Macroeconomics Workshop, 1999/00 - 2004/05

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Sep. 7 Ricardo Reis, Princeton University, “Inattentive Consumers” [Paper]
Sep. 14 Fatih Guvenen, University of Rochester, “Learning Your Earning: Are Labor Income Shocks Really Very Persistent?” [Paper]
Sep. 21 Mike Golosov, MIT, “Menu Costs and Phillips Curves” (with Robert Lucas) [Paper]
Sep. 28 Mark Bils, University of Rochester, “Measuring Growth from Better and Better Goods” [Paper]
Oct. 5 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, UPENN, “A,B,C’s (and D)’s for Understanding VARs” (with Juan Rubio and Tom Sargent) [Paper]
Oct. 19 Allan Drazen, University of Maryland, “Political Budget Cycles in New versus Established Democracies” (with Adi Brender) [Paper] and “Political Budget Cycles Without Deficits: How to Play Favorites” (with Marcela Eslava) [Paper]
Oct. 26 Chris House, University of Michigan, “Temporary Investment Tax Incentives: Theory with Evidence from Bonus Depreciation” (with Matthew Shapiro) [Paper]
Nov. 9 Richard Rogerson, Arizona State University, “Structural Transformation and the Deterioration of European Labor Market Outcomes” [Paper]
Nov. 16 Frank Schorfheide, UPENN, “On the Fit and Forecasting Performance of New-Keynesian Models” (with Marco Del Negro, Frank Smets and Raf Wouters) [Paper]
Nov. 30 Xavier Gabaix, MIT, “Power Laws and the Mega-Idiosyncratic Origins of Aggregate Fluctuations” [Paper]
Dec. 2 Huw Lloyd-Ellis, Queen’s University, “Schumpeterian Restructuring” (with Patrick Francois) [Paper]
  Joint with Macro Lunch
Dec. 7 Gian Luca Violante, NYU, “Optimal Welfare-to-Work Programs” (with Nicola Pavoni) [Paper]
Feb. 15 Martin Weitzman, Harvard University, “A Unified Bayesian Theory of Equity ‘Puzzles’ ”
Feb. 22 Cédric Tille, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, “Financial Integration and the Wealth Effect of Exchange Rate Fluctuations” [Paper]
Mar. 1 Luigi Guiso, University of Sassari, visiting University of Chicago, “Cultural Biases in Economic Exchange” (with Paola Sapienza, and Luigi Zingales) [Paper]
Mar. 22 Harald Uhlig, Humboldt University, “Macroeconomics and Asset Markets: Some Mutual Implications” [Paper]
Mar. 29 Graciela Kaminksy, George Washington University, “When It Rains, It Pours:  Procyclical Capital Flows and Macroeconomic Policies” (with Carmen M. Reinhart and Carlos A. Vegh) [Paper]
Apr. 5 Helene Rey, Princeton University, “International Financial Adjustment” (with Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas) [Paper]
Apr. 12 Martin Schneider, NYU, “Real Effects of Inflation through the Redistribution of Nominal Wealth” (with Matthias Doepke) [Paper]
Apr. 19 Robert J. Shiller, Yale University, “The Life-Cycle Personal Accounts Proposal for Social Security: An Evaluation” [Paper]
Apr. 26 Enrique Mendoza, University of Maryland, “Sudden Stops in a Business Cycle Model with Credit Constraints: A Fisherian Deflation of Tobin’s Q” [Paper]
May 3 Jonathan Parker, Princeton University, “Optimal Expectations” (with Markus K. Brunnermeier) [Paper]
Sep. 9 Eduardo Engel, Yale University, “Adjustment is Much Slower than You Think” (with Ricardo J. Caballero) [Paper]
Sep. 16 Roberto Rigobon, MIT Sloan, “Asset Prices and Exchange Rates” (with Anna Pavlova) [Paper]
Sep. 23 Giuseppe Moscarini, Yale University, “Competence Implies Credibility” [Paper]
Sep. 30 Randy Wright, University of Pennsylvania, “Search, Money and Capital: A Neoclassical Dichotomy” (with S. Boragan Aruoba) [Paper]
Oct. 7   Dirk Krueger, University of Pennsylvania, “Does Income Inequality Lead to Consumption Inequality? Evidence and Theory” (with Fabrizio Perri) [Paper]
Oct. 14  Monika Piazzesi, UC Los Angeles, “Housing, Consumption and Asset Pricing” (with Martin Schneider and Selale Tuzel) [Paper]
Oct. 21  Chad Syverson, University of Chicago, “Reallocation, Firm Turnover, and Efficiency: Selection on Productivity or Profitability?” (with Lucia Foster and John Haltiwanger) [Paper]
Oct. 28 Andrew Abel, Wharton School at UPENN, “Investment, Valuation, and Growth Options” (with Janice Eberly) [Paper]
Nov. 4 Urban Jermann, Wharton School at UPENN, “Using Asset Prices to Measure the Persistence of the Marginal Utility of Wealth” (with Fernando Alvarez) [Paper]
Nov. 11 Julio Rotemberg, Harvard Business School, “The Benevolence of the Baker:  Fair Pricing under the Threat of Customer Anger” [Paper]
Nov. 18 Ivan Werning, MIT, “Optimal Commitment” [Paper]
Dec. 2 Fernando Alvarez, University of Chicago, “On the Sluggish Response of Prices to Money in an Inventory-Theoretic Model of Money Demand” (with Andrew Atkeson and Chris Edmond) [Paper]
Dec. 9 George Hall, Yale University, “Price Discrimination in the Steel Market” (with Hiu Man Chan and John Rust)
Feb. 24 Fabio Ghironi, Boston College & European University Institute, “International Trade and Macroeconomic Dynamics with Heterogeneous Firms” (with Marc Melitz) [Paper]
Mar. 2 Andrew Postlewaite, University of Pennsylvania/Cowles visitor, “Do Children Learn to Save from Their Parents?” (with John Knowles) [Paper]
Mar. 23 Paul Bergin, UC Davis, “Endogenous Tradability and Macroeconomic Implications”s (with Reuven Glick) [Paper]
Mar. 30 Christian Hellwig, UCLA, “The Social Cost of Heterogeneous Information” [Paper]
Apr. 6 Robert Shimer, University of Chicago, “The Cyclical Behavior of Equilibrium Unemployment and Vacancies: Evidence and Theory” [Paper]
Apr. 13 Guido Lorenzoni, Princeton University, “Imperfect Information, Consumers’ Expectations and Business Cycles”
Apr. 20 Amartya Lahiri, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, “Segmented Asset Markets and Optimal Exchange Rate Regimes” (with Rajesh Singh and Carlos Vegh) [Paper]
Sep. 10 Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, Princeton University, ”On the Benefits of Capital Account Liberalization for Emerging Economies” (with Olivier Jeanne) [Paper]
Sep. 13 Sydney Ludvigson, NYU, “Expected Returns and Expected Dividend Growth” (with Martin Lettau) [Paper]
  Joint with Finance Workshop
Sep. 17 Sergio Rebelo, Northwestern University, “When is it Optimal to Abandon a Fixed Exchange Rate?” (with Carlos Vegh) [Paper]
Sep. 24 Oded Galor, Brown University, “Natural Selection and the Origin of Economic Growth” (and Omer Moav) [Paper]
Oct. 1 Olivier Jeanne, IMF, “Short-term Capital Flows and the International Financial Architecture”
Oct. 8 Lee Ohanian, UCLA, “New Deal Policies and the Persistence of the Great Depression” (with Harold L. Cole) [Paper]
   Joint with Economic History Workshop
Oct. 15 Tom Krebs, Brown, “Recursive Equilibrium in Endogenous Growth Models with Incomplete Markets” [Paper]
Oct. 22 Aubhik Khan, Philadelphia Fed, “Inventories and the Business Cycle: An Equilibrium Analysis of (S,s) Policies” (and Julia K. Thomas) [Paper]
Oct. 29 Giuseppe Moscarini, Yale University, “Aggregate Worker Reallocation and Occupational Mobility in the US: 1971-2000” (with Francis Vella) [Paper]
   Joint with Labor and Population Workshop
Nov. 5 Christopher Otrok, Virginia, “A Generalized Volatility Bound for Dynamic Economies” (with B. Ravikumar and Charles H. Whiteman) [Paper]
Nov. 15 Robert Hall, Stanford University, “Dynamics of Corporate Earnings” [Paper]
   Joint with Cowles Foundation Seminar
Nov. 19 Laurent Calvet, Harvard University, “Idiosyncratic Production Risk, Growth, and the Business Cycle” (with George-Marios Angeletos) [Paper]
Dec. 3 Carlos Vegh, UC Los Angeles, “On the Non-Monotonic Relation between Interest Rates and the Exchange Rate” (with Amartya Lahiri) [Paper]
Feb. 25 John Leahy, NYU, “Wealth Accumulation and the Propensity to Plan” (with John Ameriks and Andrew Caplin) [Paper]
Mar. 4 Joseph Zeira, Hebrew University, visiting Kennedy School). “Innovations, Patent Races and Endogenous Growth” [Paper]
Mar. 25 Orazio Attanasio, UCL, “Empirical Implications of Limited Commitment: Evidence from Mexican Villages” (with Pedro Albarran) [Paper]
Apr. 1 Francesco Caselli, Harvard, “Dynastic Management” (with Nicola Gennaioli) [Paper]
Apr. 8 Hyun Song Shin, London School of Economics, “Beauty Contests, Bubbles and Iterated Expectations in Asset Markets” (with Franklin Allen and Stephen Morris) [Paper]
   Joint with Micro Theory Workshop
Apr. 15 Andres Velasco, Kennedy School, “Tough Policies, Incredible Policies” (with Alejandro Neut) [Paper]
Apr. 22 Jeff Frankel, Kennedy School, “A Proposed Monetary Regime for Small Commodity-Exporters: Peg the Export Price (‘PEP’)” [Paper]
Apr. 24 Maurice Obstfeld, UC Berkeley, “The Case for Open-Market Purchases in a Liquidity Trap” (with Alan J. Auerbach) [Paper]
May 2 Ayse Imrohoroglu, University of Southern California, “Entry Costs, Intermediation, and Capital Flows” (with Krishna Kumar) [Paper]
May 6 Scott Schuh, Boston Fed, “Inventory Investment and Output Volatility” (with Owen Irvine) [Paper]
Sep. 18 Andres Velasco, Harvard JFK School of Government, “Third Generation Models of Financial Crises”
Sep. 25 David Laibson, Harvard University, “The 6D Bias and the Equity Premium Puzzle” (with Xavier Gabaix) [Paper]
Oct. 2 Nicholas Souleles, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, “Consumer Credit”
Oct. 9 Ricardo Lagos, New York University, “A Model of TFP”
Oct. 16 Mark Huggett, Georgetown University, “Precautionary Wealth Accumulation” [Paper]
Oct. 23 Guido Lorenzoni, Princeton, “The Real Bills vs. Monetary Control”
Oct. 30 Victor Rios-Rull, University of Pennsylvania, “A Quantitative Theory of Unsecured Consumer Credit with Risk of Default”
Nov. 13 Mark Bils, University of Rochester, “Some Evidence on the Importance of Sticky Prices” (with Pete Klenow)
Nov. 27 Ennio Stacchetti, University of Michigan, “Sequential Equilibrium in a Ramsey Tax Model” (with Chris Phelan) [Paper]
Dec. 4 Luca Dedola, Bank of Italy, “Macroeconomics of International Price Discrimination” (with Giancarlo Corsetti)
Feb. 19 Anil Kashyap, University of Chicago GSB, ”Why Don’t Prices Rise During Periods of Peak Demand? Evidence from Scanner Data” (with Judith A. Chevalier) [Paper]
Feb. 26 Peter Klenow, Federal Reserve Bank if Minneapolis, “The Variety and Quality of a Nation’s Trade” (with David Hummels) [Paper]
Mar. 26 Christian Gollier, University of Toulouse, “Time Horizon and the Discount Rate” [Paper] and “Transitory Shocks to GNP and the Consumption-Based Term Structure of Interest Rates” [Paper]
Apr. 1 Owen Lamont, University of Chicago, GSB, “Evaluating Value Weighting: Corporate Events and Market Timing” [Paper]
Apr. 9 Olivier Jeanne, IMF, External Debt Crises and the International Financial Architecture
Sep. 15 Steven Davis, University of Chicago, “On the Gains to International Trade in Risky Financial Assets” (with Jeremy Nalewaik and Paul Willen)
Sep. 19 Patrick Kehoe, University of Pennsylvania and Minneapolis FED, “The Transition to a New Economy” (with Andrew Atkeson)
Sep. 26 Luis Viceira, Harvard University, “A Multivariate Model of Strategic Asset Allocation” (with John Y. Campbell and Y. Lewis Chan) [Paper]
Oct. 3 Giuseppe Moscarini, Yale University, “Gross and Net Worker Reallocation: Evidence from the NLSY79” (with Francis Vella)
Oct. 10 Narayana Kocherlakota, University of Minnesota, “Societal Benefits of Nominal Bonds”
Nov. 1 Akihiko Matsui, Tokyo and Georgetown University, “A Theory of Money with Market Places” ’ (with Takashi Shimizu) [Paper]
   Joint with Microeconomic Theory Workshop
Nov. 10 Steven Durlauf, University of Wisconsin at Madison, “Growth Economics and Reality” (with William Brock, University of Wisconsin)
Nov. 14 Thomas Cooley, New York University, “Limited Enforceability, Heterogeneity and the Macroeconomy”
Feb. 27 Per Krusell, Rochester, “Temptation and Taxation” (with Burhanettin Kuruscu and Anthony Smith)
Mar. 30 Edward Prescott, Minnesota, “Taxes, Regulations, and Asset Prices” (with Ellen McGrattan)
   Joint with Cowles Foundation Seminar
Apr. 3 V.V. Chari, Minnesota, “Financial Crises as Herds” (with Patrick Kehoe)
Apr. 10 N. Gregory Mankiv, Harvard, “The Inexorable and Mysterious Tradeoff Between Inflation and Unemployment”
Apr. 17 In-Koo Cho, Illinois, “Escape Dynamics” (with Lars Hansen and Thomas Sargent, Stanford)
Apr. 18 Lars Peter Hansen, University of Chicago, “Robustness and Pricing with Uncertain Growth”
   Joint with Cowles Foundation Seminar and Microeconomic Theory Workshop
Sep. 14 Robert J. Shiller and Stefano Athanasoulis, Yale University, “World Income Components: Some New Results” [Paper]
Sep. 21 William Dupor, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, “Keynesian Conundrum: Multiplicity and Time Consistent Stabilization” [Paper]
Oct. 12 Skander van den Heuvel, Yale University, “The Bank Capital Channel of Monetary Policy”
Oct. 19 Stephen Zeldes, Columbia GSB, “Do the Rich Save More?” (with Karen Dynan and Jonathan Skinner)
Oct. 26 Andrew Atkeson, University of Minnesota, “Volatile Exchange Rates and the Forward Premium Anomaly: A Segmented Asset Market View” (with Fernando Alvarez and Patrick Kehoe) [Paper]
Nov. 2 Carlos Végh, UCLA, “Delaying the Inevitable: Optimal Interest Rate Policy and BOP Crises” (with Amartya Lahiri) [Paper]
Nov. 9 Charles Engel, University of Washington and John H. Rogers, Board of Governors, “Deviations from the Law of One Price: Sources and Welfare Costs” [Paper]
Nov. 30 Jonathan Parker, Princeton University, “The Consumption Function Revisited”
Dec. 7 Francesco Giavazzi, Bocconi University, “The Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy in Europe: Evidence from Banks’ Balance Sheets” (with Carlo A. Favero and Luca Flabbi) [Paper]
Feb. 8 Hélène Rey, LSE and UC Berkeley, “Financial Super-Markets: Size Matters for Asset Trade” (with Philippe Martin) [Paper]
Feb. 22 David Laibson, Harvard University, “A Debt Puzzle”
Feb. 29 Richard Clarida, Columbia University, The Empirics of Monetary Policy Rules in Open Economies
Mar. 21 Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, LSE, “Credit Chains” (with John Moore)
Apr. 4 Roland Benabou, Princeton University, “Self-Confidence: Intrapersonal Strategies” (with Jean Tirole) [Paper] and “Self-Confidenceand Social Interactions” (with Jean Tirole) [Paper]
   Joint with Microeconomic Theory Workshop
Apr. 11 Marco Bassetto, Northwestern University, “Game-Theoretic Foundations of the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level” [Paper]
Apr. 18 Eduardo Engel, Chile, “Lumpy Adjustment and Aggregate Dynamics”
Apr. 25 Matthew Shapiro, Michigan, “Displaced Capital: A Study of Aerospace Plant Closings” (with Valerie E. Ramey) [Paper]
May 2 Fernando Alvarez, University of Chicago, “Using Asset Prices to Measure the Cost of Business Cycles” (with Urban Jermann) [Paper]