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Macroeconomics Workshop, 2005/06 - 2011/12

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Sep. 6 Pete Klenow, Stanford University, "The Allocation of Talent and U.S. Economic Growth" (with C. Hsieh, E. Hurst and C. Jones) [Paper]
Sep. 13 Francois Gourio, Boston University, "Credit Risk and Disaster Risk" [Paper]
Sep. 20 Erick Hurst, Princeton University, "Endogenous Gentrification and Housing Price Dynamics" (with V. Guerrieri and D. Hartley) [Paper]
Sep. 27 Greg Kaplan, Univ. of Pennsylvania, "A Model of the Consumption Response to Fiscal Stimulus Payments" (with G. Violante) [Paper]
Oct. 4 Stefania Albanesi, Columbia University, "Maternal Health and Fertility: An International Perspective" [Paper]
Oct. 11 Bernardo Guimaraes, London School of Economics, "A Model of Equilibrium Institutions" (with Kevin D. Sheedy) [Paper]
Oct. 18 Aysegul Sahin, New York Federal Reserve, "Measuring Mismatch in the U.S. Labor Market" (with Joseph Song, Giorgio Topa and Giovanni Violante) [Paper]
Oct. 25 Ricardo Reis, Columbia University, "When Should Policymakers Make Announcements? [Paper]
Nov. 1 Jose-Victor Rios-Rull, University of Minnesota, "Demand Shocks as Productivity Shocks", (with Yan Bai, Kjetil Storesletten) [Paper]
Nov. 8 Yurij Gorodnichenko, University of California at Berkeley, "Information Rigidity and the Expectations Formation Process: A Simple Framework and News Facts" (with Olivier Coibion) [Paper]
Nov. 15 Markus Brunnermeier, Princeton University, The I Theory of Mony" (with Yuliy Sannikov) [Paper]
Nov. 29 David Lagakos, Arizona State, The Agricultural Productivity Gap in Developing Countries" (with Douglas Gollin and Michael Waugh) [Paper]
Dec. 6 Paul Beaudry, Univ. of British Columbia, "A Gains from TradePerspective on Macroeconomics Fluctuations" (with Franck Portierr) [Paper]
Feb. 14 Thomas Philippon, NYU Stern, "Has the U.S.Finance Industry Become Less Efficient?"
Feb. 21 Valerie Ramey, UCSD, "Government Spending and Private Activity"
Feb. 28 George Alessandria, Philadelphia Federal Reserve, "Trade Wedges, Inventories, and International Business Cycles" (with J. Kaboski, V. Midrigan)
   Joint with International Trade Workshop
Mar. 20 Manolis Galenianos, Penn State, "Hiring Through Referrals" [Paper]
Mar. 27 Lukas Drozd, Wharton School of Business, "Dynamic Poaching in Credit Card Lending" (with R. Serrano-Padial) [Paper]
Apr. 3 Jonathan Parker, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business, "Valuation, Adverse Selection and Market Collapses" (with Michael Fisherman) [Paper]
Apr. 10 Gauti Eggertsson, NY Federal Reserve, "Deficits, Public Debt Dynamics, and Tax and Spending Multipliers" (with Matthew Denes and Sophia Gilbukh) [Paper]
Apr. 17 Mark Gertler, NYU, "A Framework for Analyzing Large Scale Asset Purchases as a Monetary Policy Tool" (with Peter Karadi) [Paper]
Apr. 24 Gustavo Ventura, Arizona State, "Talent, Labor Quality and Economic Development" (with B. Ravikumar and Gustavo Cubas) [Paper]
Sep. 7 Theodore Papageorgiou, Penn State, "Large Firms and Internal Labor Markets" [Paper]
Sep. 14 Boyan Jovanovic, NYU, "Middlemen in Limit-Order Markets" (with Albert J. Menkveld) [Paper]
Sep. 21 Xavier Gabaix, NYU, "The Great Diversification and its Undoing" (with Vasco M. Carvalho) [Paper]
Sep. 28 William Hawkins, University of Rochester, "Privately Efficient Bargaining between Workers and Large Firms" [Paper]
Oct. 5 Lee Ohanian, UC Los Angeles, "The International Great Depression"
Oct. 12 Benjamin Moll, Princeton, "Productivity Losses from Financial Frictions: Can Self-Financing Undo Capital Misallocation?" [Paper]
Oct. 19 Itay Goldstein, Wharton School, "Trading Frenzies and Their Impact on Real Investment" (with Emre Ozdenoren and Kathy Yuan) [Paper]
Oct. 26 Guido Menzio, UPENN, "Equilibrium Price Dispersion and Rigidity: A New Monetarist Approach" (with A. Head, Lucy Qian Liu and Randall Wright) [Paper]
Nov. 2 Hugo Hopenhayn, UCLA, "Optimal Patent Policy with Recurrent Innovators" (with Matthew Mitchell) [Paper]
Nov. 9 Leena Rudanko, Boston University, "Customer Capital" (with Francois Gourio) [Paper]
Nov. 16 Pablo Kurlat, Stanford, "Lemons, Markets Shutdowns and Learning" [Paper]
Nov. 30 Jaromir Nosal, Columbia, "Competing for Customers: A Search Model of the Market for Unsecured Credit"
Feb. 8 Ernesto Pasten, University of Toulouse, "Time Consistent Bailout Plan"
Feb. 15 Junichi Fujimoto, University of Tokyo, "Life-Cycle Labor Search with Stochastic Match Quality" (with Julen Esteban-Pretel) [Paper]
Feb. 22 Sam Kortum, University of Chicago, "Trade and the Global Recession" (with Jonathan Eaton, Brent Neiman and John Romalis) [Paper]
Mar. 1 Mark Aguiar, University of Rochester, "Optimal Fiscal Policy in Debt Constrained Economies" (with Manue Amador) [Paper]
Mar. 22 Luigi Pistaferri, Stanford University,"Credit Within Firms"
Mar. 29 Craig Burnside, Duke University " Understanding Booms and Busts in Housing Markets" (with Martub Eichenbaum and Sergio Reblo) [Paper]
Apr. 5 Yan Bai, Arizona State University, "Financial Markets and Fluctuations in Uncertainty" (with Cristina Arellano) [Paper]
Apr. 12 Gilles Saint-Paul, University of Toulouse "Ideological Bias and the Production of Macroeconomics Theories" [Paper]
Apr. 19 Andy Atkeson, UCLA, "On the Aggregate Implications of Innovation Policy" (with Ariel Burstein) [Paper]
Apr. 26 Oded Galor, Brown University, "The 'Out of Africa' Hypothesis, Human Genetic Diversity, and Comparative Economic Development" (with Quamrul Ashraf) [Paper]
May 3 Fabio Canova, U Pompeu Fabra, "Bridging Cyclical DSGE Models and the Raw Data" [Paper]
Sep. 1 Fatih Guvenen, University of Minnesota, "Taxation of Human Capital and Cross-Country Trends in Wage Inequality" (with Burhan Kuruscu and Serdar Ozkan) [Paper]
Sep. 8 Julia Thomas, Ohio State University, "Collateral Constraints, Capital Specificity and the Distribution of production: The Role of Real and Financial Frictions in Aggregate Fluctuations" (with Aubhik Khan) [Paper]
Sep. 15 Mark Bils, University of Rochester, "Reset Price Inflation and the Impact of Monetary Policy Shocks" (with Pete Klenow and Ben Malin) [Paper]
Sep. 22 Kjetil Storesletten, Minneapolis Federal Reserve, "Growing Like China" (with Zheng Song and Fabrizio Zilibotti) [Paper]
Sep. 29 Mirko Wiederholt, Northwestern University, "Business Cycle Dynamics under Rational Inattention" (with Bartosz Mackowiak) [Paper]
Oct. 6 Larry Jones, University of Minnesota, "Risk Sharing, Inequality, and Fertility" (with Roozbeh Hosseini and Ali Shourideh) [Paper]
Oct. 13 Robert Shimer, University of Chicago, "Human Capital and Unemployment" (with Fernando Alvarez) [Paper]
Oct. 20 Nicholas Bloom, Stanford University, "Really Uncertain Business Cycles" (with Max Floetotto and Nir Jaimovich) [Paper]
Oct. 27 Joseph Kaboski, Ohio State University, "Finance and Development: A Tale of Two Sectors" (with Francisco Buera and Yongseok Shin) [Paper]
Nov. 3 Matthias Doepke, Northwestern University, "On the Optimality of a Unified Unit of Account" (with Martin Schneider) [Paper]
Nov. 10 Nir Jaimovich, Stanford University, "Reference Prices, Costs and Nominal Rigidities" (with Martin Eichenbaum and Sergio Rebelo) [Paper]
Nov. 17 Dirk Krueger, University of Pennsylvania, "How Do Households Respond to Income Shocks?" (with Fabrizio Perri) [Paper]
Dec. 8 Emmanuel Farhi, Harvard University, "Collective Moral Hazard, Maturity Mismatch and Systemic Bailouts" (with Jean Tirole) [Paper]
Feb. 16 V.V. Chari, University of Minnesota and Minneapolis Federal Reserve, "Bailouts, Time  Inconsistency and Optimal Regulation" (with Patrick Kehoe) [Paper]
Feb. 23 Emi Nakamura, Columbia University, "Crises and Recoveries in an Empirical Model of Consumption Disasters" (with Jón Steinsson, Robert Barro and José Ursúa) [Paper]
Mar. 2 Francesco Lippi, University of Sassari, "Persistent Liquidity Effect and Long Run Money Demand" (with Fernando Alvarez) [Paper]
Mar. 23 Rudi Bachmann, University of Michigan, "Government Purchases Over the Business Cycle:  the Role of Heterogeneity and Wealth Bias in Political Decision Making" (with Jinhui H. Bai) [Paper]
Mar. 30 Tomasz Piskorski, Columbia University, "Securitization and Distressed Loan Renegotiation: Evidence from the Subprime Mortgage Crisis" (with Amit Seru and Vikrant Vig)
Apr. 6 Virgiliu Midrigan, NYU, "Inventories, Markups, and Real Rigidities in Menu Cost Models" (with Oleksiy Kryvtsov) [Paper]
Apr. 13 Nikolai Roussanov, Wharton, UPENN, "Common Risk Factors in Currency Markets" (with Hanno Lustig and Adrien Verdelhan) [Paper]
Apr. 20 Pricila Maziero, University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, "Accounting for Private Information" (with Laurence Ales) [Paper]
Apr. 27 Ricardo Lagos, NYU, "Asset Prices, Liquidity, and Monetary Policy in an Exchange Economy" [Paper 1] [Paper 2]
Sep. 9 Manuel Amador, Stanford University, "Learning from Prices: Public Communication and Welfare"
Sep. 16 Darrell Duffie, Stanford University, "Capital Mobility and Asset Pricing" (with Bruno Strulovici)
Sep. 26 Lars Hansen, University of Chicago, "Robustness and U.S. Monetary Policy Experimentation" (with Timothy Cogley, Riccardo Colacito & Thomas J. Sargent) [Paper]
Sep. 30 Emmanuel Farhi, Harvard University, "The Political Economy of Non-Linear Capital Taxation" (with Iván Werning) [Paper]
Oct. 7 Gauti Eggertsson, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, "Was the New Deal Contractionary?" [Paper]
Oct. 14 Hugo Hopenhayn, UC Los Angeles, "Equilibrium Default" (with Iván Werning) [Paper]
Oct. 21 V.V. Chari, University of Minnesota and Minneapolis Federal Reserve, "The Behavior of Small and Large Firms over the Business Cycle" (Larry Christiano & Patrick Kehoe)
Oct. 28 Robert Barro, Harvard University, "Macroeconomic Crises since 1870" (with José F. Ursúa) [Paper]
Nov. 4 Hal Cole, University of Pennsylvania, "A Multiplier Approach to Understanding the Macro Implications of Household Finance" (with YiLi Chien and Hanno Lustig) [Paper]
Nov. 11 Richard Rogerson, Arizona State University, "Labor Supply in a Frictional Labor Market" (with Per Krusell, Toshihiko Mukoyama, Aysegül Sahin) [Paper]
Nov. 18 Patrick Kehoe, University of Minnesota, "Time-Varying Risk, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates in General Equilibrium" (with Fernando Alvarez and Andrew Atkeson) [Paper]
Dec. 2 Oleg Itskhoki, Harvard University Ph.D. student, "Optimal Redistribution in an Open Economy" [Paper]
Feb. 24 Pierre-Olivier Weill, UCLA, "Liquidity Shocks and Order Book Dynamics" (with Bruno Biais) [Paper]
Mar. 3 Fernando Alvarez, Chicago, "Search, Rest Unemployment, and Unionization" (with Rob Shimer). [Paper 1] [Paper 2]
Mar. 24 Christian Hellwig, UCLA, "Inflation and Welfare with Nominal Rigidities" (with Ariel Burstein) [Paper]
Mar. 31 Marina Azzimonti, University of Texas at Austin, "Barriers to Investment in Polarized Societies" [Paper]
Apr. 7 Ariel Burstein, UCLA, "Innovation, Firm Dynamics, and International Trade" (with Andrew Atkeson) [Paper]
Apr. 14 Julien Prat, University of Vienna, visiting NYU, "Globalization and Labor Market Outcomes: Wage Bargaining, Search Frictions, and Firm Heterogeneity"(with Gabriel Felbermayr and Hans-Jörg Schmerer) [Paper]
Apr. 21 Veronica Guerrieri, University of Chicago, GSB, "Adverse Selection in Competitive Search Equilibrium" (with Robert Shimer and Randall Wright) [Paper]
Apr. 28 Giorgio Primiceri, Northwestern, visiting NYU, "Learning the Wealth of Nations" (with Francisco Buera and Alexander Monge-Naranjo) [Paper]
Sep. 11 Mike Golosov, MIT, "Decentralized Trading with Private Information" (with Guido Lorenzoni, Aleh Tsyvinski)
Sep. 18 Simon Gilchrist, Boston University, "Investment and the Cost of Capital: New Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market" (with Egon Zakrajsek) [Paper]
Sep. 25 Giuseppe Moscarini, Yale University, "The Timing of Labor Market Expansions: New Facts and a New Hypothesis" (with Fabien Postel-Vinay) [Paper]
Oct. 2 Pieter Gautier, Tinbergen Institute and Georgetown University, "Structural Estimation of Search Intensity: Do Non-Employed Workers Search Enough?" (with Jose Luis Moraga Gonzales, Ronald Wolthoff) [Paper]
Oct. 9 Boyan Jovanovic, NYU, "U.S. Investment 1901-2005:  Incumbents, Entrants, and Q" (with Peter L. Rousseau) [Paper]
Oct. 16 Bruce Preston, Columbia University, "Stabilizing Expectations under Monetary and Fiscal Policy Coordination" (with Stefano Eusepi) [Paper]
Oct. 23 Roberto Perotti, University of Bocconi, "In Search of the Transmission Mechanism of Fiscal Policy" [Paper]
Oct. 30 Christian Broda, University of Chicago, GSB, "Product Creation and Destruction: Evidence and Price Implications" (with David E. Weinstein) [Paper]
Nov. 6 Erik Hurst, University of Chicago, GSB, "Decomposing Lifecycle Expenditure" (with Mark Aguiar) [Paper]
Nov. 13 Ricardo Reis, Princeton University, "Relative Goods' Prices and Pure Inflation" (with Mark W. Watson) [Paper]
Nov. 27 Michael Woodford, Columbia University, "Information-Constrained State-Dependent Pricing" [Paper]
Dec. 4 Gueorgui Kambourov, University of Toronto, "Accounting for the Changing Life-Cycle Profile of Earnings" (with Iourii Manovskii) [Paper]
Feb. 26 George-Marios Angeletos, MIT, "Policy with Dispersed Information" (with Alessandro Pavan) [Paper]
Mar. 4 Yongsung Chang, University of Rochester, "Can A Representative Agent Model Represent a Heterogeneous Agent Economy?" (with Sungbae An and Sun-Bin Kim) [Paper]
Mar. 25 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, University of Pennsylvania, "Likelihood Estimation of DSGE Models with Epstein-Zin Preferences" (with Jules H. van Binsbergen, Ralph S.J. Koijen and Juan F. Rubio-Ramirez) [Paper]
Apr. 1 Cristina Arellano, University of Minnesota, "Default and the Maturity Structure in Sovereign Bonds" (with Ananth Ramanarayanan) [Paper]
Apr. 8 Laura Veldkamp, NYU Stern, "Information Acquisition and Under-Diversification" (with Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh) [Paper]
Apr. 22 Fabrizio Perri, University of Minnesota, "The International Diversification Puzzle Is Not as Bad as You Think" (with Jonathan Heathcote) [Paper]
Apr. 29 Nicola Fuchs-Schundeln, Harvard University, "Explaining the Low Labor Productivity in East Germany — A Spatial Analysis" (with Rima Izem) [Paper]
Sep. 12 Kenneth Burdett, UPENN, "Wage-Tenure Contracts with Heterogeneous Firms" (with Melvyn Coles) [Paper]
Sep. 19 Michael Woodford, Columbia, "Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy with Near-Rational Expectations" [Paper]
Sep. 26 Mark Gertler, NYU, "Unemployment Fluctuations with Staggered Nash Wage Bargaining" (with Antonella Trigari) [Paper]
Oct. 10 Nick Bloom, LSE and Stanford, "The Impact of Uncertainty Shocks: Firm Level Estimation and a 9/11 Simulation" [Paper]
Oct. 17 Jordi Gali, U Pompeu Fabra, "A New Keynesian Model with Unemployment" (with Olivier Blanchard) [Paper]
Oct. 24 Daron Acemoglu, MIT, visiting Yale, "Political Economy and the Structure of Taxation" (with Mike Golosov and Aleh Tsyvinski) [Paper]
Nov. 7 Thomas Philippon, NYU Stern, "The y-Theory of Investment" [Paper]
Nov. 14 Fatih Guvenen, University of Texas Austin, "Ben-Porath Meets Skill-Biased Technical Change:  A Theoretical Analysis of Rising Inequality" (with Burhanettin Kuruscu) [Paper]
Nov. 28 Iourii Manovskii, UPENN, "Occupational Mobility and Wage Inequality" (with Gueorgui Kambourov) [Paper]
Dec. 5 Shouyong Shi, University of Toronto, "Directed Search for Equilibrium Wage-Tenure Contracts" [Paper]
Feb. 27 Mark Huggett, Georgetown University, "Sources of Lifetime Inequality" (with Gustavo Ventura and Amir Yaron) [Paper]
Mar. 6 Fabien Postel-Vinay, University of Bristol, "A Feasible Equilibrium Search Model of Individual Wage Dynamics with Experience Accumulation" (with Jesper Bagger, Francois Fontaine and Jean-Mar. Robin) [Paper]
Mar. 27 Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Princeton University, "Spin-offs and the Market for Ideas" (with Satyajit Chatterjee) [Paper]
Apr. 3 Francisco Buera, Northwestern University, "Financial Frictions and the Persistence of History:  A Quantitative Exploration" (with Yongseok Shin) [Paper]
Apr. 10 Randy Wright, University of Pennsylvania, "Inflation and Unemployment: Lagos-Wright meets Mortensen-Pissarides" (with Guido Menzio) [Paper]
Apr. 17 Michael Reiter, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, "Endogenous Labor Market Participation and the Business Cycle" (with Christian Haefke) [Paper]
Apr. 24 Narayana Kocherlakota, University of Minnesota, "Household Heterogeneity and Real Exchange Rates" (and Luigi Pistaferri) [Paper]
May 1 Diego Restuccia, University of Toronto, "How Important is Human Capital? A Quantitative Theory Assessment of World Income Inequality" (with Andrés Erosa, Tatyana Koreshkova) [Paper]
Sep. 6 George Hall, Yale University, "The Response of Prices, Sales, and Output to Temporary Changes in Demand" (with Adam Copeland) [Paper]
Sep. 13 Stephen Williamson, University of Iowa, "Monetary Policy and Distribution" [Paper]
Sep. 20 John Kennan, University of Wisconsin, "Private Information, Wage Bargaining and Employment Fluctuations" [Paper]
Sep. 27 Gadi Barlevy, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, "Identification of Search Models Using Record Statistics" [Paper]
Oct. 4 Lawrence Christiano, Northwestern University, "Assessing Structural VAR's" (with Martin Eichenbaum and Robert Vigfusson) [Slides]
Oct. 11 William Fuchs, Stanford University, "Contracting with Repeated Moral Hazard and Private Evaluations" [Paper]
Oct. 18 Kjetil Storesletten, University of Oslo, "The Macroeconomic Implications of Rising Wage Inequality in the United States" (with Jonathan Heathcote and Giovanni L. Violante) [Paper]
Oct. 25 Giuseppe Moscarini and Bjoern Bruegemann, Yale University, "Asymmetric Information and Employment Fluctuations" [Paper]
Nov. 1 Stefania Albanesi, Columbia University, "Optimal Taxation of Risky Capital with Private Information" [Paper]
Nov. 8 Matteo Iacoviello, Boston College, "Household Debt and Income Inequality, 1963-2003" [Paper]
Nov. 15 Noah Williams, Princeton University, "Monetary Policy with Model Uncertainty: Distribution Forecast Targeting" (with Lars E.O. Svensson) [Paper]
Nov. 29 Ricardo Lagos, NYU, "Asset Prices and Liquidity in an Exchange Economy" [Paper]
Dec. 6 Mariacristina De Nardi, University of Minnesota and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, "Taxation, Entrepreneurship, and Wealth" (with Marco Cagetti) [Paper]
Feb. 21 Éva Nagypál, Northwestern, "On the Extent of Job-to-Job Transitions" [Paper]
Feb. 28 Aleh Tsyvinski, Harvard, "Markets Versus Governments: Political Economy of Mechanisms" (with Daron Acemoglu and Michael Golosov)
Mar. 21 Ricardo Caballero, MIT, "An Equilibrium Model of Global Imbalances and Low Interest Rates"
Mar. 28 Claudia Olivetti, Boston University and Radcliffe Institute, "Home Production, Market Production, and the Gender Wage Gap: Incentives and Expectations" (with Stefania Albanesi) [Paper]
Apr. 4 Diego Comin, New York University, "A Theory of Growth and Volatility at the Firm and Aggregate Level" (with Sunil Mulani) [Paper]
Apr. 11 Robert King, Boston University, "Aggregate Dynamics of Inflation and Real Activity with Firm-level Productivity Shocks" (with Michael Dotsey and Alexander L. Wolman) [Paper]
Apr. 18 Matthias Doepke, UCLA, "Patience Capital, Occupational Choice, and the Spirit of Capitalism" (with Fabrizio Zilibotti) [Paper]
Apr. 25 Adriano Rampini, Northwestern University, "New or Used? Investment with Credit Constraints" (with Andrea L. Eisfeldt) [Paper]