, "Auctions with Dynamic Populations: Efficiency and Revenue Maximization" [Paper]
Dec. 11 Alessandro Bonatti, Yale University, "Menu Pricing and Learning" [Paper]
Mar. 3 Richard Van Weelden, Yale University, "Partisanship and the Effectiveness of Oversight" (with Justin Fox) [Paper]
Mar. 24 Stephanie Lau, Washington University in St. Louis, "Information Revelation and Acquisition in Bargaining" [Paper]
Mar. 31 Rahul Deb, Yale University, "Optimal Contracts In A Durable Goods Monopoly With Stochastic Values"
Apr. 7 Kareen Rozen, Yale University, "Need I Remind You?" (with David Miller)
Apr. 14 Humberto Llavador, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, "An Agenda-Setting Model of Electoral Competition" (with Josep M. Colomer) [Paper]
Apr. 21 Nick Barberis, Yale University, "A Model of Casino Gambling"
Apr. 28 Andrea Wilson, New York University, "Dynamic Strategic Information Transmission" (with Mikhail Golosov, Vasiliki Skreta and Aleh Tsyvinski) [Paper]
May 5 Luigi Balletta, Yale University, "Full Surplus Extraction in Dynamic Mechanisms without Commitment"
Sep. 11 Kareen Rozen, Yale University, "A 'Dual'-Improved Shortcut to the Long Run" [Paper]
Sep. 25 Pingyang Gao, Yale University, "Information Quality, Keynesian Beauty Contest, and Market Efficiency" [Paper]
Oct. 2 Srihari Govindan, University of Iowa, "Computation of Nash Equilibria: Background Material" (and Robert Wilson) [Paper]
Oct. 9 David Parkes, Harvard University, "Efficient Dynamic Incentive Mechanisms"  Related papers: "Efficient Online Mechanisms for Persistent, Periodically Inaccessible Self-Interest Agents" [Paper] and "An Ironing-Based Approach to Adaptive Online Mechanism Design in Single-Valued Domains" [Paper]
Oct. 16 Lucas Maestri, Yale University, "Bonus Payments in the Principal-Agent Model with Subjective Evaluations"
Oct. 23 Martin Hellwig, Max Planck Institute, "Public-Goods Provision in a Large Economy" [Paper]
   Joint with Microeconomic Theory Seminar
Nov. 6 Luigi Balletta, Yale University, "Optimal Taxation of Family Income: An Application of Multidimensional Screening"
Nov. 13 Eduardo Faingold, Yale University, "Uniform Topology on Types and Strategic Convergence" (with Alfredo Di Tillio) [Paper]
Nov. 27 Alessandro Bonatti, Yale University, "Continuous — Time Screening Contracts"
Dec. 4 Richard Van Weelden, Yale University, "Partisanship, Cascades, and the Value of Oversight"
Dec. 11 Edmund Yeh, Yale University, "Pricing, Competition, and Routing for Selfish and Strategic Nodes in Multi-hop Relay Networks" (with Yufang Xi) [Paper]
Feb. 26 Qingmin Liu, Stanford University, based on "Formulation of Incomplete Information and Redundant Type Structure" [Paper]
Mar. 4 Maher Said, Yale University, "Information Revelation and Random Entry in Sequential Ascending Auctions" [Paper]
Mar. 25 Alessandro Bonatti, Yale University, "Continuous-Time Screening Contracts" [Paper]
Apr. 1 Rahul Deb, Yale University, "Two Nonparametric Models of Household Consumption" [Paper]
Apr. 8 Luigi Balletta, Yale University, "Optimal Taxation of Family Income: The 2 x 2 Case"
Apr. 15 Lucas Maestri, Yale University, "Bonus Payments versus Efficiency Wages in the Repeated Principal-Agent Model with Subjective Evaluations"
Apr. 22 Richard van Weelden, Yale University, "Candidates, Campaigns and Credible Promises"
May 6 Kareen Rozen, Yale University, "Revealed Conflicting Preferences"
Sep. 12 Wojciech Olszewski, Northwestern University and Visitor, Yale, "Repeated Games with Private Monitoring"
Sep. 19 Itzhak Gilboa, Tel-Aviv University and Visitor, Yale, "Similarity and Heuristics in Consumer Expenditures" (with Andrew Postlewaite and David Schmeidler)
Sep. 26 Daniel Monte, "Reputation and Bounded Memory"
Oct. 3 Xianwen Shi, Yale University, "Optimal Auctions with Information Acquisition"
Oct. 10 George Mailath, Yale University, "Common Learning"
Oct. 17 Rossella Argenziano, University of Essex, "N-Players Preemption Games"
Oct. 24 Sven de Vries, Tech U of Munich and Visitor, Yale University, "An Ascending Vickrey Auctions for Selling Spanning Trees of a Graph (and Bases of a Matroid)"
Oct. 31 Colin Stewart, Yale University "Learning by Similarity in Coordination Problems"
Nov. 7 Alessandro Bonatti, Yale University "Insurance Contracts with Two-Sided Privated Information"
Nov. 14 Richard Van Weelden, TBA
Nov. 28 Rahul Deb, Yale University "Characterization of Mechanisms in the Random Assignment Problem"
Dec. 5 Rodney Chan, Yale University "Conformity and Learning"
Feb. 20 William Bunting, Yale University, "A False Moral Hazard Model of External Regulation" [Paper]
Feb. 27 Jernej Copic, UCLA, Cowles Visitor, "Awareness Equilibrium" (with Andrea Galeotti)
Mar. 6 Achim Wambach, University of Cologne, "The Descending Auction Is Not Strategically Equivalent to a First-price-sealed-bid Auction"
Mar. 27 Eduardo Faingold, Yale University, "Reputation Effects and Equilibrium Degeneracy" (with Y. Sannikov)
Apr. 3 Rahul Deb, Yale University, "Computational Inefficiency of Nonparametric Tests for Consistency of Data with Household Consupmption" [Paper]
Apr. 10 Stephanie Lau, Washington University, Cowles Visitor, "Information Revelation in Bilateral Bargaining"
Apr. 17 Nicholas Barberis, Yale University, SOM, "What Drives the Disposition Effect? An Analysis of a Long-standing Preference-Based Explanation" (with Wei Xiong, Princeton) [Paper]
Apr. 24 Alessandro Bonatti, Yale University, "Bargaining over a New Welfare State: A Model of the Distribution of New Deal Funds" (with K. Thomsson) [Paper]
May 1 Keith Gamble, UC Berkeley Economics, "Two Choice Experiments"
May 8 Giuseppe Moscarini, Yale University, "Optimal Dynamic Contest"
May 15 Richard Van Weelden, Yale University
May 22 Maher Said, Yale University, "A Model of Sequential Auctions with Entry"
Sep. 13 Organizational Meeting: Dirk Bergemann, Yale University, "Information in Mechanism Design: A Survey"
Sep. 20 Amil Dasgupta, London School of Economics, "Reputation and Asset Prices"
Sep. 27 Dmitry Shapiro, Yale University, "Asset Price with Heterogenous Beliefs and Equity Premium Decline"
Oct. 4 Hao Li, University of Toronto, "Assortative Matching" [Paper]
Oct. 11 Tzachi Gilboa, Tel Aviv University, "Making Statements and Approval Voting"
Oct. 18 Marzena Rostek, Yale University, "Quantile Maximization in Decision Theory"
Oct. 25 Pei-Yu Lo, Yale University, "Iterative Admissibility and Common Knowledge of Language in a Sender-Receiver Game"
Nov. 1 Dino Gerardi, Yale University, "Aggregation of Expert Opinions"
Nov. 8 Larry Samuelson, University of  Wisconsin, "The Economics of Relationships" [Paper]
Nov. 15 Daniel Monte, Yale University, "Reputation and Bounded Memory"
Nov. 29 Philip J. Reny, University of Chicago, "Existence of Nash Equilibria in Discontinuous Games: A Tutorial"
Dec. 6 Maher Said, Yale University, "Reinforcement Learning in Nonstationary Environments"
Feb. 14 Xianwen Shi, Yale University, "Contests for Status" (with Benny Moldovanu and Aner Sela) [Paper]
Feb. 21 Sven De Vries, Zentrum Mathematik, TU Muenchen, "On Ascending Vickrey Auctions for Heterogeneous Objects" (with James Schummer and Rakesh V. Vohra) [Paper]
Feb. 28 Yianis Sarafidis, Yale University, "Games with Time Inconsistent Players" [Paper]
Mar. 21 John Geanakoplos, Yale University, "Collateral and Crashes"
Mar. 28 Daniel Monte, Yale University, "Long Run Reputation and Bounded Memory"
Apr. 4 Alessandro Bonatti, Yale University, "Brand-Specific Taste for Quality"
Apr. 11 Drew Fudenberg, Harvard University, "A Dual Self Model of Impulse Control" (with David K. Levine) [Paper]
Apr. 18 Leonardo Felli, London School of Economics/Cowles visitor, "Should Courts Always Enforce What Contracting Parties Write?" (with Luca Anderlini and Andrew Postlewaite) [Paper]
Apr. 25 Maher Said, Yale University, "Learning in Hidden Markov Models with Bounded Memory"
May 9 Joel Watson, UC San Diego, "Open Option Contracts — Work in Progress"
Sep. 14 Dino Gerardi, Yale University, "The Folk Theorem in Dynastic Repeated Games”
Sep. 21 Ying Chen, Yale University, "Partially Informed Decision Makers in Games of Communication"
Sep. 28 Ana Fostel, Yale University, "Emerging Markets, High Yield and Primary Market Closures"
Oct. 5 Caterina Calsimiglia, Yale University, "Decentralizing Equality of Opportunity"
Oct. 12 Andrew Lemon, Yale University, "Who Should We Vote For?: Flip-floppers or Hard-liners and Other Election-year Showdowns"
Oct. 19 Deran Ozmen, Yale University, "Dynamic Information Selling"
Oct. 26 Rosa Argenziano, Yale University, "Differentiated Networks: Equilibrium and Efficiency"
Nov. 2 Ying Chen, Yale University, "Perturbed Communication Games with Honest Senders and Naive Receivers"
Nov. 9 Anat Bracha, Yale University, "Consistency and Refutability of Affective Choice"
Nov. 16 Colin Stewart and Daniel Monte, Yale University, "Bounded Memory"
Nov. 30 Pei-Yu Lo, Yale University, "Cheap Talk"
Dmitry Shapiro, Yale University, "Measuring the Role of Non-Monetary Considerations in Decision-Making"
Jan. 18 Hanming Fang, Yale University, "Toward an Economic Theory of Disfunctional Identity" (with Glenn C. Loury) [Paper]
Feb. 8 Xianwen Shi, Yale University, "Split Award Auctions with Entry"
Feb. 15 Andres Carvajal, Yale University, "Identification of Fundamentals from Market Data: May Lack of Information be the Invisible Hand?" [Paper] [Background Paper]
Feb. 22 Marzena Rostek, Yale University, "Fatalistic Reasoning in Games"
Mar. 1 Juan Moreno-Ternero, Yale University, "Impartiality, Solidarity, and Priority in the theory of Justice"
Mar. 29 Colin Stewart, Yale University
Apr. 5 Alex Lee, Yale University, "The Harm in Social Stigma: Signal Fading and Costly Signals
Apr. 12 Daniel Monte
Apr. 19 Melody Lo
Sep. 23 Luis Madrazo, Yale University, "Who Will Punish the Innocent?"
Sep. 30 Dimitri Shapiro, Yale University, "In Search of Aspiration"
Oct. 9 Sergio Turner, Yale University
Oct. 14 Rohini Pande, Yale University, "On Coordinating Coordination Failures"
Oct. 21 Hanming Fang, Yale University, "Multidimensional Private Value Auctions"
Oct. 28 Andrea Prat, Yale University, "Trading Volume with Career Concerns" (with Amil Dasgupta)
Nov. 4 Pei-yu Lo, Yale University, "Fuzzy Memory and Categorization"
Nov. 11 Marzena Rostek, Yale University, "Uncertainty about Rationality"
Nov. 18 Rosa Argenziano, Yale University, "Implicity Coordination in Markets with Network Externalities"
Dec. 2 Andrew Lemon, Yale University, "Political Rhetoric and Government Policies"
Dec. 9 Juan Dubra, Yale University, "Information Revelation in Auctions"
Jan. 13 Ezra Friedman, Yale University, "A Model of Obfuscation"
Jan. 20 Ying Chen, Yale University, "A Non-fully Rational Model of Communication"
Jan. 26 Anat Bracha, Yale University, "Affective Decision Making in Insurance Markets"
Feb. 9 Stephen Morris, Yale University, "Robust Mechanism Design"
Feb. 17 Andrew Postlewaite, University of Pennsylvania, "Consumption Commitments and Preferences for Risk"
Feb. 24 Ana Fostel, Yale University, "Offsetting Distortions, Non-Monotone Inefficiencies and Liquidity under Provision"
Mar. 2 Sergio Turner, Yale University, "Pareto Improving Taxation in Incomplete Markets"
Mar. 23 Pei-Yu Lo, Yale University
Mar. 30 Caterina Calsamiglia, Yale University, "Equal Opportunities and Effort"
Apr. 6 Marek Verekta, Yale University, "Emphathic Games"
Apr. 13 Andrew Lemon, Yale University, "Political Rhetoric and Government Policy"
Apr. 20 Marzena Rostek, Yale University, "Target-based Reasoning in Choice"